Beat To Beat
May 2019
Who is Responsible for My Training
Brian Boling

If you want something . . . and I mean really (really) want it, do you wait for someone else to get it for you? If you need something . . . and I mean really (really) need it, do you wait for someone else to get it for you? What if there is something that really needs to be done . . . would you patiently wait for someone else to do it? If you wait for others to do for you, then you can stop reading now, but I hope your answers were no.
The question is, why do we as law enforcement officers expect our agencies to do everything for us? Over my career I've witnessed a troubling trend among officers. Men and women who are otherwise independent and self-reliant seemingly unable or unwilling to do things for themselves. They become dependent upon their departments for everything. They place their well-being, the livelihood of their families and even their very lives in the hands of their departments. Why?

What do we need? Our departments to equip us with the best and most up to date equipment and related training that the budget allows. Honestly if you look at it, most departments try to do this, it's in their best interest. Why don't they do more?

The reason most departments don't do more training is because they can't. For logistical, manpower or budgetary reasons, it is simply not possible. Budget dollars have to go a long way, consideration in frequency to criticality come into play. Some of the things that are most critical are also the least frequent. How they can accommodate both is a battle conscientious leader's deal with every day. Should some departments do more than they do at present? Absolutely, they should. However, departmental responsibility is a separate issue - who is more responsible for your health and welfare than you?
As a trainer, I have heard officers comment on what the department should do. I have also heard several excuses of why they don't "just do it" themselves. You have to realize that you're the one on the line doing the dangerous work, approaching dangerous or unknown circumstances and that ultimately, your safety and well-being is your responsibility.
You can't train yourself on everything you need, however you can always train yourself on the basics: approach, body positioning, stance, basic empty hand skills and handcuffing procedures, and weapon handling skills. The skills you need to maintain control over your situation. The basic skills that are taken for granted and lead to a simple situation escalating unnecessarily. Master the basics, the basic will never let you down and are the foundation for all other training.
The US Deputy Sheriff's Association provides you training at no charge. We focus on making basic fundamentals your foundation for training and career success. You want more training? Agencies are more willing to train at a higher level those who have gone the extra mile on their own. That, my friends, is a voice of experience.
Everyday your adversary is training and preparing so that when he meets you, he will defeat you. Train like your life depends on it.

Brian Boling
National Trainer
US Deputy Sheriff's Association
Survival  Training
USDSA Hosted by Val Verde County Sheriff's Office for Training

On April 3rd and 4th 2019, Trainers from the United States Deputy Sheriff's Association were hosted by the Val Verde County Sheriff's Office for two of our Instinctive Hand-to-Hand Combat Courses. Training was conducted at their training center in Del Rio and was attended by deputies from Val Verde County Sheriff's Office and Dimmit County Sheriff's Office. 

This free class focused on a hands-on approach to real world combative, emphasizing officer survival and proper use of force. The officers worked on footwork, striking, take downs, control holds, and ground fighting.

Safety Tip of the Month: Home Security

With nicer weather, many people are opening up their windows and doors to allow air to flow through. It is important to still consider the safety of your home. Here are some security tips to keep in mind:
  • Be sure to close and lock all doors and windows for when no-one is at home or when everyone is asleep / inattentive
  • Consider lighting the exterior of your residence with motion sensor lights or by having porch lights on at night
  • Don't advertise online shopping by leaving packages in plain sight; think about potential package hiding spots or bringing in packages immediately
  • Consider installing security cameras that would allow you to check on the safety of your home
Equipment  Donations
USDSA's equipment donation program provides safety equipment, free of charge, to under-funded departments.  Below, are a few thank you letters we have received this past month.  To see the complete listing of the many departments we have supported through this program, CLICK HERE.
Miller County Sheriff's Office, Missouri

In March, 2019, the Miller County Sheriff's Office was awarded life saving equipment provided by the United States Deputy Sheriff's Association. This equipment consists of a tourniquet, QuikClot Combat Gauze, and disposable gloves. These items could potentially save the life of an injured Deputy or citizen in the event of a serious traumatic injury.

These trauma kits were obtained free of charge on the grant, saving the Sheriff's Office and taxpayers nearly $2,000. After receiving training on use and application of these items, Deputies will have the kits in their vehicle to use if the need should arise.

The deputies of Miller County and I would like to thank the U.S. Deputy Sheriff's Association and their affiliates for their charitable donation to help protect both us and the citizens we serve.

Sheriff Louie Gregoire
Miller County Sheriff's Office

Bonanza Police Department, Arkansas


On behalf of the Citizens, City Council and the Police Department of Bonanza Arkansas I would like to thank the United States Deputy Sheriff's Association for the donation of the CMI Intoxilyzer 500 Preliminary Breath Tester and mouthpieces. Our department is in a rebuilding phase after several years of being unmanned. Over the last year we have had to repair or replace almost all equipment in the department inventory. Without your help and the help of organizations like yours we would be really handicapped for the tools needed in today's law enforcement profession. The dedication of the USDSA in combating underage drinking and drunk driving through programs like this are an indispensable asset to small departments like ours.

Michael Barber
Chief of Police
Bonanza, Arkansas
Kansas Police Department, Oklahoma

Mr. Mike Willis and the United States Deputy Sheriff's Association:

On behalf of the Kansas Police Department and the Kansas, Oklahoma community, I would like to thank you for the generous donation of the Point Blank ballistic vest and the belt trauma kits. This donation will help give our officers the potentially life saving abilities that our small department would otherwise not have been able to afford. The very generous donation will provide each officer with a belt trauma kit to use if the situation should arise. This donation allows us to better protect the officer, and the community, while on patrol.

J.J. Mason
Assistant Chief of Police
Kansas Police Department

Plainfield Police Department, Massachusetts

The Plainfield Police Department would like to express our appreciation to the United States Deputy Sheriff's Association, for the generous donation of a model 500 PBT and additional straws. We are a small rural department with very limited funds, and donations like this really help our officers. This is the first PBT we have ever owned, and we cannot thank you enough. This is another tool to help our officers in the fight against drunk driving.


Chief Justin Litchfield, 62-1
Police Chief
Plainfield Police Department
End  Of  Watch
When a law enforcement officer dies in the line of duty, the loss is a tragedy for the family and the community they serve. The USDSA honors all law enforcement officers who  make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the safety of our communities. We urge everyone to take a moment to reflect on the sacrifices that have been made. 

USDSA provides a cash donation to the primary beneficiary or memorial fund of any law enforcement officer in the United States, who perishes in the line of duty.  If you would like to contribute to this memorial fund, you may donate here.

Remembering those we lost, our thoughts and prayers are with their families and communities.
Officer Nathan Hayden Heidelberg
Midland Police Department, Texas
 Deputy Jacob Keltner
McHenry County Sheriff's Office, Illinois
Corporal Daniel Groves
Colorado State Patrol, Colorado
Deputy Ryan Thompson
Kittitas County Sheriff's Office, Washington
Officer Paul Rutherford
Phoenix Police Department, Arizona
Deputy Peter Herrera
El Paso County Sheriff's Office, Texas
Trooper Brooke Jones-Story
Illinois State Police, Illinois
Trooper Gerald Ellis
Illinois State Police, Illinois

Click here to visit our website for more End Of Watch Tributes
Other  News
USDSA Launches Post-Secondary 
Scholarship Program

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the USDSA is pleased to announce 
a new post-secondary education scholarship program for dependent 
children of current, full-time commissioned law enforcement officers.
Click here for more information and to apply.
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