May 2019 CPC Newsletter

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From The Co-Presidents
Hi   ,
We are just a few weeks away from welcoming the Class of 2023 and their families to the Long Blue Line! Plans are well underway for our signature event, the I-day Picnic, on 27 June.  We would love each of our CPC families to be involved that day.  Please follow this link to volunteer.  Any amount of time will be greatly appreciated!  

At our general membership meeting last month, we presented a new organizational structure for our club to better align our committees under executive board members.  Please look for ways that you can give back a little of your time and talent to our Colorado cadets and their families.  There are multiple volunteer opportunities highlighted below:

Co-Presidents:  Steve and Carrie Clancy ('21)

-- Colorado All Service Academy Ball (CASAB) Point of ContactMarne Trujillo ('22)       NEED A CO-POINT OF CONTACT FROM CLASS OF 2022 OR 2023 to work with

   Marne; there are also lots of opportunities to work with our sister service academies'

   parent clubs as they plan this event (i.e. decorations, fundraising, etc.) 


If interested in volunteering for CASAB, please contact, Marne Trujillo.

Co-Vice  Presidents:  Paul and Kathy Puseman ('22)
  WebmasterDonna Bajek ('21)
  Videographer/PhotographerJoe Bajek ('21)
  Tailgate Chair:  Steve Clancy ('21)

Event Coordinators:  Jim and Nathalie Flannery ('21)
  New Appointee Luncheon Co-Chairs: Jim and Nathalie Flannery ('21)
  I-day Picnic Co-Chairs:  Jim and Nathalie Flannery ('21)
  A-day Lunch Chair: NEED A VOLUNTEER  
  Parents' Weekend Chair:   Lila Watts ('19)
  Colorado Night Co-Chairs:  Jim and Nathalie Flannery ('21)
  End of Year Celebration Co-ChairsNEED A 2022 FAMILY TO VOLUNTEER to co-  
  chair  this event and work with last year's chairs Dan & Denise Bruder ('21)

If interested in volunteering for A-day or the End of Year Celebration, please contact,  Jim and Nathalie Flannery.

Fundraising Chairpersons:  Donna Bajek ('21) and Joe Bajek ('21)
  Goodie Bag Chair:  Donna Bajek ('21)

Enjoy your summer and please be sure to send us any photos of your cadets in action during their summer activities!  We'd love to highlight their achievements in our newsletter!

Steve and Carrie Clancy ('21)
2018-19 Co-Presidents
Colorado Cadets in Action

Please share photos and details of your cadets in action this summer!  You can email photos to:  president@usafacpc.org, so we can highlight the great things our cadets are doing in our monthly newsletters.

The USAFA road cycling team won first place in the 2019 Boulder Team Time Trial!
Colorado Cadet Daniel Deschane ('22) is pictured second from left.
Get to Know Your CPC Board & Committee Chairs

Each month we will be introducing a new board or committee member, so our general membership can get to know the team that is working hard behind the scenes.  We'll continue this series next month when the new board (listed below) takes office!


CO-PRESIDENTS | Steve and Carrie Clancy ('21)
CO-VICE-PRESIDENTS | Paul and Kathy Puseman ('22)
SECRETARY | Christina Coffey ('23)
CO-TREASURERS | Derek and Lisa DeBastos ('22)
EVENT COORDINATORS | Jim and Nathalie Flannery ('21)
FUNDRAISING CHAIRS | Donna Bajek ('21) and Joe Bajek ('21)

Class of 2019 Information
read below for pertinent information for this year's graduating class 
(also check the links below in the Information from Parent Liaison section)
Forwarding for the USAFA Parents' Liaison:

Mitchell Hall still has about 900 tickets available for the Graduation/Superintendent 's combined reception on 30 May 2019 from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm .   Tickets on sale until Friday the 24 May 2019 at Cadet Entertainment.  Info on the website:    https://www.usafa.edu/app/uploads/Grad_Formal_Reception_2019.pdf
Guest tickets may be purchased in person or by phone at (719) 333-4497, 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Credit cards (Visa or Master Card) are accepted.

              Parents' Liaison
              U.S. Air Force Academy, CO
              (719) 333-3828    Toll Free 877-268-3383
              Fax (719) 333-1433
              e-mail: USAFA.ParentLiaison@usafa.edu

As you know, POTUS is our guest speaker for graduation.  What many of you don't know is what happens when POTUS moves.  It involves a lot of road closures and plenty of inconvenience when it comes to travel/movement.  With that said, it is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED for your friends/family/loved ones to plan to arrive Falcon Stadium by 0930 on graduation day to avoid significant disappointment and frustration.  Enjoy graduation tailgates, breakfasts, etc; just be there early.  Parking will be tight based on the Thunderbirds show box which closes off many of our parking options.  The earlier you are, the happier you are.   We do not want your family and/or loved ones watching your senior graduate from gridlock on I-25.
Both the South and North gates will be open at 6am and the Stadium will be open at 7am.

For those family and friends not able to make it to the 2019 USAFA Graduation the event will be streamed via the Official USAFA FACEBOOK link below.  I have been told you do not need a FACEBOOK account to stream the event. 


Thank you,
              Parents' Liaison
              U.S. Air Force Academy, CO
              (719) 333-3828    Toll Free 877-268-3383
              Fax (719) 333-1433
              e-mail: USAFA.ParentLiaison@usafa.edu


I have been getting questions on how to do press release for graduation and other news.  Please see below.

Hometown News Release (for local Newspapers):  Your cadet (not parents...the cadets are the active duty member) can go to the following link and put in a Hometown News Release for their achievements here at USAFA.  The cadet has to release their Privacy Act Information for the article to be used.  Please note that you must have a CAC identification card (active duty ID) to use this program.  Parents can't update for their cadet.

Hometown News Release link:   https://jhns.release.dma.mil/public

Thanks so much,

              Parents' Liaison
              U.S. Air Force Academy, CO
              (719) 333-3828    Toll Free 877-268-3383
              Fax (719) 333-1433
              e-mail:  USAFA.ParentLiaison@usafa.edu


Forwarding for the Arizona Parents Club:
Class of 2019 USAFA Families,
We have a few blankets remaining from our final order of 2019 Class Crest blankets.
If you are looking for that perfect last-minute sponsor, family member or Cadet graduation gift - this is it!
We are extending the GRAD10 discount code through May 30th. This makes the price $75 each and includes shipping.
Thanks for your support and GO FALCONS!
Mary Miller
AZ Parents Club

Information from USAFA Parent Liaison

Click on the links below to download documents shared by our USAFA Parent Liaison

Mark your Calendars!

Upcoming CPC Events:

30 May - Graduation!
15 June - New Appointee Luncheon
27 June - I-day Picnic (class of 2023)
 6 August - A-day picnic
 30-31 August - Parents Weekend
31 August - First Tailgate vs Colgate, time TBD

If you no longer wish to continue receiving emails from Colorado Parents' Club, please unsubscribe using the link below OR  send our Secretary, Eric Tucker, an email (secretary@usafacpc.org) and your information will be removed from our distribution list.


CO-PRESIDENTS | Steve and Carrie Clancy ('21)
VICE-PRESIDENT |Lila Watts ('19)
SECRETARY | Eric Tucker ('21)
CO-TREASURERS | Steve and Heather Rohlwing ('17, '21, and '23)