May 2019 Newsletter

Meet Kathleen Jennison, 
Government Affairs Chair

How I Remodeled a Factory into a Beautiful Design Boutique

For years, I had wanted to own a boutique furniture store
that offered a personal experience for my clients. After all, 
many of my clients said they wanted to sit on the furniture before they bought it... and you can't do that online.
So, I did what most entrepreneurs do: I began my research. I ended up asking the hard questions, such as:
· What do consumers want?
· Who is my competition?
· How would I structure my store?

Once I had my strategic plan in place, the next question was location. That brought up a whole host of new questions:
· What would be a good location for a unique destination home decor store?
· Was difficult to find the perfect place?
· Would I need / want to renovate?
· How much space did I actually need?
· How much inventory would I need to store?

I knew what I was looking for - something so unique it proved difficult to find. I've always been fascinated by reclaimed buildings that start with one identity and become something else, like a library that becomes a restaurant or an old 
school house that becomes a boutique hotel.

The Not-So-Perfect Location
Fortunately, my husband found a place he thought I would like. He told me it was an old warehouse with brick walls 
and wooden beams. Perfect, he said. Lots of square footage, located downtown next to the ballpark. Yes, perfect!

...but when I saw the building in person, I burst into tears. It was horrible! It had no windows, no electricity, and it was 
made of ugly cinder blocks that were definitely not bricks. I then learned it had been an old candy factory...and that my over-zealous husband had already signed the lease.

I had always thought turning a dilapidated building into something modern and functional would be a blast. Ha! The enormity of the task was daunting. I wanted to crawl into a cave and hide forever.

Since no caves were available for hiding, I packed up my design studio and moved into my home office since my old 
lease had just expired and left my business with nowhere to go. 
From  there, I buckled down and began an 11 month renovation of that old candy factory - and was eventually able to forgive my husband during this process. (Don't worry, he's still a keeper!)

How I Renovated the Candy Factory into a Beautiful Space
After having electricity installed, I added natural light to the building by replacing the industrial steel roll-up with a glass firehouse door. I also polished the concrete floors and refinished the old beams and trusses. The candy cooking room became the showroom kitchen, and the ugly little bathroom became a modern and attractive showroom bathroom.

The industrial loft now features new railings, desks, a workroom table, and cubbies for all our samples and fabric 
swatches. (We have rows upon rows of tile, quartz, and cabinet door samples.)

I then filled the space with beautiful furniture that I knew my customers would love. Each piece is in a price range they can afford and comes from high quality manufacturers I have grown to value and trust. The showroom features vignettes, all curated by our designers, which include furniture, rugs, décor, artwork, and more. With this in place, our customers can purchase a whole room or just a select few pieces, depending on their needs.

The Big Reveal
Our Grand Opening was March 27th, you can see the blog about the Grand Opening Here

By Kathleen Jennison

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Events in Review
Showroom Stroll: Design in Bloom Event 
April 12th, 2019

What a great day at the Las Vegas Design Center!  
Fabrics, Furniture, Finishes, Friends and Fun!  

We thank you for your participation and all of the Showrooms, CEU Presenters, and Sponsors for making this event extra special.

Tour and Pastries at the Wynn Resort 
April 18, 2019

In honor of Las Vegas Art, Architecture and Design Month, members of the local design community, in Las Vegas, had the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr. Roger Thomas, Executive Vice President of Design at Wynn Resorts.  Also known as "The Genius of the Interior Design," Roger joined the tour group for coffee and pastries in the Parasols Down restaurant and introduced us to a new design genre of casino-hotel,  pioneering what he calls, "Evoca-tecture."  
Wynn Resorts did not set out to create another a replica of city or a themed resort.  This resort is a moment to moment encounter with 'The Exceptional'.  Incorporating unexpected usage of world sourced materials, collaboration with design minds second to none and the consideration of each design elements for maximum comfort on every level,  translated into a deliverable of an unforgettable experience for its guest.

As we visited several locations throughout the casino, Roger noted gaining inspiration from everything.  He was attracted to a section of a Matisse drawing that later became the railing of a beautiful staircase.  "When I see something I like, I don't draw it looking at it.  I draw it the next day or an hour or 2 after so it is my memory of what I saw; it's my filter of what I saw, so the railing in the room is my memory of a Matisse drawing."

"I hand draw everything I think of and I hand draw everything I design for my collections.  Because I have this belief that those things that are interacted on by the hand of man have soul. And those things that are entirely created by machine, called Computer Aided Drafting machines, lack soul.  We use Computer Aided Drafting machines but I believe in drawing.  And I think one of the things that our students are not getting, is the ability to draw.  They are all sitting at machines.  

I can tell you in my studio, if we are in a concept  meeting and you can quickly sketch your idea and show it to me, you are going to rise in my studio and I am going to pay attention to what you do because you can show it to me.   I think we are doing a great disservice.  I think students have to learn to draw by hand.  I think creating by hand is needed.  I think that is the difference between a lot of my products and a lot of other products." 

Roger recalled one example of the unexpected in his designs:  The question was asked during the design process of a space, "What should we not do?" And the answer was, "Well, hanging a chandelier upside down is obviously what you shouldn't do!" So we did it!"  (LOL)

What an amazing opportunity to visit the various venues and we were even given access to the exclusive Wynn Villas! Elegance Unleashed! 

We sincerely thank Roger Thomas, Karina Ashworth, and their design team for the Evoca-tecture Experience!

The ASID Board Members also send out a special thank you to our sponsors, Christopher Guy and the Las Vegas Design Center for their continued support as Industry Partners.

Roger Thomas and ASID Board Members
Roger Thomas, Executive Vice President of Design for Wynn Resorts,  Karina Ashworth,  Senior Vice President of Design for Wynn Resorts, and the CA Central / Nevada ASID Board Members

ASID National  Leadersip Experience 
in Atlanta!
The Leadership Experience: Presented by ASID (EXP) is the ultimate event for design professionals of all levels, from seasoned professionals to rising stars. EXP puts the spotlight on you by focusing on the idea that when you are your best self, you can successfully lead others.

JULY 18-20, 2019 

Experience learning opportunities custom-tailored for your individual goals, whether they include Leading Yourself, Leading Your Team, or Leading Your Firm, taught by experienced faculty presenters. The Leadership Experience offers a unique opportunity to spark creativity, growth, and self-improvement.


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