May 2019
Photograph courtesy of Sergee Bee
Dear LIS Friends,

KNOW Jesus, KNOW peace. NO Jesus, NO peace. The Easter season is still rife with encouragement! As Believers we are challenged to practice authentic discipleship. This means we are to live in peace and harmony by putting our trust in the Holy Trinity. Our Lord’s saving grace will allow us to be in the world but not of it. Letting go of our selfishness and holding on to our crosses gives God the opportunity to show his sovereign power in our lives. Yielding to our heart will put us in touch with the Holy Spirit who restores us, comforts us, guides us and protects us in all of our trials.

Peace is a byproduct of courageously walking by faith and not by sight. Our heart is our core. It’s where our emotions reside…even the deepest ones we haven’t told a soul, but the ones that God knows about. God created each of us with a desire to relate to one another heart to heart. Science even supports this! I read an article recently that noted when a number of heart cells were placed on a petri dish, they synchronized with each other. Even outside of our bodies, the electrical frequencies of heart cells are looking for opportunities to be in-sync with another. Aren’t we the same? We are searching to belong, to be accepted and to be at rest.

Although the threat of division is present within the body of Christ, God desires us to trust in his Divine Providence and to share our faith with others so that we unite with them instead of exclude them. Removing pride, jealousy and unforgiveness from our relationships will help us experience unity. Let us join our hearts to do our best in spreading peace and leaving the rest in God’s capable hands. 

Peace and Blessings,

Lori Stanley
Executive Director
Last month two groups of our amazing third-year students in the Practicum presented days of reflection in their faith communities. The group comprised of Nancy Boyd, Lynn Cawley, Lucy Dominguez, and Jamie Mathisrud presented "God's Healing Love Retreat" at San Francisco Solano parish in Rancho Santa Margarita. The other group, comprised of Joe Marino, Rocio Gonzales, and Rene Luevanos presented a retreat for children, parents, and sponsors at St. Bernard's parish in Los Angeles.
Thanks to everyone who made the 2019 Hearts on Fire Celebration possible: the donors, volunteers, and guests. It was a great celebration of friendship and joy. Congratulations to awardees Fr. Ron Rolheiser, O.M.I., and Teresa "Tita" Smith.

More pictures and results coming soon!

The  Catholic Bible Institute (CBI-Orange)  is a three-year program that involves a comprehensive study of the Sacred Scriptures, with particular focus on methods of biblical study, sharing and praying with scripture, and application of skills in Bible-study leadership.

Year One (Fall 2019 – Spring 2020)   includes an introduction to the  New Testament , with study of the four Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, Pauline Letters, Catholic Epistles, Book of Revelation, Non-canonical Writings, and New Testament Theology.
Year Two (Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 )  includes an overview of the  Hebrew Scriptures , with study of the following texts: Pentateuch/Torah, Historical Books, Prophetic Writings, Wisdom Literature, Deutero-canonical Writings, and Hebrew Theology.
Year Three (Fall 2021 – Spring 2022)  combines instruction with a  Practicum  that focuses on developing skills for working with small groups, with an emphasis on adult learning, facilitation skills, group process, Bible-study resources, and leadership training.

A new cohort begins this Fall. For more information about registration for CBI, please click here.
We are now accepting applications for the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life , the 19th Annotation Retreat of the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life. The retreat is from September to June and is comprised of daily prayer, weekly spiritual direction meetings, and monthly faith-sharing meetings. For more information, please click here.

31 Days to Engage is coming in July. Look for more information about a month-long celebration of LIS, its mission, and its programs. The festivities will culminate with the celebration of the feast of St. Ignatius on July 31. For more information, please click here.
Fr. Eddie is leaving LIS in June to begin a new assignment with the Diocese of San Diego as the Director of the Diaconate Program.

We wish him the best of God's good blessings! We will host a farewell celebration the first week of June. Stay tuned for more details.
Our Mission

The Loyola Institute for Spirituality, founded in 1997, 
works to promote a faith that does justice, in the tradition of St. Ignatius.  

We declare our mission to be:
Setting hearts on fire with love of God for the world.
We bring spirituality to life by:
inviting spiritual seekers to transformation,
fostering Ignatian formation and education,
nurturing discipleship.
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