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New and Rebuilt Filter Presses, DAFs and Other Equipment for Rental
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New M.W. Watermark
470mm Filter Press
Stock Press: Please Contact Us
for Current Availability

FP00941 - Used on Rental - M.W. Watermark 630mm Filter Press - 10 cu. ft.

DAF00027 - M.W. Watermark Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifier (DAF) - DAF-30
M.W. Watermark Now Offers Complete Rebuild Kits for Air-Operated Filter Press Hydraulics 


Be Our Guest at NASF SUR/FIN   2019!
M.W. Watermark invites you to join us June 3 - 5 in Rosemont, Illinois with a Free Show Floor Admission!

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We will be exhibiting in  Booth #912 . See you at the show!

M.W. Watermark  Provides Online Resources - Accessible From Your Mobile Device or PC
Three features that our customers have told us they find especially helpful are our filter press service blog, our how-to videos and our documents page. Each of these resources are updated on an on-going basis to provide you with a virtual "library" of information to get the best results from your equipment. 

Our documents page includes equipment sales drawings, options and features, plate and cloth templates and product brochures.

Our website is mobile-friendly - so you can easily utilize these tools, as well as access helpful information about our products from either a smartphone or tablet - in addition to your desktop or laptop computer. 

Below are links to a few of our most popular blog postings and videos. Be sure to visit our website for complete listings.

Filter Press Service Blog: Hot Topics
M.W. Watermark is proud to serve as a dependable and knowledgeable leader in our industry. Our customers have told us about the service items which are important to them. 

Some of these service issues can be handled in a short amount of time with the right information or a step-by-step walk-through - so we work to provide our customers with the know-how to get back up and running quickly. 

Our field service technicians can also be scheduled to help if needed.   

Below are links to some of our most popular blog topics:


For a complete listing, visit our website blog pages

Contact our Sales and Service Team for a quote on industrial filtration equipment or aftermarket parts.
Service and How-To Videos: Top-Viewed
Our instructional videos are designed to help you understand the function and safe operation of some of our most popular products.

Whether you are having a specific issue with your equipment, or installing new parts and want to get the job done right the first time, our videos will guide you through the process.

Below are a few of our most-viewed videos. Note: S
ome of our videos are also linked to from blog postings when additional instructions or topics are referenced. 

(Click on videos to watch on our Service and How-To Videos webpage). 

How to Install a CGR Filter Cloth

How to Install an NG Filter Cloth 

How to Remove and Install 
Gasketing on Filter Plates

How to Set the Hydraulic Relief  Pressure on a Filter Press

Visit our videos webpage for a full list of our Service and How-To Videos. 
Featured Blog Topic: 
How to Determine the Size of Filter Press Needed for Your Application

A filter press can be used for process, water and wastewater treatment in a variety of industries and applications

In most applications, filter presses are used for dewatering solids prior to disposal. However, in some cases the separated solid or liquid is the actual product.

Because filter presses are used across so many applications, there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to determining filter press sizing requirements.

M.W. Watermark 800mm Filter Press

M.W. Watermark's goal is to help our customers make the most informed equipment and equipment sizing decisions possible.

Our team's many years of experience across a wide variety of filter press applications provides a knowledge base that serves our customers well.

Feel free to contact M.W. Watermark at any time to discuss your particular solid-liquid separation project.

Learn more about the information needed to size and quote a filter press on our blog.
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M.W. Watermark  wants to make a difference. We are passionate about the world's water. We are innovative, focused on customer service and always try to exceed expectations. We are an environmentally conscious company with people who are energized, encouraged and inspired to make a difference on our planet by helping to keep our shared, finite water supply clean and usable for generations to come. We build amazing, custom water and wastewater treatment equipment. 

Together, we can make a difference.  

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