May 2019
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Fishing, both recreational and commercial are economic engines for much of coastal North Carolina. Whether you fish or just enjoy eating seafood, the complexity behind the management of these species is at times a bit overwhelming to understand.

Division of Marine Fisheries: The state management agency
The Division of Marine Fisheries is a state agency, under the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality, responsible for managing the state’s marine fisheries resources.

Marine Fisheries Commission: The state policy-making board
The N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission is a nine-member board, appointed by the governor, which implements laws relating to coastal fisheries and coastal fishing and adopts rules and policies . . .

Interstate management
The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is an interstate compact ratified by the states and approved by Congress in 1942 that cooperatively manages marine species that are found in multiple states’ waters (out to 3 miles from shore).

Federal management Councils
Federal fisheries are managed through a joint process involving the National Marine Fisheries Service and regional fishery management councils.

How Atlantic highly migratory species are managed
Highly migratory species travel long distances and often cross domestic and international boundaries .