May 2019
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Keep reading to discover the topic and and download the application for MSP 2.0 2019/20, sign-up for our Marianist Charism webinar, facilitated by Dave Fleming, SM, and Gabrielle Bibeau, FMI, and listen to our latest "Sharing Our Marianist Stories" podcast.
“Marianist stability is seen as remaining in a Marianist community as a spiritual home, where we are formed and to which we return time and time again. Throughout history the way stability has been lived in the Marianist Family has varied, but the spirit of the practice has remained the same. Stability is our consecration to the Marianist Family: to make Mary known, loved, and served. The goal is to  incarnate Christ where ever it is we are in life , meeting the needs of those who are around us, in our time and in our place.” (Things Marianist, Cawley and Cada)
The seeds of Marianist Stability were planted when Blessed Chaminade began the Bordeaux Sodality in 1801. Today, Marianist Sisters and Brothers and some Lay Marianists take a vow of stability that continues to support, strengthen, and challenge the Marianist Family.

In the 2019/20 Marianist Studies Program (MSP) 2.0 we will return to our roots and discover why and how the vow of stability has supported the Marianist Charism for over two centuries. The final projects will explore how we are being called to “incarnate Christ where ever it is we are in life” now and into the future.

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This webinar was first offered by NACMS in 2018 and includes content presented by Fr. Fleming for several years at the International Marian Research Institute (IMRI) at the University of Dayton. Topics include: The Starting Point: Southern France under Napoleon; A Developing View of Mary in Chaminade and Adéle; Marianist insights into Mary after the Founders and Beyond France; and The Relevance of this Charism in the 21st Century.
The webinar is available to anyone with internet access via Zoom Video Conferencing. A very limited number of spaces will be available in-person at NACMS. The cost of the webinar for all participants is $100 payable to NACMS by the registration deadline, July 15, 2019. (To register contact Patti Gehred at

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