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Sunday Snacks: 
5/5- Becca Leadbitter; 5/12-John & Suzette Renfro; 5/19-Susan Rozmus & Jan Scott; 5/26-Donna Banks & Lynn Walker

Sunday Greeters: 5/5-Glenda Cooper; 5/12-Garland & Mary Ann Wampler; 5/19-Jamie & Renee Ray; 5/26-Bob Drummond

Scripture Readers: 5/5-Children; 5/12-Mary Tom Aldridge; 5/19-Teri Darnall; 5/26-Erika Tyner

Youth Dinners: 5/5-Wade & Amy Shehan; 5/12-NO YOUTH; 5/19-Gwen Reynolds; 5/26-Ginger Eton 

Nursery Volunteers:
5/5-Nancy Smith & Kim Young; 5/12-Sonya Vess & Judy Riddle; 5/19-Sharon Honeycutt & Lynn Walker; 5/26-Barbara Bradley & Gwen Reynolds

Altar Guild -Betsy Myers and Mary Ann Wampler
Online Giving is
Now Available!
Higgins is offering online giving through EasyTithe!

Try it now, online or through the mobile app!
Please contact the office or send us an email if you have any questions.

MONDAY - THURSDAY-8:30-4:00 
FRIDAY - 8:00 - 12 noon

Ingles Gift Cards!
Purchase Ingles Cards and 5% of the face value goes directly to Missions. It doesn't cost you anything extra! (If you purchase a $100 card, $5 will go directly to Missions and you still have $100 purchasing power). It can be used for anything at Ingles including GAS. See Stewart and Rebecca Leadbitter after Celebration service at the Welcome Desk. Sanctuary service participants please drop by the Welcome Desk before Sunday School. Thank you!  
The Susanna Wesley Circle
The Susanna Wesley Circle will meet on Tuesday,  May 14th at 9:30 a.m. in the FLC.  Bunnie McIntosh will present a program about Bennett College (a Methodist College).  Hostesses will be Shirley Ann McAllister and Mary Nelson.  All ladies are invited. 
Some of the Higgins family may have moved, but they are still in our hearts. Send them well wishes!

Gabriel Garland
101 Chestnut Street
CPO 697
Berea, KY 40404-0001

Raelin Reynolds
255 Eagle Rock Lane
Burnsville, NC 28714

Lizzie Bingham
458 Cow Branch Road
Green Mountain, NC 28740

Britney Stines
37 Summit Street
Burnsville, NC 28714

Matthew Bare
NCSSM Box #B357
1219 Broad Street
Durham, NC 27705
Att:  1st Hill, Room 120

Christopher Bare
1 Flycatcher Way - Apt 303
Arden, NC 28704

Mike & Mollie Lawrence
8713 SE Riverfront Terrace
Tequesta, FL 33469

Allen &  Bevo Peterson
491 Blackberry Drive
Mineral Bluff, GA 30559

New Address
Bev Hunsucker 
870 Oak Meadow Drive
Apt. 3332
Franklin, TN 37064
Cell: 828 230-1787

Sam & Ethel Nash
3066 Point Clear Drive
Tega Cay, SC 29708

J.P. Tabor
Unit #61807
APO, AE 09321-1807

Low-impact Aerobics class on Monday mornings at 9:00 a.m. for older adults.  It is free!!!  Contact Teri Darnall at 208-1904 for more info
Men's Group 
The Thursday Morning Men's Group meets each Thursday morning at the coffee shop on Main Street from 6:30 am to 7:30 am - All men are invited to come and be part of the group. We always have a great time of  fellowship and Bible study. 

Boy Scout Troop 502
The Troop is sponsored by Higgins.  They meet each Monday from 6:30 to 8:00 PM in the white Annex Building behind the Family Life Center.  Open to all boys 11 and older. Scoutmaster, Brian Schwock.    
Men's Emmaus Walk

Men's Walk #87
May 16-19 at Bonclarken in Hendersonville, NC

Visit: for more information

Reconciliation House
Reconciliation House
Groundbreaking Ceremony
Saturday, May 4th
10-11 am

Reading Buddy Ministry
Thanks to all our dedicated Reading Buddy Volunteers who read with their assigned struggling reader for the 2018-19 school year. The program has been in existence for 6 years since the Fall of 2013.

This year we had 21 active volunteers that generally read with their assigned student twice weekly for thirty minutes per visit. With 229 volunteer hours documented between Burnsville Elementary, Bald Creek Elementary and Micaville Elementary, the dedication to this ministry is evident!  Students improved their reading skills and for many, the added benefit of mentor-ship
 was a blessing.

As the current school year is approaching end-of-the-year state testing on Friday, May 24th, our program will conclude by Thursday, May 23rd. Reading buddy volunteers are encouraged to tell their assigned students goodbye for this school year. We pray for all of these students to do their very best on the final tests.

Praise God for those who show His love and His compassion in our community! It is my hope that each adult volunteer was blessed by this experience. Thanks again!

Leigh Bennett
Reading Buddy Program Coordinator

May 2019
Pastor John  
Strangely Warmed

John Wesley was born in 1703 in Epworth, England  to Samuel Wesley, an Anglican priest, and Susanna Wesley, a devout Christian. When John was six years old their home (the rectory) caught fire at night. John was discovered at the window of the second floor, and was rescued, as a "brand plucked from the fire". His mother especially that providentially, God had something special in mind for this boy. He was an excellent student studied at Oxford. While at Oxford, Wesley and his brother Charles and other students (including the famous evangelist George Whitfield) formed the Holy Club. They were dedicated to a Methodical religious life of disciplined bible study, prayers and service. They were teased about their devotion and called "Methodists." and Charles Wesley sailed to the American colony of Georgia as missionaries to the pioneers and Indians. The project was a failure and the Wesley returned to England 2 years later depressed, and doubting in his faith.

Back in London, John Wesley befriended members of a German Christian society, the Moravian's. (On the voyage to America he had been impressed by the Moravian's calm faith during a storm. It was on May 24, 1738, while attending a religious society meeting, where a lay person was reading Martin Luther's preface to the book of Romans that he had a deep religious experience.

I felt my heart strangely warmed. I felt I did trust in Christ, Christ alone for salvation; and an assurance was given me, that He had taken away my sins, even mine, and saved me from the law of sin and death."

With renewed faith, John Wesley spread the Word of God's love and salvation throughout Britain. The neglected poor and lower classes were especially introduced to the hope of salvation. Services were held anywhere - in fields, barns, abandoned buildings, and even mining pits. The great number of converts were organized into religious " societies which included the class meeting and bands ( small groups guided by Wesley's teachings ) The result was what is known as the Great Wesleyan Revival that not only spread throughout England but came across the Atlantic Ocean to America.

This summer, in the spirit of Aldersgate, I want to invite you to participate in a small group through our Higgins family. There is a special "means of grace that comes from studying the scriptures, praying, and sharing life together. Summer is a great time to take time to be with the Lord through fellowship with His people. May your heart be strangely warmed!

                                                                                    Grace and Peace,
                                                                                       Pastor John
Music Ministry
A huge  Thank You to everyone who was involved with "Good Friday" and all the Easter activities.  Thanks for your support at the concert also.  You are much loved and appreciated!

(P.S.  The pillows are in my office if you let me use them earlier)  
Children's Ministry
Calling All VBS Volunteers!
Vacation Bible School will be the week of July 22-26 in the evenings. It will include dinner and we will pick kids up in our vans from around the community.
We will need volunteers for the following teams:
  • Van drivers and monitors
  • Cook Team
  • Clean up Team
  • Photography Team
  • Decorations Team
  • Preschool Team
  • Games Team
Starting May 29th, we will have planning meetings every Wednesday at 5:30 until VBS week (except July 4th).
Please plan to help. Last year we had 50 kids, so we need lots of help!

Mission Opportunities
Summer Mission Opportunities at Higgins
Multi-generational Summer Mission Trip
This summer, we will again head to the eastern part of North Carolina to aid in hurricane relief efforts through UMCOR, the United Methodist disaster relief agency. Our trip this year will be to Wilmington, leaving Sunday, July 14 and returning Saturday, July 20.  As last year, this will be an opportunity for building relationships across the generations within our church family, while helping those impacted by hurricane Florence.  Pencil in this date on your calendar and be on the lookout for an initial information session to be held in the next few weeks.
Reconciliation House Construction 
Much needed expansion of Rec House facilitates will begin soon.   As we have always done, Higgins will have the opportunity to play a major role by volunteering "hands on" during the construction process.    Our goal is to have members pledge 2,000 hours to assist during the course of the project.  There will be many ways to help over a period of several months.  Starting May 12, we will begin a good old fashion pledge drive to line up volunteers and skills for this "local mission" project.  
Stay tuned as this project literally comes out of the ground in our backyard, continuing to serve the needs of those around us - just as Jesus commanded us to do.
Women's Ministry
May 31, 2019
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Higgins Memorial UMC
The Abide Women's Ministry is excited to welcome Mrs. Kendra Graham as our guest speaker for our May 31 Community event to be held at Higgins Memorial UMC.  Kendra Graham is a gifted speaker and Bible teacher who has a passion for her family and for helping others deepen their relationship with God through intentional studying of His Word.  Kendra is the wife of Evangelist Will Graham, who is the grandson of Billy Graham. A meal will be provided at no cost, but donations will be appreciated.  There is limited space, so please RSVP Kathy Williams ( or call the church office at 682-2835. 
Prayer Ministry
Your prayers are greatly appreciated
You also must help us by prayer, so that many will give thanks on our behalf for the blessing granted us through the prayers of many. 
- 2 Corinthians 1:11
  • SHUT-IN'S: Faye Skiff, Pete Hensley, Estelle Sheldon, hospice and Jerry Helsher
  • Family of Mary Gilmour in her passing
  • Brooke Payne, health issues (niece of Marcia Schoen)
  • Jackie Laferia, health issues (friend of Barbara Blankenship)
  • Jerry Ezzelle, health issues
  • Bob Proffitt, home- health issues
  • Ada Lee Hipps, health issues
  • Bill Riddle, health issues
  • Miranda Renfro, health issues
  • Doyce McClure, home
  • Woody Cunningham,  health issues
  • Deena Bingham, health issues
  • Leslie Wisch, cancer (friends of the Trimble's)
  • Marcia Schoen, facial spasms and trigeminal neuralgia
  • Jack and Betsy Myers - health issues
  • Shelly Headen (daughter of Ron & Lucy Kates) health issues
  • William Barnwell, colon cancer (Donna Bank's step-dad) 
  • Bobby Jack & Shirley McAllister, health issues
  • Rhonda McCall, missionary to Ukraine
  • The Kohman Family, CRU missionaries
  • Your church staff
  • Dr. John Fowler and his wife, Liz
  • Jonathan Taylor, U.S. Army (grandson of Charles & Nancy Williams)
  • J. P. Tabor, U.S. Air Force 
  • Captain John T. Bennett, U.S. Army  
  • Michael Bingham, U.S. Marine 
  • Ellis Jackson, U.S. Navy
  • Our students in college and grad school
  • For children in foster care and foster parents
  • Pray for those who don't know Jesus.
  • Pray for those looking for a job/employment.
  • Pray for caregivers: Those caring for the elderly, parents, children, etc.
Prayer on the Square
May 12, 2019- Sunday from 4-5 pm across from the Nu Wray Inn. --If the weather is bad, the prayer time will be held in the Family Life Center at Higgins in the classroom next to the kitchen.
May Birthdays
5/01   Wanda Proffitt                                         5/19   James Byrd
5/02   Elizabeth Callahan                                  5/19   Tim Faulkner
5/03   Russ Darnall                                            5/19   Harrison Tyner
5/03   Megan Robertson                                   5/20   Christopher Tyner
5/04   Carole Aldridge                                       5/21   Bobby McAllister
5/05   Caleb McIntosh                                       5/22   Hannah McCourry
5/05   Jay Wilson                                               5/22   Jack Myers
5/06   Earl Young                                               5/23   Trevor Higgins
5/08   Bryan Creech                                           5/27   Duane Cassida
5/08   Jerry Ezzelle                                             5/27   Angie Cooper
5/09  Travis Sparks                                             5/27   Thomas Kaluzynski
5/14   Ronnie Kates                                            5/27   Mary Nelson
5/15   Henry Schosser                                        5/28   Dorene Branton
5/18   Georgia Clark                                           5/29  Faith Creech
5/18   Tiffany McCurry                                       5/31   Will Morgan
May Anniversaries
5/21  Jeff & Sara Ratliff
5/21  Travis & Raegan Sparks
5/21  Eric & Sonya Vess
5/26  Bill & Caryl Cullom
5/30  Ron & Mei Moss

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery at Higgins - We are in the planning stages to bring Celebrate Recovery to our Church. Come join us with this world-wide, Jesus centered recovery program for addiction. Since being launched 25 years ago at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church, millions have been able to find real recovery. At present there is no Christian outreach in Yancey County for drug and alcohol addiction. Opioid overdose is now the number 1 cause of death of people under the age of 50. Some of you have been interested in helping either as sponsors, worship support, or attendants for a service. Please reach out to me if you would like to help in any way or would just like more information. Contact Peirce Bingham at or call 208-0299.


New Members

 Tom & April Henkel

 Brian & Carla Buchanan

 Chris, Lisa and Ethan Aldridge

Please welcome our new members and if you need contact information, please call the church office. 
Easter Lilies
In Memory of:

Mrs. Carol Clack
     By:  Jerry Ezzelle
Mr. Drew Clack
     By:  Jerry Ezzelle
Mrs. Sandra Ezzelle
     By:  Jerry Ezzelle
Mr. John Nelson
     By:  Mary Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Torrey Tyner
     By: Benson & Jeanne Tyner
Mr. Dennis McCurry
     By: Terri & Family
Mr. Bill Patterson
     By: Phyllis Patterson
Mrs. Ruby Hewitt
     By: Victor Hewitt
Mr. & Mrs. T. R. Wilson
     By: John & Liz Fowler
Mr. & Mrs. W. M. Fowler, Sr.
     By: John & Liz Fowler

In Honor of:
Mrs. Ada Lee Hipps                                       Church Staff
        By:  Mary Nelson                                        By: Benson & Jeanne Tyner      
Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Jack McAllister                  Mary Nelson
        By: Mary Nelson                                         By: Charles & Becky Gillespie
Mrs. Alice Drummond                                    Kathy Williams   
        By: Mary Nelson                                         By: Mary Nelson
Mrs. Billie Marie Ray                                     Mary Nelson
        By: Mary Nelson                                         By: The Tyner Family
Mr. & Mrs. Phil Reynolds                             Dorene Branton
        By: Mary Nelson                                         By: Mary Nelson
                                             Kairos Prison Ministry Retreat
                                          Avery Mitchell Correctional Institution
                                        May 21-24
There will be a four day "inside" retreat at Avery Mitchell Correctional May 21-24. You don't have to go inside the prison to be part of this mission work. Your can pray for the inmates, prison administration and Kairos Team now, and become part of the prayer chain during the retreat. You can sponsor catered meals for the inmates during the retreat. Your class/small group can make posters. You can provide direct financial support for the retreat.
If you would like to be part of this local prison mission work, contact Jim Swaim (828.284.0299); Jeff Reynolds (828.208.1573); or Paul Bradley (706.622.0805) for more information on how you can serve.
"I was in prison and you visited me" - Matthew 25:36