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May 2019
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The sails are on, the new engine is purring like a tiger, the crew is raring to go, the inspections and certifications are done for another year. 
 What ain't we got? (with apologies to South Pacific); we ain't got names. That is, while we are in a good and perfectly satisfactory place on bookings, your names may not be among those signed up for a cruise, be it in the warmth of summer or the crispness of fall. Don't miss this season!

courtesy of Bob Viera

Crew's News

The crew for this spring's haulout

More below the water than above

Here's coming at you; all 265,00 pounds

Does this vessel make the mate look small?

 Dressed up and nowhere to go but back in the water

Crew in constant motion

Sarah on the fore and Asher on the main are slushing the masts.  The masts were scraped and given two coats of linseed oil and turpentine in April. 

Now that the sails are bent on a generous coat of grease with some more linseed oil.

 Sarah the slusher

Cruise News ..

The Old Sow off Eastport, Maine 
Deer Island, New Brunswick, is in the background

courtesy of Capt. Butch Harris

Largest whirlpool in North America. We'll be spinning around it in July.

Next picnic on Wednesday. 
Logan will be back aboard in September with his fiddle.

Postcards from Away  

Split to Dubrovnik on a three master with no sails.

Poster perfect postcard

Sailing in just hours.. for months!
  John and the crew

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