Volume 15 | MAY 2019
MAY 2019
  • May 2 - Business Meeting 8PM
  • May 4-5 - OLG Parish and School Fiesta
  • May 4 - Council 1990 Redondo Beach Cinco de Mayo fundraiser
  • May 30 - Officers Meeting 8PM
  • June 1 - Casino Night

Note: Only members with current membership (due paid) will be allowed to attend Business Meetings. See details in Dues section below.

  1. Dinner at 7:30PM
  2. Business Meeting will commence at 8PM.

Please help put the chairs back and the hall back in good order after the conclusion of the Business Meeting
Protocol Reminders:
  1. Raise your hand to request to speak and wait to be recognized by the Grand Knight
  2. Stand and salute the Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight and Chaplain
  3. State your name so everyone knows who you are and ask your question or make your statement
  4. No one should be behind the bar except designated bartenders.
Thanks for your cooperation.
Grand Knights Corner


I hope you had a great Easter and are enjoying the rest of this Easter season. Thanks to those of you who helped with Easter parking.

The next 5 weeks will see Memorial Day, OLG FAIR, the election of new officers for the 2019/2020 Columbian year andCasino Night.

With the election of new officers, I will passing the torch to a new Grand Knight. This past year has been of one great joy for me serving as your Grand Knight and I can't express enough my gratitude for the opportunity to be your GK and for all of your support. It I also with a mix of sadness and joy that I must report to you that I will be relocating to Nashville TN in the fall. My sadness is in leaving this Council and fine group of men. The joy is that that my wife and I will be close to our son and his wife and our grandchildren. 

We have had a great number of accomplishments this year including a successful 2018 Golf Tournament, record breaking Drive for the Intellectually Disabled, great Guatemala trip, Recognition for our support of Saint Sebastian Sports Project and many other charity projects. I know you will do even more great things this coming year.

Again, thank you and my best wishes for the coming Columbian year .

Neil Gafney
Grand Knight

I encourage you to wear your name badge to mass weekly and to all Knights activities.
Ranch San Antonio Fundraiser Shines☀️
This year's fund raiser has raised over $10,000 so far. Thanks to PGK Mike Ashenfelter for leading the campaign again this year and congratulations to all who helped sell tickets and who bought tickets or contributed.

We will be wrapping up the campaign over the next couple weeks and we will provide final numbers before or a the June Business Meeting.
Casino Knights coming soon!

Bring your donations of Liquor for the Liquor Cart. Bring your
RAFFLE prizes donations.
June 1st is fast aproaching and Casino Knights will be quickly upon us. We are making great progress and have some really nice raffle and auction prizes, though we are still on the hunt. If you know of any Business who might want to sponsor a table, or donate a gift, please let Dan Mills know.

The next Casino night planing meeting will be held in the hall at 8PM on Tuesday May 7. All committee members please attend.

If you are interested in working at the event checking people in, selling tickets, or working at the bar please contact:

Donations for the raffle, silent and live auctions can be dropped off at the May 2 Business Meeting or contact Dan Mills at the email or number above.
Cinco De Mayo Festival at Redondo Beach Knights Hall

Council 1990 in Redondo Beach is holding its Cinco de Mayo fundraiser on May 4th at its hall at
214 Avenue I in Redondo Beach (near Riviera Village)

All are welcome. Tickets must be purchased in advance.
New Recruiting Video Now Available
A new recruitment video is now available at

The video runs about 5 minutes and gives a good overview to any prospective Knights. Feel free to use it when recruiting foe new members.
California State Convention
The state convention will be held in San Diego May 16-19 and is open to all Knights.

If you are interested details are available at

The theme for Convention 2019 is “ Remembering Those That Came Before Us .” If you would like a copy of the  Pre-Convention Program , click on the image to the left to view or download a pdf copy of the program. The programs contains all events that we will have for the three days in Sacrament
Knights Resources (Click on the Image)
Knight in Focus

This months Knight in Focus is Eddie Porr and includes some corrections from last month's article.

If you have worked in our Lemonade Booth over the past couple of years, or worked at the AMC Fair, or been to any Business Meetings you will have seen Brother Eddie.

Eddie joined our brotherhood in 2013 looking for more opportunities to serve others; and he has indeed found them.

A 17 year resident of Redondo Beach, Eddie is another great example of a Do'er. Eddie is married to Lisa, who you may have seen and heard speak at masses at American Martyrs encouraging people to join the LINQ groups. Eddie has a son 25, and a step-daughter 28. Eddie is a veteran having spent 10 years in the U.S. Air Force and he has continued his association with the Air Force as a civilian employee now having a total of 27 years with the Air Force. He works in Operations Management and IT at the Los Angeles Air Force Base.

In his spare time Eddie teaches 7th and 8th Grade School of Religious Education at AMC, and teaches Confirmation Years 1 & 2. So if you have children in either of those programs he has influenced your family by imparting teachings of God and the Catholic Church to your kids. To further help kids, he recently signed up to be a school Liason with SSSP. Eddie has held the role of Inside Guard at our Council over the past two years and is a member of the Councils Admissions Degree (1st Degree) team.

As mentioned previously, he manages the KofC Lemonade Booth (along with Brad Wildes) which is a heavy task during those events where we participate such as the MB Hometown Fair and the AMC Fair. So don't be surprised when Eddie taps you on the shoulder puts the squeeze on you.

When Eddie has any other spare time he likes to get out on the golf course and to watch sports. Rarely, Eddie will miss the April meeting as he is taking a well deserved vacation with Lisa to Italy for 2 weeks.

Say Hi to Eddie and if you don't know him introduce yourself. He will be happy to know you and even happier to help you get more involved in Knights activities.

Carry Your Rosary

As Knights we were charged with always carrying our Rosary. It's easy to forget but once you get in the habit it is second nature. You can also carry your Knights challenge coin with the Rosary embedded on it, or a Rosary card in your wallet.

Rosary checks will become more frequent at our Business Meetings, so get in the good habit of carrying yours and avoid those BIG $1 fines if you forgot your at Rosary check.


The first Sunday each month at American Martyrs is name tag Sunday. Instead of a handwritten sticky tag, wear your badge and show your Knights pride.

Wear your badge whenever appropriate to show your Knights spirit and pride.
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