School is almost over and summer is so can almost taste it. Before I even get started, let me say GREAT JOB to all of the youth that helped lead Youth Sunday. I've heard nothing but good comments on the Connect Group times as well as the AM service. Thank you for leading well even if you may have been a little nervous to do so.

Be on the lookout for our summer PURSUIT schedule. I'll be sending out dates to recruit homes to meet in. If you are interested in and able to host one of our summer Wednesdays, let me know. While our Wednesdays will be affected by camps and holidays, our Sunday morning schedule will be consistent through the summer. Connect Groups (Sunday School) will continue to meet in the GAP at 9:15AM with our AM service starting up at 10:30. When you're in town and able to attend, please do. I know everyone gets extra busy during June and July, but consistent/faithful attendance helps your child see that "church" is important and gives them more opportunities to not only be ministered to, but to minister to their peers and our congregation.

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Let me know if you have any questions about the LIT Student ministry at FBC Moultrie!

Rob Craft
Here's an article to read through when you get a chance.

How I Reclaimed My Social Media - A blog that looks at social media and tips to use it "well." This is a good one for kids and even adults.
April PURSUIT Slides
With the chapel reno ongoing, we met as a whole most weeks during April. Sandwiched between Spring Break and Youth Sunday prep, we did two unrelated lessons.

There are no slides from our 04-17-2019 lesson that was from the book "I Will" and looked at the importance. Here's a copy of the typed lesson that I used that night. Students were challenged with 4 declarations for corporate worship. A card was available with all 4 on them that they could grab if they wanted to. The 4 declarations are in the picture to the right.
May will be our last month having PURSUIT in the GAP until August. Here's the tentative schedule...

05/01/19 - Game Night & Birthday Celebrations from April since we did Youth Sunday prep on April 24th.

05/08/19 - We'll look at some of the VBS material to help youth be ready that are helping with VBS this summer.

05/15/19 - We've invited last year's high school graduates to come back and discuss their first year out of high school and answer a few questions that the youth may have.

05/22/19 - We've invited this year's graduates to come and share about their high school and youth group experiences.

05/29/19 - FRECKLES...we'll be skating from 6:00-8:00PM at Freckles to celebrate the end of the school year.
May Connect Group Plans
05/05/19 - Love Your Enemies - Luke 6:27-36

05/12/19 - Let the Dead Bury Their Dead - Luke 9:57-62

05/19/19 - Hate Your Family - Luke 14:25-35

05/26/19 - Exploit Your Friends - Luke 16:1-12
I'll be working on the summer PURSUIT schedule. I need volunteers willing to host the students on a Wednesday night from 6:00-8:00. Host homes provide dinner (church will reimburse up to $75 if you bring receipts by) and space for the students to have a lesson and hang out. The dates that we hope to meet are...

June 5
June 19
July 17
July 24
July 31

Let me know if you're interested in being a summer PURSUIT host home

We have 16 students and 4 Team Leaders signed up to attend IMPACT in Toccoa on June 10-14, 2019. Signups are now closed.

We will have a parent meeting on Sunday, May 19 right after the AM service. We will meet in the GAP.

We'll be back at North Greeneville University for FUGE from July 8-13, 2019. We have 42 students and 8 chaperones signed up to attend. Signups are now closed.

At this point in time, everyone should have paid at least $120 of the total due. My goal is to mail out forms and payment reminders/info next week.
  • What does it look like for your family to place Jesus first?
  • Share with your youth a tough time in your life where you had to rely on Jesus to pull you out a "slimy pit" (from Psalm 40:2).
  • Ask the question and this have some discussion...if you could ask God something right now and know that He would audibly answer you, what would you ask?
May birthdays (let me know if I've missed anyone or have a wrong date)...

1st - Hunter Kebler
2nd - Sophie Griffin
5th - Henry Underwood
9th - Lillian Fagan
13th - Callie Faircloth
16th - Hogan Horne
25th - Jackson Glenn
26th - Jenna Reed