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Newsletter  May 2019
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... May flowers?  Please!  But this is New England and we never know what the weather will bring.

Fortunately the rain doesn't seem to be slowing anyone's enthusiasm for natural stone.  Our dealers have been generally surprised with the amount of product shipping to job sites under these conditions.  That's great.  But a little sunshine would be nice.

This months product focus is Umbria Granite.  This rugged, yet beautiful granite is a great up-sell and is well suited for elegant patios and stunning pool decks.  Umbria Granite also works well as an accent stone with Phoenician granite. If you are not currently displaying it ask your Sales Rep for samples.

Lastly  we want you to know we continue to focus on elevating our service levels.  We've been fortunate that our planning last year has provided plenty of inventory for our dealers.  Also our fabrication and special projects operations are well prepared to process orders more smoothly than ever before.
Product Update
Five Times Faster, Five Times the Profits
Installers are reporting incredible reductions in time needed to install thin veneer and irregular patios using our new products.  Ask your sales representative how to help your customers make more money in less time.

Interlocking Thin Veneer System

Irregular Patterned Flagging

Interlocking Natural Thin Veneer

Irregular Patterned Flagging - Silver Ridge Granite

Umbria Granite!
This month we draw your attention to one of our favorite granites.  The subtle yet uniform patterns and natural movement of the grain provides an elegant and formal look.  We love it as a pool coping and deck.  We stock a wide ranges of sizes and provide custom fabrication services for those creative touches everyone is looking for.

Streamlining our Service to You
Visiting our outdoor showroom can be a great way to up-sell any job.  To provide the best possible experience for your customer,  please be sure to contact your sales representative in advance to make an appointment.  

We hope you understand that at this time of year our team is focused on wholesale order processing and simply cannot provide the quality time needed for drop-in visits.

We encourage all our dealers to take advantage of the significant investment we've made creating a natural stone viewing experience like non other.  A visit guided by you and/or your salesperson will ensure the best experience for your customer.
Fabrication Services Update
Our fabrication operation is in full swing.  Every year we make improvements and gain more experience.  We now have over 75 years of collective stone-cutting experience. With the addition of our new quote and order management system utilizing the email , we can track every order to the minute!  We hope you see the difference.  Send us your projects and we will turn them into reality!

Clearance Items
50% Off all Clearance and Fabrication Remnants  
This year we have some really good deals and lots to choose from.  Everything is deeply discounted so you can make some exceptional profits reselling these items.  Our pain can be your gain!  

Items categorized as "Clearance" are generally first quality and in some cases discontinued from our catalog.   "Remnants" are generally first quality slab stock  generated by our fabrication department that are smaller than 1st quality inventory.

Call the office or contact your sales representative if you are interested in purchasing these materials.  Also you can stop by our yard and we would be pleased to show you around.

Office:  508-699-56665 Justin:  508-509-6093 Angel:  508-509-6028

We're Discontinuing our Modular Panel Inventory
50%-off what's left (its a lot!)