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May 2019
Congratulations to: Netta Sue and Mark H; Yuriya M, Wayne C (and Debbie G) and Pat B!

It's difficult to imagine that Memorial Day weekend is two weeks away. Where did Spring go? Ah, it was a beautiful spring though. Perfect temps, low humidity, bright flowers and birds building nests (everywhere). I always enjoy watching the parent sandhill cranes walking protectively with their babies.

Since Howard has chosen to write about cattle this month (based on an observation from a cross state trip) I will share that when out on the boat with a rod in hand, I rejoiced in seeing the dolphins frolicking, mullet happily jumping, the tails of redfish splashing and the balls of bait enticing the bigger more predatory fish up river. We have caught and released tons of silver and spotted trout of very good (legal) size. We have caught and released Spanish Mackerel, whiting and yes, a few flounder. How incredible nature is; our news last summer was sickening and scary. But so far, Howard and I have seen no evidence of that horror's return.
We are anxiously awaiting the return of our favorite catch and release fish; the incredibly smart and glorious jumper- Tarpon!

In real estate, Mid- March thru mid-May was not only hot but on fire! Buyers returned with a vengeance and while they negotiated (hard) sales of all styles of properties was brisk. Homes over $1Million and less than $500,000 were in high demand as were condos between $175,000 and under. The commercial/ investment market is also red hot. New businesses are announced daily. Did you know that there is a big Biomedical center coming to Lakewood Ranch? Parrish is now being referred to as the new center of Manatee county as there are 3 new schools, big box stores, and 5500 new homes in development. For those of us that live north of University, the COSTCO at Rt 64 is going up quickly now that all the site work is completed. The build out of the divergent diamond at Rt 70 is also moving quickly. For those of you out of town now, you won't believe the changes in the landscape in just a few months.

Until next month, my fondest regards,
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Howard's 'Did You Know'
Did you know that Florida is considered a cow-calf state? The primary cattle (crop) is calves that are shipped to other states which are then raised and processed into beef. Florida beef producers own over 1 million cows, heifers and bulls generating a calf crop which exceeds 800,000 calves annually. This total breeding herd value exceeds $847 million. The annual calf crop is estimated at over $400 million. In total, Florida 's beef cattle herd is valued more than $1 billion dollars. Beef cattle sales and sales of breeding stock generate a total economic impact of over $900 million annually. Florida's dairies supply milk and dairy products that are mostly consumed in state creating cash receipts over $400 million dollars. Florida is home to over 100,000 dairy cows which produce 2 billion pounds of raw milk annually.
Additionally, Did you know that Florida's beef cattle are sent all over the world to start other herds?