May 2019
The Professional Development & Resource Center (PD&RC) Pride is a monthly email communication celebrating the work facilitated by BT BOCES PD&RC to advance teaching and learning. This will also be an opportunity to highlight resources available for loan as well as upcoming regional events. We hope you find this communication helpful and welcome your feedback.  
Seal of Biliteracy Presentation Day
On Monday, April 29 th , Broome-Tioga BOCES hosted the region’s first annual Seal of Biliteracy Presentation day. The day was organized and facilitated by the Professional Development & Resource Center team in collaboration with five component districts (Chenango Forks, Chenango Valley, Johnson City, Union-Endicott, and Vestal) and the Mid-State Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network (RBERN).

Students from the participating districts prepared throughout the year by researching on a topic of their choice and creating a presentation in their target language. The presentations were the last component needed for them to demonstrate proficiency in a second language for them to earn the Seal of Biliteracy on their diploma. On the presentation day, students presented to a panel of evaluators and then answered questions from the panel in the target language. Twenty-seven students from around the region successfully earned the seal as a result of their hard work throughout the year.

Seal of Biliteracy Recipients by District (Target Languages):

  • Chenango Forks - 8 (Spanish, French, German)
  • Chenango Valley - 2 (Spanish, French, Mandarin)
  • Johnson City - 4 (Spanish, English)
  • Union-Endicott - 6 (Italian)
  • Vestal - 7 (French, Spanish, Polish, Mandarin, Russian, Turkish, Kurdish, Punjabi, Hindi)

Congratulations to the participating students, teachers, and districts!
Algebra II Regional Collaboration
On May 1st regional math specialist, Cody Osterhout , joined 13 teachers for the 3rd and final session for this year’s Algebra II Collaboration series. The day began with a review of the things they have done in the Algebra II Regional Collaboration thus far. These activities include Data Discussions, Which One Doesn’t Belong?, Would You Rather?, and Open-Middle.

Participants also contributed to the Regional Algebra II Materials Padlet. This Padlet provides teachers with the opportunity to share and view resources from other teachers in the area, so they can see what great things are being done! During this session, teachers presented strategies from the Padlet to the group so that they could explain their thinking around each resource. This lead to a group discussion, where each teacher had the opportunity to share how they structure their Regents Review, sharing any resources/strategies they wanted to highlight for the group.

Also during this session, teachers stepped into the shoes of students when we were working on Breakout Boxes. Teachers first did a breakout, and then brainstormed ways they could incorporate these into their classroom and Regents Review.

If you didn’t have an opportunity to participate in the sessions this year, consider joining the group next year for two awesome sessions!
Math Leadership Team Meetings
On May 9th regional math specialist, Paul Volkert , joined math leaders from around the region for the 3rd and final math leadership team meeting of the year. The day started out with an overview of BrainPop by library media specialist Alicia Sherman . Alicia took the group on a virtual tour of BrainPop enhancements and led a discussion on how this resource could be effectively used in the math classroom.

Following the Media Services presentation, the leadership team reviewed the recently released NYSED unpacking documents for the Next Generation Math Standards and developed a rough outline of possible work for the leadership team in the future. This led to a discussion of possible regional professional development opportunities for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. 

Also during this session, the group reviewed strategies that were shared throughout the year including virtual manipulatives for use, 3 Act Tasks, Estimation 180, Which One Doesn’t Belong?, and Would You Rather? Following this review, the group began developing supports for classroom and regional use. Some of these supports were text-to-speech audio files for the application problems in the Eureka math modules, a hyperlinked trend analysis for the NYS released state math test items, and aligning fluency games to grade level topics.

If your district didn’t have the opportunity to participate in this year’s math leadership team sessions, consider joining the group next year!
Jamstik+ Smart Guitar
The Next Generation of Guitar.
At just over 16 inches long, with real strings and frets, the Jamstik+ is the most portable and popular option of the Jamstik product line. It easily connects over Bluetooth which allows you to and practice and play wherever you are.
The Jamstik+ is a MIDI controller, which means it can sound like almost any instrument you can think of. Compatible with 100s of apps including GarageBand, Loopy, SampleTank, Ableton Live, and more you can create virtually any sound you can think of.
Not an experienced guitar player? With the JamTutor app you can ‘play to learn’. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac & select Android devices. If you need a device, you can borrow an iPad from the media library by clicking here
We have two Jamstiks in our media library catalog and they are available for you to borrow. Click here to reserve one today.
As always, please contact Kristina Garcia at if you need assistance ordering any of our Media Library Resources. 
Arts-In-Education provides cooperative performance scheduling of professional artists in the areas of dance, media arts, music, theater and the visual arts for component school districts. Performances occur in participating schools or at a performing arts center. Residencies in the arts are an integral part of this service and can be custom designed to fit district curriculum needs. All performances serve to enhance the regular curriculum and to integrate the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts.

Basin Street Jazz Band captures the essence of American Jazz from its early roots to the Roaring 20s to today’s New Orleans Jazz.  

Programs include:

Meets NYS Arts Standard:
 Music: Creating, Connecting, Performing, Responding

 The Grenadiers Alumni Drum Line is made up of 4-8 performers with a wealth of experience and expertise in percussion performance, composition, and instruction.  

Programs include:

Clinic / Demonstration [Grades K-12]

Concert Performance [Grades K-12]

Meets NYS Arts Standards:
Music: Creating, Connecting, Performing, Responding
Theatre: Performing

For more information,
please select  links  above, view the Arts-In-Education website  HERE ,
or contact Kathy Harasta at .
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