June 2019 PPAC Newsletter

Choose for yourselves this day
whom you will serve . . .
But as for me and my house,
we will serve the Lord."
Joshua 24:15

In the pursuit of sounding profound, we often needlessly complicate that which is supposed to be clear. This month's Pastor's Corner is about making things as clear as possible, and serving as a reminder of the most important thing (in case anyone needed the reminder). And I figured that it would be best to do it with God's Word rather than my words...so here goes:

" For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3:16, NKJV)

Pr. Michael Taylor
The Future of PPAC
Goal: $250K 2019! FOR OUR GROWING CHURCH! ($50,000 raised in 3 months)
(Notice some of the growth depicted in this picture!!!)
Thanks for your generosity in considering Cornerstone! February - April receipts bring us to nearly $50,000 toward our goal with more pledged. The lofty goal is possible and we have placed our faith in the One who generously blesses us. 

We have had several consecutive weeks where the sanctuary has been filled to overflowing. To really be a CHURCH OF REFUGE, we need space to welcome those seeking a new relationship with God and fellow Christians. God has a special plan for PPAC; here are some of the plans:
  • Fellowship Space
  • Additional Sabbath School Classrooms
  • An Elevator
  • Enlarged Foyer
  • Additional Seating/space in the Sanctuary

The current goal of $250,000 in 2019 will give PPAC a start on realizing the dream of expansion as further fundraising will continue, including eventually petitioning a matching loan from the conference. A team of architects is working on the preliminary plans, which will be part of the August 2019 Business Meeting agenda. Pledge forms are available on the table in the foyer or you may simply let Tony Belcher or Chris Randall know of your plans.
Being a member of the Nominating Committee is a daunting task. The committee meets frequently to discuss vacancies and needs in various ministries: Sabbath School teachers and leaders; leaders for Pathfinders, Adventurers, Women's Ministries, Men's Ministries, Youth Ministries, Family Ministries, Health Ministries, Religious Liberty, Education, Master Planning and Personal Ministries; elders, deacons, deaconesses and committee members; skilled volunteers who can manage audio-visual, communications, finances and treasury; caring people who can lead out in member care, social committee, Community Services, CROP walk, visitation, and parish planning; and much more. Although the goal was to have a first draft to the church by June 1, phone calls are still underway recruiting volunteers. Pray for the Nominating Committee, their selections and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The 2019 Committee members: Barb Carpenter, Heidi Griggs, Maribeth Henry, John Khillah, Gwyne Kramer, Kerry Mattson, Barb Randall, Geetha Selvadas, and Pr. Taylor, chair of the Nominating Commmittee.
IT ISN'T TOO LATE!! Some Jesus in Jeans projects are still available. Contact Pauletta to take a task and improve someone's life!
More Resources:
Random Acts of Kindness: https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/
Be the Sermon (SDA Global Youth):   https://www.globalyouthday.org/
CONTACT ANNDREA TAYLOR OR BROOKE CARNEY to volunteer for Vacation Bible School, July 22-27. Spaces available with crafts, games, snacks, lessons, drama, music, registration and leading groups. It will be the best week of your summer!!! Step up NOW!
The Incredible Race
JULY 22 - 27
6:00 - 8:30 P.M.

VBS 2019 will focus on the first 11 chapters of Genesis, particularly looking at the Tower of Babel. Children will discover that, no matter where we live, what shade of skin we have, or what language we speak, we are all part of the same race— the human race —and all part of the same family from Adam and Eve.

As we examine the events surrounding the tower of Babel, kids will learn that God is calling people from every tribe and nation through Jesus, the Savior of the world. He wants us to share this good news in kindness and love with our neighbors nearby and far away.

Join The Incredible Race and experience God's love for every tribe, language, and nation!
July 12-14, 2019
Even if you aren't planning to spend the entire weekend, you can still come to the campout. The Double R Ranch in Belding is about 90 minutes from Paw Paw. Come for Sabbath and enjoy nature with your church family.
If you are planning on coming for the day, Please click here to register or contact Mona or Joe Sarcona to let them know you will be there. The meal crew needs to know how to plan for Saturday night supper. The Sabbath canoers will be on the river during lunch, so you may want to bring a sack lunch if you don't plan to paddle.
Hopefully the planting is done for the United Christian Services Community Garden , and we are pretty sure there has been enough rain to give the plants a good start, but the real work is ahead.

Allison reports, "Last year the garden was not a great success, but this year we have managed to make connections with the farming community who has provided a free delivery of compost for us, we have found some friends who have plowed and rototilled for us and we have purchased some deer fencing to help control THAT problem. The students at the VBISD have already been planting garlic, potatoes and herbs, and we are excited about our successful collaboration!"

IT ISN'T TOO LATE TO GET INVOLVED. The major work is yet to come.
  • Volunteers to
  • Regularly weed, tend, rototill
  • Help harvest the vegetables, which will be distributed to people in need through The Porch.
  • A totally reliable person or two to supervise Community Service hours, one or two nights a week starting mid-June.
  • In exchange for hours work in the garden, and by providing community service hours, anyone who helps will be able to benefit from produce grown in the garden.

If you can or know people who can help with ANYTHING, please call the UCS office, 269.415.0767 or email alison.ucs@gmail.com . Or contact our own Jim Vetesse, who has been a major helper for this project.
Our monthly challenges from Health Ministries
By Lorena Newkirk
June's challenge : STRETCH: Choose Stretching Over Stressing

  • Improve your flexibility, which decreases as we age
  • Increase your range of motion, helping your joints move through the full ranges of motion, decreasing risk of injury
  • Improve your performance in physical activities - exercise, tennis, golf
  • Increase blood flow to your muscles; decrease muscle soreness, shorten recovery time
  • Improve posture
  • Help with healing and preventing back pain; tight muscles can place extra load on the joints, including the spinal joints, which can lead to injury or prevent recovery.
  • Stress relief; focus on your neck and shoulders, which are common areas for physical and emotional stress build up.
  • TIPS:
  • You can stretch any time of day. In the morning , at work, or before bed time
  • Aim for 5-10 min daily
Hold the stretch to 30 seconds and avoid bouncing

STEP SIX: (June's Challenge) : STRETCH for 5-10 minutes every day!




MICHIGAN CAMPMEETING IS SCHEDULED FOR JUNE 14-22. PPAC will be open both Sabbaths and we welcome your attendance if you are unable to make the trip to Cedar Lake. However, spending time with thousands who are awaiting the return of Jesus is a privilege you may not want to miss. Click here for more information
The Harvesters were busy in May! Investiture and Pathfinder Sabbath were celebrated on May 11 and the annual Michigan Pathfinder Fair was the following weekend at Camp AuSable. Unfortunately, the Pathfinder Fair was rudely interrupted by Mother Nature, so the Sunday events were canceled.

The fundraising for Oshkosh continues - pick up your pledge on the bulletin board in the foyer. the 2019 World Camporee is just over 2 months away.

Check out their Facebook site for more pictures. https://www.facebook.com/PPACHarvesters/

Check out the Michigan Pathfinders site for information about activities and preparation for the summer Oshkosh trip: https://www.facebook.com/michiganpathfinders/
April 2019
By Chris Randall, Treasury Chair
Take a careful look at the Treasurer's Report each month - and prayerfully consider your family's contributions. PPAC has been trending behind recently, so this section is worth your attention.
Treasurers' Report for APRIL 2019. Here are some items of interest:
  • Tithe was $29,095 for the month. This results in a fiscal year total that is 16.0% behind the previous year. Remember that 100% of Tithe is remitted directly to the Michigan Conference and represents nearly 60% of our receipts for the year.
  • Income / giving to Church Budget was $19,212 for the month. We can celebrate that this is $4,549 above our monthly goal of $14,663! However, we are still $5,878 (5.0%) behind our YTD goal and 6.1% behind the previous YTD.
  • Cornerstone (capital / building projects) received $20,657 in April. This brings the total since our "Vision 2019" meeting to $49,902 toward the initial $250,000 goal. The number of those pledging and/or systematically giving toward this project is gaining momentum.
  • The PPSDA Promise (education endowment) investment account has a current value of $159,825 with an additional $5,181 in the PPAC trust account.
  • Our reserves continue to be healthy and earning interest in the Revolving Fund at the Lake Union Conference. In total our cash on hand, general operating reserve, and capital replacement reserve has increased 8.3% comparing 4/30/19 to 4/30/18.
  • Roughly 85% of our giving (dollar value) is now coming via the web. This is certainly easier for Deacons and Treasurers as it reduces time for counting, possibility for error, and ultimately time and travel to the bank. If you haven't yet tried online giving please give it a try! Look for "Adventist Giving" in your phone's app store, go to https://adventistgiving.org/#/org/ANFFT1/envelope/start, or visit http://www.pawpaw.church/  and click on Members to find the tab for giving.  
Thank you (insert your picture here) to everyone who volunteered to lead, teach, clean up, help others, cook, mow, landscape, shovel snow, serve, wash, sing, preach, organize, give, meet, build, tear down, appeal, share Jesus, run a group, chair or serve on a committee, find helpers, count money, work with the community, hold a hand, visit someone, write, lead music, play an instrument, fix something, drive a ministry, and so much more!
Bring a picnic lunch,
your walking shoes
or bike
to Bicentennial Park
(910 E Milham, Portage) 
after church on
Sabbath, June 8. 

Enjoy an afternoon of fellowship,
sunshine (hopefully) and exercise. 
Hosts: Patrick Herzog and Heidi Griggs,
Janelle and Chris Randall.
Lynn Mukwada graduated from Great Lakes Adventist Academy over Memorial Day weekend. As most who move on from high school, she admits she will miss her friends and campus life. However, also to be expected, she's happy to be finished with especially some classes.

Lynn will begin pursuing a major in political science at Michigan State in the fall, with eventual plans that include law school. Her love of learning makes her grateful for her academic background from GLAA. But she says one of the biggest things she learned was to interact with all kinds of people, with the wonderful outcome of making friends in unexpected places.

She credits her parents with being her biggest motivators and is grateful they kept her going even when she got really tired of school. She remembers times when school was really stressful, but she was able to talk to others and find strength through different Bible verses. Lynn has discovered the secret formula, "I am never on my own, God is always there beside me."
Hannah Walsh graduates from Lakeshore High School on June 2. Like Lynn, she is going to miss seeing her friends everyday. The LHS band is well known as one of the best in the state and Hannah admits she is going to miss marching band. Is it bragging when she notes that her class was the first class to win state for marching band four years in a row? Through the band, she was able to travel to Hawaii to perform in the parade for the 76th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and visit the USS Arizona Memorial.

She says her favorite part of high school was making new friends every year. Hannah claims she won’t miss having to wake up at 6:30 every morning for school. This summer she is following in the footsteps of older sister, Jordyn, by working at Warren Dunes. Lake Michigan College is making her schedule for the fall, where she plans to get great grades and avoid stress. Good luck with that! We will be praying for you, Hannah.
Daniel Guilbee, Zoraya Cunat's younger son has also graduated from college, Michigan State University, to be specific. Daniel spent all four years as a Spartan with a final dream of entering medical school and becoming a physician.

He worked various jobs along the way (many of us have Cutco knives in our drawers, proving he is an extraordinary salesman).

Unlike Gabe, who is immediately entering the world of work, Daniel will be continuing in school. He is applying to a special masters program in cellular and molecular physiology and working on my medical school resume along the way.

He simply quips, "Same story, just the next chapter I suppose."

We will be praying for you, Daniel, as you continue to pursue your dream. God has great plans for you.
Gabriel (Gabe) Guilbee has graduated from Grand Valley Statue University with a major in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Business.

He will be spending the summer working as a Web Developer Intern at Goad Technical Solutions in Grand Rapids. Earlier this spring Gabe accepted a position at Dynatrace and will be joining their team in September at their headquarters in Detroit as a Consultant/Product Specialist. Way to go, Gabe!

He says he is grateful for the relationships he has developed over the years. He says he has been fortunate enough to have a unique set experiences through athletics, transferring schools from EMU to GVSU and being able to stay close to home. The memories and knowledge gained from both inside and outside the classroom, on and off the field will last a life time.

Gabe says he won’t miss the late nights of studying, writing research papers, cramming for finals and freezing 5 am winter workouts & conditioning. Throughout his college career he has faced adversity and having a close relationship with God has given him the strength, wisdom and courage to grow and learn from his mistakes and new challenges. Gabe says he would like to thank God, his mother (Zoraya Cunat) and father who have been there for him, and his extended family, friends and coaches.
PPAC loved having Ryan McCollum as a student pastor. Ryan graduated with his Masters in Divinity from Andrews Seminary the first Sunday of May. He is currently assisting with an evangelistic campaign in Waukegan, IL “Experiencing Hope,” en-route to his new Church in Tyler Texas, where he will begin serving as the Associate Pastor on June 16.. Ryan brings military experience and chaplaincy passion to his ministry. He believes God has placed him in ministry to build relationships with people, one on one. He also credits the organization and systems work in the military as helpful as he considers the administrative side.

Ryan claims the best part of seminary was developing and applying the skills he received in Languages, Bible Study, and Pastoral Counseling. The Field School was a major blessing, as he had opportunities to actually work with people and put some of those skills to real world use.

He would like to thank all those who took him in and made him feel welcomed at Paw Paw, especially the Sarcona family, the Westrates, and Chuck and Barb Randall. There are many more at Paw Paw he will miss; he says he can only hope and trust they know who they are!

Ryan and Kojo and all of our TFE pastors need our daily prayers.
Kojo Twumasi graduated with his MDIV and is currently the associate pastor at Clifton SDA church in Cincinnati Ohio. It comes as no surprise when he says he is loving it. The best parts of seminary for Kojo included interning at PPAC, building awesome friendships and going to Australia for an amazing internship. He claims he will not miss the busy work of seminary, the tests and quizzes, and the cold winters!

Kojo has an Academy Award list of thank yous: Mona for mothering him so he could graduate on time and introducing him to his Paw Paw family, God and his son Jesus for calling him and seeing him through and giving him a place in ministry, the Ohio conference for taking a chance on him, Professor Tom Evans for mentoring him, other professors for challenging him, and his Ghanaian family for feeding him, He gives a special shoutout to PTay for inviting him for TFE in Paw Paw!

As we would expect, Kojo talks about his Big Picture Dreams, "I dream of growing healthy churches into dynamic organisms that impact their communities. I dream of expanding my non-profit Mission Driven Purpose to a place where we are impacting lives in significant ways around the globe through community development, holistic empowerment, and pioneering Evangelism."
Prescott Khair is another MDiv graduate from the Seminary. He actually finished his classes in December and is currently pastoring Bowling Green and Glasgow SDA Churches in Kentucky. All pastors need our prayers all of the time. We are pretty sure that the job is overwhelming, especially at the beginning, so stay on your knees for them.

Prescott says the best part of the Seminary was making great connections with classmates from all over the world. We know both he and Korissa love the international life. He wont miss being poor and attending classes non-stop.

Korissa says he would like to thank his wife (still fun to say that since they just celebrated anniversary #1) and both of their families, all the good friends, and Paw Paw church family! God continues to lead him, teaching him patience and that we all need Jesus more and more.
Dr. Micole Dyson received her Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership for K-12 from Western Michigan University. Just saying Dr. Dyson sounds good!!

She says she enjoyed attending Tuesday evening dissertation writing sessions, in spite of the fact that they were all researching different subjects. She will miss the sense of community as they were all in "the struggle" together! Mostly, she is happy to regain all of the time that she spent away from her family taking classes, studying, and writing!

When asked what she learned, Dr. Dyson said she is mindful of the importance of learning. "No matter our age, or degrees attained, we will learn throughout eternity as we live with God in Heaven. The scripture tells us, 'Who can know the mind of God,' Romans 11:31."

Her thank you list always begins with God, our Maker, Creator, and Friend. She says she is also thankful for the "love of my life" Pledo Rodney James Dyson Sr. for his love and continuous support, her children, parents and siblings. She expresses thanks to her Paw Paw Church family for embracing her family, The Dyson's, into this body of Christ!

Micole quips, "When I grow up, I want to be a professor." But then the joking ceases when she says, "Seriously, I am enjoying working as a principal in Kalamazoo Public Schools and will remain in leadership positions as the Lord provides."

We ponder her last thought, "All wisdom comes from the Lord," Proverbs 2:6 Because He is the giver of wisdom, we should all continue to ask God for wisdom each day.
Martha Mukwada is excited to be holding her Nurse Practitioner certified next to her big grin! A lot of work is rewarded with a very valuable piece of paper!

Martha studied with Chamberlain University and graduated on March 2nd 2019. She took the NP board exam on April 25 and is excited to report that she passed! Thank the Lord! We don't find this surprising and rejoice with her.

Her plans are to find a job in a family practice clinic or an urgent care clinic. At this point, she is praying for God’s leading.

Martha reports that the best part of the training was being able to put the theory part of my learning into practice while she did her clinical rotations. She definitely won’t miss the long papers and sleepless nights.

As a grateful person, she would like to thank her husband and kids for their support in this journey. Jasper went beyond the usual husband requirements to be the professional editor, proofreading most of her papers. Brandon helped with a second life assignment that only a videogamer could do well. Lynn pitched in by cooking and cleaning the house when mom couldn’t was buried in books. She says she will be forever grateful for all their support.

Her thanks extends to her church family and to the Junior Sabbath School teaching team who were always willing to switch with her when she needed to be away. She asks that God richly blesses all of us.

We are proud of you, Martha, and know God has great things in store as you put your new knowledge to use for Him.
Noel and Matthew making special music very special!
Master Craftsman, Joe Sarcona, making the Pathfinder trailer worth a million!
The Children's Choir sang an amazing song on May 25, accompanied by Kaden Kramer on the piano, Caleb Dyson on violin, and Tony Belcher, directed by Maribeth Henry and Micole Dyson.
Gobles Junior Academy treated us to a musical worship service on May 4.
So good to see our PPAC students using their God-given talents.
Thanks to Dan Bledsaw and others for the beautiful Pathfinder trailer - ready for Oshkosh!
Rubber gloves - cleaners extraordinaire!
Never too young to help with church projects!
Getting the job done!!
Signs of the End of Time
During the first quarter of the year, when our world-church was studying the book of Revelation, the church newsletter included a series of segments under the title “The Book of Revelation.” With that study behind us, upcoming segments on Bible prophecy and religious liberty will fall under the title “Points to Ponder.” I like the word “ponder”: it means, “to think about something carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.”
As I contemplate the scene in Matthew 24—where Jesus is speaking to His disciples about the coming destruction of Jerusalem’s temple, and the signs of the end—I can envision them lying on the hillside as they ponder over Jesus’ words. Notice, Jesus didn’t give them a quiz when He was finished; He simply added to their understanding. Though we have finished our brief study of Revelation, we too can be adding to our understanding of the end-times through readings on Daniel and Matthew 24, and the Great Controversy, by Ellen G. White. If you would like additional study materials on these or other topics, feel free to ask Pastor Taylor or Jim Merrills (Personal Ministries).      
J une 1: Pastor Taylor
June 5: Fab 50's, Fireside Room, 11:45
June 8: Picnic in the Park, Centennial Park, after church
June 14-22: Michigan Campmeeting
June 15: Celebrate Father's Day at PPAC - and share a treat to honor the 25th Anniversary of Jim and Karen Vettese
June 17: (No Board Meeting because of Campmeeting)
  • Dave, Kathy and Amy Hill - Amy is home!
  • Donelle and Caleb O'Connor - Health Challenges and thank you prayers
  • Nancy Boothby - Health challenges, 3060 9th St, Kalamazoo, MI 49009
  • Anita Ashton - Send a card or come and visit! 6600 Constitution Blvd, Unit 8, Portage, MI, 49024
  • The Bermingham Family - Jim's mother, Emilie, passed away on May 29.
  • David Scofield - Health Challenges, 10640 Paw Paw Lake Dr, Paw Paw, MI 49079
  • Becky Lynn, Karl and James Driskel - Karl continues to experience significant health issues
  • Mary Kay Bever, 4220 Leisure Lane, Apt E435, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
  • Lewis and Ardyth Owen, 6154 Valley Drive, Paw Paw 49079
Don't miss anything that might be going on - even if you aren't there, you can be there! 

Check out the Facebook page, which has very frequent updates, videos, pictures, and other posts.   https://www.facebook.com/pawpawsda

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