The mission statement of The Samaritan Counseling Center is as follows:  To provide professional therapeutic counseling and educational services to all God’s people seeking wholeness through emotional and spiritual growth

There are currently 15 Samaritan Counseling Centers located throughout southeast Michigan (the most recent addition is at Cass Community Services in downtown Detroit).  The centers provide faith-based counseling and are staffed with trained psychologists and therapists. 

Along with private counseling, the centers also host marriage counseling workshops throughout the year as well as private marriage counseling sessions. Last year, the Samaritan Counseling Centers supported 701 active clients, providing 7,859 hours of therapy. Additionally, there were 25 couples that participated in the Preparation for Marriage workshop.

Samaritan Counseling is able to provide these faith-based counseling services because of their Client Assistance Fund (CAF).  This fund allows the centers to provide services on a sliding fee based on income.  Additionally, Samaritan Counseling not only accepts traditional insurance coverage, they also accept Medicaid coverage.

This past year, while Samaritan Counseling Center provided over 7,000 hours of counseling services, also found that many more people were asking for help from our Client Assistance Fund. The Client Assistance Fund, or CAF, makes high-quality therapeutic care accessible for clients who would otherwise not be able to afford it. The CAF is fully funded by private contributors and SCC fundraising. The CAF has a finite amount of money and is based solely on donations received.  When the funding runs out it is done for the year. Unfortunately last year the CAF ran out of funding a couple months before the end of the year, so Samaritan counseling was unable to offer financial assistance to any clients until it replenished in January of 2019.

To ensure all who require financial assistance are able to receive counseling and therapy, please consider supporting the May Mission of the month, Samaritan Counseling. With our assistance, we can help to make sure the Client Assistance Fund does not run out of funding in 2019. For further information on their mission and services, please visit their website: