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Together we can birth a different world
Lay missioners labor for justice from the other side of 'the wall'
As the U.S. has announced a plan to stop aid to El Salvador , Honduras and Guatemala, Maryknoll lay missioners like Larry Parr continue to work to address the root causes of emigration.

Together with community members and with the support of Maryknoll Lay Missioners and a local community foundation, Larry has created a variety of programs designed to provide safe spaces and alternatives for young people so they can become educated, stay out of gangs and develop into leaders and role models for their community.

Larry’s youth program in the rural town of Las Delicias provides tutoring and mentoring as well as scholarships both for high school and for university students. Just as important are community projects such as the community library (see photo above), which hosts many activities, including sports, arts and community improvement programs. The most popular is a soccer program called Playing for Peace , which provides a safe place for young people from ages 6 to 21 to play soccer and participate in tournaments. 

Ted's Talk

Dear friends,

As we celebrate this month of Mary and Mother’s Day , I am reminded that women comprise nearly 70 percent of the world’s poorest people and bear the heaviest burdens; yet, it is the courage and resilience of women that often keep families and communities intact through challenges of poverty, natural disaster and conflict.

Throughout time, women have questioned and shaken up the "way of the world" and have worked to birth a different world. Mary’s “Yes!” to God's unique invitation to love – her faith and selfless participation in God’s mission – points us to the way of discipleship, helping us to see that we too can be Christ-bearers. The women who first saw and chose to share the good news of the resurrection teach us to give witness to the truth of love and mercy. Women today continue to offer unique insights, experiences, and responses that break through the invisibility of poverty, brokenness, inequality and despair, and teach us to stand for justice and in solidarity amidst such realities.   
In this month of Mary, let us join our lay missioners in saying “Yes!” – to raising awareness, providing education, and implementing solutions so that there is equity for all of God’s people. Like so many extraordinary women around the world whose love speaks the Word of God and nurtures seeds of hope and new life in their families and communities, may we too give of ourselves to others through unrestrained love.

Peace and every good!
Ted Miles
Executive Director
That's what friends are for
When people ask Kathleen Maynard , “What is Maryknoll all about?”, she points to friendship and formation as the two pillars of being a Maryknoll lay missioner. Toge ther with her husband, Marcelo, and their three daughters, Cecilia, Maëlle and Lucia, Kathleen serves in São Paulo, Brazil.

She explains, "I find that forming friendships with people who are dif ferent from me has broadened my perspective in profound ways. Maryknoll has led me into countless opportunities to connect with people who have backgrounds and life experiences different from my own." Read her reflection on friendship on our website.
¡Bien hecho! Bem feito!
A mission well done!
This month we are hosting our Mission Integration Program (MIP) for the class of 2015. We are welcoming back Sonny and Hong Nguyen , who for the past three and a half years have been serving in Bolivia , and Claire Stewart and Marilyn Kott , who have been serving in Brazil .

MIP is a time for the participants to share mission stories with their Orientation classmates and the Maryknoll Lay Missioners staff, as well as prepare for re-entry back to the U.S. or return to mission.   

This year's MIP will run from May 11 to 22. It will begin with a retreat and conclude with a Blessing and Recommitment celebration.

We are delighted that Claire Stewart will be returning to mission in Brazil. And we are grateful to Sonny and Hong Nguyen and Marilyn Kott for their three and a half years of service with Maryknoll Lay Missioners and wish them many blessings for the next stage in their life and mission journey.  

A mother's love:
Nurturing seeds of hope

At HOPE (Helping Orphans Pursue Education) Project in Mombasa, Kenya , Coralis Salvador helps children from families affected by HIV/AIDS to attend school by providing their uniforms, school supplies, and supporting their families with food and in many other ways.

Are you feeling called to global mission?
Join us for our
  Discernment Retreat
July 26-28
at Maryknoll House in Chicago
This retreat is open to all considering a call to serve —
whether as a lay person, a sister, a priest or a brother.
For more information, to REGISTER or to learn more about the opportunities for mission as a Maryknoll lay missioner,
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Our next webinar on the process of becoming a Maryknoll lay missioner is on

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Friends Across Borders
Immersion Program

Come travel with us and see what life is really like in communities where Maryknoll lay missioners are living out their faith and helping to create a more just and compassionate world.
Sign up NOW for one of these trips this year:

August 7 – 17, 2019: BOLIVIA
Deadline for signups: June 7, 2019

August 10 – 20, 2019: CAMBODIA , with Just Faith Ministries
Deadline for signups: June 10, 2019

August 13 – 25, 2019: TANZANIA, with Just Faith Ministries
Deadline for signups: June 13, 2019

October 17 28, 2019: KENYA ,
Deadline for signups: July 17, 2019

November 29 – Dec. 8, 2019: EL SALVADOR, with Just Faith Ministries
Deadline for signups: August 29, 2019

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