MAY 2019
Victoria Day Hours for our Municipal Service Centres
The Service Centres located in Upper Nappan, Springhill and Parrsboro, which provide the functions of tax and water billing and collection, building permits, zoning, etc. will be closed on Monday, May 20, 2019 to recognize Victoria Day. All three office locations will re-open on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 8:30 a.m.

Our Community Centre and Public Works Departments will be staffed during the above mentioned dates and times.
May Council sessions were held on May 1st and May 15th

The first Council session in June will be held on June 5th and and will deal with business issues.  The second Council meeting in June will take place on June 19th and will see discussion on our programs and services and strategic priorities.  Both Council sessions begin at 6 p.m.

The Municipality of the County of Cumberland has approved its 2019/2020 operations budget in the amount of $30.41 million and its 2019/2020 capital budget in the amount of $7.6 million. Council's approved 5 Year Capital Investment Plan totals approximately $16.4 million.

Council approved a 2¢ tax rate increase for all property owners, residential and commercial.   Residents of Parrsboro will see an additional 2¢ increase to cover costs of streets and sidewalk maintenance. Sewer rates for rural users increased to cover operations and Parrsboro sewer rates increased to cover operations and for costs associated with the new system.

"The 2019/2020 operations budget now includes approximately $550,000 from general taxes to increase our reserve funds, moving them toward the standard recommended by the Province. Reserve funds are an important component of achieving financial sustainability," stated Al Gillis, Warden

The current budget maintains all existing programs and services. "Council has done considerable work on its financial sustainability including a review of solid waste management, police services, fire protection services, the size of council, conversion to LED streetlights and other programs with the objective of reducing costs and being financially sustainable well into the future," said Gillis.

Tax Bills will be mailed May 31, 2019
with a due date of June 30, 2019.

Municipality of Cumberland Low Income Tax Exemption Policy
The Municipality of Cumberland Income Exemption provides assistance to homeowners to help pay their residential property taxes. Qualified applicants will receive a credit which is applied directly to their tax account.

To Qualify
  • The ratepayer must own and occupy the assessed property as their principal residence
  • Annual income from all sources for the 2018 calendar year for all household members must be equal to or less than $21,275
  • The Municipality requires a copy of the prior year's Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment for all household members prior to approving an application
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Pugwash Water System Update (May 8, 2019)
In our last update we advised that during the commissioning process operators had become concerned with the reliability of the chlorine injection system and that a replacement chlorine skid was ordered, under warranty, by the supplier.  This equipment has arrived, is installed and has been commissioned.

You may have noticed municipal employees around the village in the last few days as flushing the lines of the water system has been taking place.  Due to the flushing, you may notice water on your lawns, driveways, etc. The flushing is one of the last steps prior to taking the water system LIVE!

The next update you receive will contain information and instructions regarding connecting to the water system! 

Our staff and contractors want to thank all the residents for their patience as they worked toward the completion of providing safe, potable water to the residents of Pugwash and surrounding areas.
Find more information on Learn 2 Lead workshop offerings
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You can also learn more by contacting any of the partners listed above.
Join us on June 13th!
We are thrilled to announce that we are hosting the Municipality of the County of Cumberland's first ever Pride event in Springhill on June 13th!! (4:00-7:00pm)
This event will be a fun-filled, family event with a BBQ, a colour party, music, and more!
Keep your eyes on the Cumberland Pride Facebook page, and our Springhill Recreation Department Facebook page for more details. Event details will also be shared in the June newsletter.
Bike Week will be in early June

If you are interested in hosting a Bike Week event in your community, please contact Vicki Weaver at (902) 667-6367 or via email at

Check your mailbox!
Check your mailbox for an opportunity to participate in the Nova Scotia Quality of Life Survey. By filling it out, you will help ensure a unique Quality of Life Report is created for the Cumberland region! It will also ensure the issues most important to the health and happiness of you and your family receive closer attention. 

By completing the survey you will have the opportunity to enter for a chance to win 1 of 25 Sobeys gift cards (value $400 each!) This is a first-of-its-kind survey for Nova Scotia. This initiative is being led by Engage Nova Scotia with the support of Nova Scotia Community College and a Local Leadership Team for the Cumberland region. 
This is Lester's 15th year working for the Municipality, or former town of Springhill. Lester has been at the Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Centre since its opening in 2004 and he was previously on staff at the old Springhill arena in 1998. Lester is the Lead Hand for our maintenance staff, supervising up to 6 maintenance employees and various other seasonal staff.

Select your wording carefully. Most people scan their emails very quickly. Keep your paragraphs to seven lines or less. If you have more information, include a link to your website where your readers can get further details.

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Community ACCESS-Ability Program
The Community ACCESS-Ability Program reflects the Government of Nova Scotia's commitment to persons with disabilities by providing equal opportunity and improved access to community facilities. This program offers cost-shared grants to community groups for accessibility related capital improvements.

The grants may cover up to two-thirds of the direct and indirect costs of renovations, installations, and/or equipment. The sponsoring organization must raise at least one-third of the funding from other sources. Organizations can receive funding for one project per year under the program.

Who can apply?
  • Registered non-profit society/cooperative in good standing
  • Federally incorporated non-profit organization
  • Nova Scotian Mi'kmaw Band Councils
  • Municipalities
Application Deadline: May 20th
Community Food Literacy and Access Fund
The NS Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage offers the Community Food Literacy and Access Fund, which supports food literacy initiatives that help older adults share food and nutrition skills and knowledge with younger generations. It also supports programs that improve access to affordable, healthy food for vulnerable older adults.

The Community Food Literacy and Access Fund supports 2 kinds of projects:
  • intergenerational food literacy projects that help older adults share and develop food and nutrition skills and knowledge (like growing, preparing and preserving food) with younger generations.
  • projects that improve access to affordable healthy food for older adults (or for older adults and people from other generations) in a sustainable way
These initiatives support aging in place by helping older adults stay connected to community life and by improving access to affordable, healthy food and nutritional information.

Application Deadline: May 21, 2019

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Community Development Grant
The Department of Communities Culture and Heritage Community Development Grant program will accept applications beginning on April 1, 2019.

This grant is designed to support activities and initiatives which respond to the recreation and physical activity goals and priorities of communities and the Shared Strategy for Recreation in Nova Scotia: Active Living, Inclusion and Access, Connecting People and Nature, Supportive Environments, and Capacity Development.

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Options for Businesses and Non-Profits to Complete Energy Upgrades
Small Business Energy Solutions   - we can cover up to 60% of the project cost with rebates and, if you are a Nova Scotia Power customer, you can choose to pay your portion as up to 24-interest free payments on your power bill, subject to Nova Scotia Power credit approval.
To get started, simply follow the steps outlines on our website or check out our handy rebate navigator tool.
Business Energy Rebates - mail-in or in-store rebates for many energy efficient products. The rebates are fixed amounts that cannot exceed more than 50% of your product cost or you can opt to finance your upgrades in place of rebates. Financing is offered by NS Power for 24 months, interest free and subject to credit approval. For example, most lighting products can be purchased from a local distributor and receive an in-store rebate. You can find the applications on our website.

In both of these services we offer rebates on upgrades like:
  • Lighting
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Laundry Equipment
  • HVAC
  • Hot Water Heating
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Compressed Air
  • Motors and Variable Speed Drives
  • Agriculture Technology
  • Pumping Technology
If the non-profit is an existing one, they've been at their current facility for a year or more and use less than 350,000 kWh/year of electricity it is suggested that they look into the Small Business Energy Solutions program. 
Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification
NSCC is now offering The Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) Accessibility Assessor Training. Become an RHFAC professional and work to improve the accessibility of the built environment for people with disabilities. Bursaries for up to half the cost of the program are available to Nova Scotia residents. 

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Warden Al Gillis proclaimed May as Lyme Disease Awareness month
"While the risk of Lyme disease remains low in Nova Scotia, the tick population is growing so it's important to practice simple precautions to avoid exposure," said Dr. Robert Strang, chief public health officer. "People should be mindful when working or playing in grassy, shrubby and wooded areas anywhere in the province."
Preventing infection
The best way to prevent infection is to avoid tick-infested areas whenever possible, particularly in spring and early summer when nymph ticks feed. Adult ticks are a bigger threat in fall.
Ticks favour moist, shaded environments; especially leafy wooded areas and overgrown grassy habitats.
There are several easy ways to prevent or reduce contact with ticks:
  1. Wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Tuck your pants into your socks to prevent ticks from getting inside your pants.
  2. Check your clothes for ticks often. Ticks will climb upwards until they find an area of exposed skin.
  3. Wear light coloured clothing to make it easier to spot ticks.
  4. Walk on pathways or trails when possible staying in the middle. Avoid low-lying brush or long grass.
  5. Apply insect repellent to your skin and clothing, especially at the openings such as ankle, wrist and neck.
  6. When possible, take a bath or shower within two hours of coming indoors. This makes it easier to find ticks
  7. Keep grass well cut to minimize suitable habitat for ticks on your property
Tick checks also help to prevent Lyme disease. Removing ticks as soon as possible can prevent or reduce the risk of infection, since blacklegged ticks can only transmit the bacterial infection after they have been attached to the skin for at least 24 hours.
There have been 329 confirmed and probable cases of Lyme disease in Nova Scotia since 2002.

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Never forget your garbage day again!
The Cumberland Central Landfill has made it even easier for residents to stay connected with waste management collection and programs.
Download the free Solid Waste Mobile App by searching for Cumberland County Solid Waste in the App Store. Use your mobile phone to view collection schedules, receive collection reminders and  service alerts for any interruptions to waste collection such as cancellations due to weather. Residents can also sign up online by visiting .
Wondering what goes where? Visit to use the new Waste Wizard and search our  database of over 300 items for disposal options.

CJSMA also provides sorting guides, information about upcoming Household Hazardous Waste events, FAQs, and information about provincial solid waste programs available to residents.

For more information about Solid Waste Collection Schedules and Routes in your community, please visit 
Cumberland Joint Services Management Authority.
Send us information about your community events and programs!

If you know of an upcoming  program or event in your community that you would like to see included in our municipal monthly newsletters, please contact us .

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