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May 2020
There is no wrong time to fight for
disability rights
speech bubbles and bullhorns
A lot of people are quick to dismiss disability rights advocacy, claiming that "this is not the right time" for that. Right now, with so many big decisions impacting so many people, the pushback seems  even stronger. This article makes the point that, especially during crisis situations, if people with disabilities don't make their needs known, no one will do it for us -- we will be among the first to be dismissed.
Follow this link to read the article. 
Honoring the life and advocacy of Avraham Rabby    
A. Rabby
Avraham Rabby was intelligent, outgoing, capable and blind. In 1989 h
e waged a successful campaign to overturn a U.S. State Department rule prohibiting blind people from becoming Foreign Service officers. Originally turned down for a position for which he was fully qualified, the State Department cited a longstanding rule excluding the blind from employment in the Foreign Service. Rabby said that was "hogwash" and  enlisted a lawyer to assist him in waging a successful campaign to overturn the policy.  
Mr. Rabby died on April 17 and is remembered as a hero in the civil rights movement who was "forceful and strong, but with continued optimism." Follow this link to read more about Avraham Rabby's fight for disability rights 
Website monitors Disability Rights
during COVID-19     

IDA logo
The International Disability Alliance (IDA) has launched a web page with resources, tools, and stories related to COVID-19 and the disability movement. The page was established to share the most recent updates and resources as they become available.
Make 2020 census count_
Have you been counted yet?    
Census data is used to determine the amount of federal dollars that are allocated to each state and county for resources we all use. The State of Michigan will receive $1,800 annually for each person counted who is living in Michigan.  
Be Counted! Follow this link to complete your 2020 Census today! 
Community Education Online - June 2020
Community Education Online 
In response to COVID-19 Disability Network Southwest Michigan is continuing it's Community Education programming online. Once you register for an event you will be sent instructions for joining the event online or by phone.   
Following is a listing of our Community Education online events in June.  Click on the event titles to visit our web site to learn more about each one. You can also find a full list on our home page.    
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