May 2018 Asian Pear

Father's Day and Summer

Happy Father's Day and welcome to summer! If Dads are hoping for some barbeque this year, try this recipe using our Asian Pear Spread for a kickin' barbeque sauce! 

If you are in the market for a simple and warm-weather friendly dish for summer, try our Asian Pear Summertime Salad. Using our Dried Asian Pears, it's refreshing, tasty and easy to put together on the go!
Speaking of Pears... 
"The dried pears came today; they are in our granola! "
 Alice, Maryland

Little Baby Pears.

This picture shows our newly minted  Asian Pear  babies.  They're just about the size of green peas right now.  Sticking out of the top of each pear, y ou can see the remains of the blossoms and stamens.   As the fruit grows, becoming heavier, the pear's stem will bend downward and that "festive head gear" will become the pear's bottom.

Cheese, Glorious Cheese!

Our local cheesemakers are a fantastic source for farm fresh cheeses in numerous styles, and they all go well with Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear Spread!

Here are just a few of our cheese neighbors to explore.  Rabbit Run Farm, (Lehigh County), B.A.D. Farms and  Valley Milkhouse, (Berks County), and Birchrun Hills Farm and Cherry Grove Farms  in Philadelphia and nearby New Jersey areas.

Check out BuyFreshBuyLocal Lehigh Valley for even more options.
   Looking for another Father's Day dish to make? 
Visit our recipes page!