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   May 2020                                                                           Volume 16  Issue 5
Have a safe and healthy summer!

Healthy Choices Grants
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Next Deadline July 15, 2020

Secrets to Successful Summer Meal Programs 
Online Webinar Tuesday, June 2 11:30am 

What is in store for the Summer Meal Program this year? Find out how to locate a site and how to promote the program in your community. Also we will be sharing best practices and success stories from across the state! 

Congratulations Seniors

Congratulations to our Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board graduating seniors, Summer Brown 
and Raj Solanki. We appreciate their dedication and supportive leadership shown over the past several years and wish them great success as they begin a new chapter in their lives at college.

Congratulations to our 2020-2021 Officers

President: Zoe Price
Vice President:  Mehaa Amirthalingam
Secretary:  Alison Zhang
Treasurer:  Hannah DeLoit
Co-Event Coordinators:  Aarthi Annamalai and Lauryn Tu
Co-Community Outreach and Social Media Coordinators:
Mia Price and Katherine Zhang

Meet the Oliver Teen Advisory Board        
YEAH Teem Board Nov2010

The Oliver Foundation Teen Advisory Board is a 12-18 member  organization represented by students across the Houston area. Each month you'll meet       a different member who will share their perspective on living a healthy life.  

Hannah DeLoit, Board Member
The Woodlands High School - The Woodlands, Texas 
Teen Board Member 2019 - Present

Hannah is a sophomore at The Woodlands High School. She is a member of the Track and Field team. Hannah was a 2017 Duke Talent Identification Program Qualifier. Hannah tutors Spanish and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Tips to Stay Active and Healthy This Summer

With summer approaching, school and sports start to come to an end. Without a daily routine in place it becomes easier to not be as active and health conscious as you relax on your summer vacations. These four tips can guide you in enjoying an active, healthy summer.
1.Plan with Families and Friends
Being active and healthy with your family and friends forms an accountability system, and possibly some friendly competition. Whether you are planning a healthy eating plan or fitness goals together, doing it with someone will motivate you to stay on track.

2. Drink Water
Being conscious of how much water you are drinking in the summer heat ensures that you stay hydrated. Staying hydrated while being active guarantees your safety and health by replenishing the water leaving your body through sweat. It is recommended by the U.S. National Research Council that you drink 16 more ounces of water in the summer than you typically would.

3.Have a Sleep Schedule
Although you may not have to wake up early for school now that you are on  summer break, having a sleep schedule is still very important to your health. Staying on a sleep schedule makes having a healthy daily routine easier to maintain. Not only does a routine sleep cycle program your body to stay awake during the day, allowing you to be more active, it also allows you to be productive by waking up at a decent hour and not wasting away the day sleeping. Going to bed late and sleeping in late is not a healthy sleep schedule even if you are getting 8-10 hours of sleep. 

4.Eat healthy 
Eating a healthy, balanced diet always benefits you, but in the summer eating fruits and vegetables replenishes electrolytes ensuring hydration.
Having these tips in mind to incorporate into your daily routine will guarantee you, and even friends and family to stay active and healthy this summer!
Hannah DeLoit
May 2020 Newsletter

YEAH Teem Board Nov2010

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