May 2020
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New Executive Director Appointed at Ohio DC
After an extensive search, the Ohio DC Board of Trustees has unanimously selected Christina Elliott as Executive Director. Ms. Elliott will take the reins of Ohio DC beginning Monday, May 18, 2020. Christina has more than ten years of experience in senior and executive leadership roles and will lead Ohio DC into the future. To learn more about Ms. Elliott's background, visit here .
Developing New Ways to Serve Our Participants
Our priority during this uncertain time is maintaining the health and safety of our employees, participants and employers while still providing the services and tools you need. To be able to achieve those goals, Ohio DC has created some new education opportunities for participants that you might want to share via newsletters or intranet postings. To help participants stay in touch with our staff and to answer their important questions, we have developed a map with links to each of our Local Account Executives. The links provide participants with a way to sign up for phone appointments. They can access the map and links to schedule appointments here .
Deferred Comp-Related Articles for Your Employees 

Ohio DC can provide monthly information on financial issues for your newsletter or Intranet. This month, we'd like to give your employees some helpful information on a wide range of topics through a series of liv webinars: Sign Up for Live Weekly Deferred Comp Webinars

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Message from Ohio Deferred Compensation
The Roth 457 Option is Still On the Way
Due to the unexpected circumstances created by COVID-19, Ohio DC postponed implementation of our new Roth 457 Option. Despite the delay, we are still preparing to launch this highly requested investment option this summer.

The key provisions and benefits of the Roth 457 option include:

  • Tax-free distributions if certain criteria are met
  • Contributions are taxable income in the calendar year contributed
  • A single contribution limit applies to both pre-tax contributions and Roth contributions

Learn the basics about this new offering in our Roth Brochure .

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