May 2020
Formation, education, and connection are important components of NACMS programing. Keep reading to find out more about our popular Online Reading Group which will continue in June and more information about our MSP 2.0 2020/21 program. Sr. Gabby also shares thoughts about this year's Novice Class. Of course, our website is continually updated to offer excellent articles and resources for your personal or community growth and formation. Click here to read our latest offerings.
We will be hosting another session of our online reading group in June. Our readings will be a selection of writings by Sister M. Franca Zonta, FMI, the current Superior General of the Marianist Sisters. Sister Franca comes from the Italian Province of Marianist Sisters and has been FMI Superior General since 2012. She spent many years as novice directress in Italy and is one of the foundresses of the Marianist Sisters' foundation in India. Sr. Franca writes movingly and beautifully about our Marianist charism, spirituality, and mission. Click here to register or for more information.  
“In the Marianist Family, a tradition of prayer exists. In it we teach, and we learn to pray, and in it we are enriched and make progress in prayer. The family is composed of a group of believers and prayers. We have a vibrant tradition of prayer. We have had, and we still have, mentors in prayer; we take care to have places of prayer, and we develop proposals for paths of prayer. In a word, we have a life of prayer which can be identified, and which must be cared for and shared because it is the heart of our best Marianist traditio n." ( Enfleshing the Word , Enrique Aguilera, SM, and José María Arnaiz, SM, p. 33)
Although the decision to have the topic for MSP 2.0 2020/21 be Marianist Prayer: Listening, Pondering, and Responding was made months before Covid-19 and shelter-in-place was in our vocabulary, it feels even more relevant at this moment. How can Marianist Prayer help us emerge from this pandemic as stronger people of faith? How is God calling us to offer the gift of Marianist Prayer to the church as the world is changed and changing? Join us as we explore how Marianist Prayer can guide us in this ever-changing landscape in which we find ourselves as Christians, Catholics, and Marianists. For more information or to apply click here. Feel free to contact Patti Gehred with any questions.
In this "socially distanced" episode of the podcast, Patti Gehred interviews Sister Gabby Bibeau about an article she wrote for the NACMS website on the parallels between the current COVID crisis and the Founders' own experiences of crisis during the French Revolution and experiences of illness. In particular, the focus is what we can learn from our Marianist Founders about how to approach the current pandemic by growing in the virtues of faith, hope, and love.Click here to listen.
 (You can read her article on the NACMS website here.)
M arianist History Course for Novices a Success!
by Sr. Gabriel Bibeau, FMI
One of the services that NACMS provides for the Marianist Family is teaching a Marianist History Course to novices in the Society of Mary and the Daughters of Mary Immaculate who are doing their formation in the United States. This year, we had two novices for the Marianist history class: Brothers Geunwoo (John) Shim and Junghyeon (Francisco) Cho, both from the Region of Korea. In this course, we covered the history of the Marianist Family from pre-Revolutionary times through our current day. We had some exciting challenges, namely, adjusting our teaching style to best serve English language learners, as well as updating our curriculum to include the history of Marianists in Korea. One of the highlights of the course was the class on Korean Marianist History that was guest taught by Bro. Dennis Schmitz, SM who lived in South Korea for over a decade. Bro. Dennis taught the class all the way from Honolulu through Zoom. The wonders of technology! We held our last class on April 22nd which was a wrap-up, evaluation, and debriefing of the course. The NACMS staff is always so enlivened by sharing our resources with newer members of the Marianist Family, and this year was no different.
Marianist Soundings
We are living in extraordinary times. This global pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives. Here at NACMS we would like to chronicle how living in this world as a Marianist has supported or challenged you in this moment.
Because of our work here at NACMS, we understand and honor the power of preserving stories. How often do the letters of Blessed Chaminade, Blessed Adele, and Venerable Marie Therese give us insight into our lives today? We feel the stories we share about how Marianists live in these times will be beneficial today and in the future. We are also in a unique position to gather stories from people sharing this experience from around the world.
This project will continue for some time. For some of you, this may be too soon to share your experiences. Others of you may have insights that will give strength and hope to others today.
It is our ultimate goal to create a special e-version of our Marianist Soundings publication as well as collecting video and audio files in the appropriate time. However, if you are feeling so moved, feel free to send your written stories to Patti Gehred at
With the author's permission, we will share stories that may help us feel connected as Marianists during this experience we are all living together, right now.
Stay tuned as this project grows.
Let Us Pray
Adele began her weekly letters to her "Little Society" with an acte for all the recipients to pray about together.
The acte for this week is: "Prepare my heart, O my God, to make it your dwelling place." 
Please check our Facebook and Instagram accounts for future actes . We hope this mutual prayer will help us feel connected.
*NACMS will be offering an online Marianist History coure this fall. Details coming soon!
For all who have contracted coronavirus,
    We pray for care and healing.
For those who are particularly vulnerable,
    We pray for safety and protection.
For all who experience fear or anxiety,
    We pray for peace of mind and spirit.
For affected families who are facing difficult decisions between food on the table or public safety,
    We pray for policies that recognize their plight.
For those who do not have adequate health insurance,
    We pray that no family will face financial burdens alone.
For those who are afraid to access care due to immigration status,
    We pray for recognition of the God-given dignity of all.
For our brothers and sisters around the world,
   We pray for shared solidarity.
For public officials and decisionmakers,
    We pray for wisdom and guidance.
Father, during this time may your Church be a sign of hope, comfort and love to all.
    Grant peace.
    Grant comfort.
    Grant healing.
    Be with us, Lord.
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