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May 2020
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     We have the schooner as ready as is possible not knowing when we will be permitted to sail. The cabins are checked over, the main cabin top sports three new coats of varnish. Everything on deck and topsides has been fussed over and the North Haven dinghy "Cappy" has a new sail made by Nat Wilson of oceanus sail cloth. Every century-old small boat should have a new sail once a generation! 
     When we get the go ahead from the CDC and the State we'll be sure to let you know. Hope it's soon, as long as it's also safe for everyone.

     So here's the latest revised trip schedule for this season!        

Crews News

May 27: Second coat of linseed oil and turpentine after we stripped the deck.
 Anne to port, Sarah to starboard

                                              2019 Gloucester Schooner Festival mate and flag

It's not all work. This month as part of spring training we had a crew lobsterbake,


with crew d'ouvres for six,

and social-distanced grilling. 
picnic images courtesy of our resident antiquarian Sarah Collins

 Cruise News
         Never say never. With a short season at best this year  we really need to try again so here's our 2021 schedule.  Every cabin is available and we'll hold one for you if you'd like.    

Postcards and Notes From Away

Maybe we'll be back to Eastport next year.

Friendship sloop races a while back

Fishing vessels at the New Maine Company Wharf, Boothbay Harbor, June 20, 1924.
 Taking on ice and bait.

 Ex-fishing vessel anchored near the site of the Maine Company Wharf,  Boothbay Harbor,
June, 2014.  Taking on a crossword puzzle.

Greenwich twenty some years ago with Mad Dog


Capt. Joe, the George Nichols Cup, John, 
the Esperanto Race winning plaque, and Gus the cook.

Joe, Gus, their brothers, and their father fished the American Eagle from 1945 to 1983

Take care and we hope to see  you in better times.

  John and the crew

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