Joseph Paquet

I hope this finds you safe all and hopeful during this challenging time.
 - Joe Paquet

New Work

Trestle Shadow    28" x 40"    $26,000

The Illusion of Permanence

History is the stories we forget.
The looming uncertainty we are currently gripped by is nothing new, simply something new to most of us.

In the 17th Century, Vanitas painting came into vogue.
The paintings included skulls and other symbolism to convey the fragility of life and the vanity of man.

Frankly, I always found them rather morbid but never had context for the message they conveyed -- until now.

Plague has a rude way of waking us up to our true sense of scale in the cosmos and that permanence is a concept we use to bolster our genuine lack of control.

These new larger field paintings are a profound reminder to me of this illusion of permanence we seek.
Even the massive 140-year-old brownstone block walls are moved by time and circumstances.

It's a reminder to me to yield and adjust to the things ahead I cannot control --

And that this will pass.

Rail, Stone & Steel    30" x 24"    $15,000
Early Light, Barcelona    8" x 12"    $3,400
Barcelona, Evening Light    8" x 12"    $3,400
All Quiet, Chatham    8" x 12"    $3,400

Spring Semester Classes at the Studio

Though the classes have been postponed I plan to offer some make-up dates in the form of outdoor classes. I miss working with you all and will keep you posted!

Virtual Exhibitions

California Art Club 
109th Gold Medal Exhibition

Ojibwe Afternoon, Madeline Island    20"  x  24"    $14,000
This year the show is all online. Take the time to have a look! 

Biophilia NYC Exhibition

Tagged    28" x 40"     $30,000
I'm grateful to be invited into this exciting virtual exhibition
through the Manhattan-based Sugarlift

Grenning Gallery Representation

Autumn Sun, Menomonie, WI    28" x 40"     $25,000 

 I am pleased to have work at
Grenning's wonderful gallery in Sag Harbor, Long Island.

Online Critique / Mentoring

If you are seriously interested in working through your creative blocks or simply wish to find a greater level of excellence this may be for you.
I only wish work with serious students who truly desire to take their work to a deeper level. You can choose a single critique or 5-Hour Mentoring Block. If you need a boost in moving forward or a tune-up with a fresh perspective this is for you.

Currently Full with a Waiting List

May we all find peace & patience -
Take care and cherish those we love,
Sow kindness,
And be generous whenever possible.

Stay safe my Friends.


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