May 2020
Welcome to the Yoga House Newsletter!

As we continue to walk along this path of social distancing in an uncertain time, we would like our Members to know that we are certain that the practice of yoga is a boon to your self-care routine. Presently, our online classes are scheduled until May 31st. We will update you with our plans to re-open when a firm plan is in place and we thank you for your patience in these unsettled times. For those who may be in unsettling financial circumstances, the fees for our yoga classes have options: Free, half price or full price. Prices range from 5 - 10 dollars, depending on the length of the class. If you have not tried our Zoom classes, they are actually pretty cool, very fun and a lot more interactive than you may think! We will include the class schedule link below.

In this newsletter is a helpful article from Phofi on breathing (Reclaiming Prana) as well as an informative piece on Mason Bees and how KYH is contributing to our community's ecological health. Krisna shares an inspirational message and a 10-min home practice video, and Tricia shares what her home practice is looking like quarantine style. Also, we have another yummy recipe and some ideas for Yoga at Home, especially some poses to combat gardening season!

Stay well and we wish you and your families the very best in these uncertain times.

No Gentle Class May 13th; no classes Holiday Monday, May 18th
Mason Bees R Us!
The Kelowna Yoga House is part of a growing community in Kelowna, contributing to the ecological health of our environment by helping to conserve pollinators of every stripe.

Last year, our gardeners erected a Mason bee house on the north fence in the backyard of the little house, and after setting out cocoons in the spring, several of us had the great good fortune to see a couple of the little hatchlings emerge from their cocoons!

People sometimes ask the gardeners what being a Bee Ambassador means for KYH. In short, it means KYH has taken a commitment to help with the conservation of native bees by doing the following:
Reclaiming Prana
by Phofi McCullough
PRANA is kidnapped!

PRANA, the cosmic energy that makes the world go around, the breath of life of all beings in the universe is kidnapped. COVID-19 is the culprit!

Literally, COVID-19 has sucked the breath of life out of the world and out of our own bodies. It slides into our lungs and sucks the air out of the alveoli, the air cells, making them collapse, according to the epidemiological explanation. We have to reclaim PRANA! the world demands from us social distancing. Nevertheless, Yoga offers PRANAYAMA, an antidote and a gift to humanity.

So here we are: pranayama at Home! How can it be done away front the studio and me? Very easily!
Making the Most of this Timeout on Life,
By Tricia Miller
I spent a lot of time and energy making plans to travel to South Africa for three weeks at the end of March. Instead, my trip got cancelled with less than 12 hours before I was supposed to leave. I spent a very busy eight days in Vancouver with my cousin and her busy four kids before slowly making my way back home. My son had already left to spend three weeks in Saskatchewan, so I was a free bird but stuck at home. I had already started to see a lot of online posts about taking livestream classes with various Iyengar yoga instructors worldwide. I am not able to work at all during this COVID pandemic, so I decided to make the best of my time off.

I have started to study twice a week with Zain Sayed in Florida and biweekly with David Meloni in Finland. David is the highest certified Iyengar instructor in the world and Zain...
To see Tricia's video on Lolasana please click on the thumbnail
Now Begins the Practice of Yoga
by Krisna Zawaduk

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two months since our yoga centre closed on account of Covid-19. I have tried to put down some thoughts on paper several times, but it is a challenge to reflect on a situation that you still find yourself in. It is still evolving, There is not yet hindsight, no conclusions can be made. We are still in the midst of physical distancing and an economy that has, for the most part, come to a screeching halt.
If you are reading this, it is likely that you have encountered yoga practices in your life. These are a great boon, as they help us to digest, process and make the most out of these challenging times we find ourselves in but only if we use them. These current circumstances are fuel for sadhana. As the external environment is rapidly changing, we must, as always, cultivate the steadiness within. Regardless of circumstance, the yogi seeks to be sustainable unto himself, seeking internal refuge with contentment and gratitude.
For Your Practice
Krisna has generously offered this short home practice for us.
It is a 10 minute sequence and you only need 1 brick.
Click on the thumbnail to view this practice.
Yoga at Home
Janice demonstrates Leaning Buddha Konasana with a chair, bolster and blankets. This pose creates space around the pelvic organs and torso. Placing the blanket behind the neck gives a nice stretch for the throat.
Janice demonstrates supported Ustrasana (camel pose) with the chair, bolsters, and blankets to opening and energizing the chest and front body. Use pillows or rolled towels if you do not have yoga bolsters.

These two poses are great to combat the effects of gardening season!
Yoga Outdoors

As KYH Teacher Lauri Morel demonstrates, you don't need a fancy home yoga studio to fit in a fun practice. Take advantage of the great outdoors to lift your spirits. Lauri demonstrates Full Arm Balance (Adho Mukha Vrksasana)
at the beach!
Lentil and Arugula Salad
adapted from Simple Vegetarian Pleasures
by Jeanne Lemlin

1 cup French lentils or Lentil du puys (this variety retains its shape and slight crunch so good in a salad)
Bring medium sized pot of water to boil, add lentils and simmer about 20 minutes, till tender but slightly crunchy

1/4 c balsamic vinegar
2 tsp Dijon mustard
1-2 cloves fresh garlic, minced
1/2 tsp salt
Fresh ground pepper
1/2 cup olive oil
1-2 T fresh basil if available
Combine In a jar and shake.
Drain lentils well when done cooking, put in serving bowl and add 1/3 of dressing.
Once lentils are cool add amounts to your liking of:
Feta cheese
Diced cucumber
Slivered red (or other sweet onion)
Serve on a bed of arugula (or other lettuce). Also okay to dress/eat when lentils still slightly warm.
Can add extra dressing to your taste. Leftover dressing can be used on other salads or is also yummy on roasted vegetables.
Submitted by Janice Loukras
To all the Moms, we wish you a peaceful and relaxing Mother's Day!
Photo by Cathryn Wellner
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