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Our May 2020 Newsletter

Our thanks to all who took part in last week's Online Opening. We posted more than seventy new acquisitions on Tuesday morning and by  bedtime on Thursday, more than half had sold. Newsletter "opens" were even higher than normal, and although we missed seeing regulars in person, it's clear that hundreds were here with us in spirit.

Based on the success of our recent mailing, we've decided to devote our June newsletter to a second group of fresh pieces that were held back from the first mailing.

Several buyers mentioned that it was easier to shop when only a few dozen pieces were being shown than when the entire showroom is filled to overflowing, so it seems that a second round might be well received. The second installment will go online around 10:00 a.m. on June 2.
Having just spent more than a month preparing for our online show, we've decided to make  this month's newsletter simpler . The week before Easter we made a short video of our "Bunny Gallery",  a fantasy space  at  the top of the front stairwell in our home. Our plan was to share it around the Easter holiday, but the realities of getting the show ready made us decide to postpone it until this newsletter. You'll find a link below.

Jan recently posted a photo of Pippin on her Instagram site and it got so many positive responses that we felt we should share it with our readers. You'll find it below, as well.

And finally, this month's Back Page features another video we made last week, filmed a few hundred yards down the road from our home.

Our Spring Opening
is still online

Our 2020 Spring Opening was posted on this website last Tuesday. After a shaky beginning, caused by an 8-minute delay courtesy of the Internet gremlins, the response of readers was heartening, and more than half of the posted pieces were purchased by the end of the week. We are thankful to all who took the time to look at our mailing. We are as honored by your loyalty as we are rewarded by your custom.

If you missed the show or would like a second look, it's still online. To visit, just tap or click on the picture of the entrance to our shop, above. On the page that opens, there's a link to the show and, since you can't come in, at the bottom of the page there is also a link to a brief video overview of the showroom that's meant to make you feel welcome.

A Belated Easter Gift

There's a small corner on the second floor of our house that is rarely seen by anyone, even the two of us. Today we'd like to share it with you.

Click the picture to go "up the rabbit hole."

Pippin's Page

Tap or click the picture to see the picture of Pippin that Jan posted on Instagram last week.

The Back Page

Pumpkin Hollow Brook

Last week a fascinating chain of events occurred in the brook that flows through our farmstead. Tap or click the picture to learn  more.
Thanks once again for being a reader. Please continue to do what it takes to protect yourself and others, seek the truth , and help to defeat this virus.
John and Jan