May 2020 Newsletter
The Little Silver Library is still closed until further notice.
Follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook to get regular updates on our status, as well as online programs!
We miss you all and hope you are safe and well.
Reference Desk Support
The Monmouth County Library Reference Desk phone number is 1-866-941-8188
They have a Reference Librarian on staff to answer your calls:
 Monday through Thursday 9 am - 8 pm 
Friday and Saturday 9 am - 5 pm

The Reference Desk is able to provide you with your library card number if you don't have it!
Online Resources
You can ALWAYS access the Digital Library via our website!
Read Aloud Story and Craft Time
Our website now has a Virtual Story Time section! Check it out here !
Every Tuesday, our very own Ms. Danya will be doing a Story and Craft . Follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook to get updates!
The Monmouth County Library posts a Story and Craft on their YouTube channel every weekday! Subscribe to their YouTube channel to get updates!
Children's Crafts and Activities
The Monmouth County Library has a great compilation of fun activities, including games, virtual tours and STEAM projects to keep your kids busy. Here's a link !
Virtual Museum Tours
Many of our museum partners are offering virtual tours - see links below!

Plus Google Arts and Culture is a great resource for online tours with visits to amazing sights all around the world!
Overdue Fees
Worried about overdue fees? Don't fret! Overdue fees accumulated during this time of closure will be forgiven.
Book Drop
Our book drop is open if you want to return your books! Please only drop off library books. We cannot accept book donations at this time!
Free WiFi!
If you need to access WiFi, feel free to use our patio!
Thank you and be well!
We can't wait to see you again!
Little Silver Library 732-747-9649