May 2020 News from Rolland and Associates
Exciting changes on the horizon!
You know us as a Nationwide Agency who has represented only Nationwide for your home, auto and life insurance needs since we opened our doors in 2005. You also may have heard that, due to a strategic shift by Nationwide, on July 1 st of this year all Nationwide agencies will be transitioning to independent agencies. 

This is good news for you, our customers, for several reasons.
First, rest assured that nothing needs to change regarding your policies with Nationwide. The same Nationwide products will continue to be offered through our agency. We believe Nationwide is a quality company with competitive offerings and will continue to be going forward.

Second, as of July 1, we will have access to other independent insurance carriers for home and auto policies. Examples of these carriers are Progressive, Allstate, State Auto, Safeco, Grange, Travellers, Met Life plus more. We will continually be monitoring your account to make sure your policies stay competitive whether it is with Nationwide or another of our great partners.

Another new and exciting change is, as of today, we have the ability to quote your life insurance with over 80 different life insurance providers ! We now represent not only Nationwide but also companies such as Lincoln Financial, Protective, Principal, Prudential, Banner Life, and many more. With just a few minutes of your time and a couple questions, we can quote term life insurance policies with multiple carriers at once! 

Please call us at 614-789-1981 today for your life insurance quote! Or simply reply to this email to request a quote!
5 Quick Questions with...Kim!
Kimberley Sullivan, Associate Agent, Rolland & Associates

Kim is an associate agent here at Rolland and Associates and splits her time between making sure new clients find the perfect coverage and that all our clients are well taken care of! She loves to meet new people so when the local events like Powell Street Market start back up, look for her smiling face at our booth!

What was your first job?
"My first job was as an accounting intern at an international aviation consulting firm, Landrum and Brown."

How long have you been in the insurance industry?
"I have been in the insurance industry since October 2018 when I joined Rolland and Associates."

If you had to give a 30 minute presentation with no preparation, what topic would it be on?
"Why you should always give your child opportunities to explore the arts in school!"

Who is your guilty pleasure when it comes to music?
"If you know me, this will come as no surprise. Barry Manilow. I’ve seen him about 30 times in concert and have also met him."

What is your favorite animal at the zoo?
"The gorillas. I love to sit on the ledge by their indoor habitat and just watch them.  Their eyes are so soulful."
What to do're refinancing your home?
Interest rates have dropped pretty significantly recently and we have seen a flurry of activity around people refinancing their home loans. Those lower rates make this a great time to do it so if you are thinking about locking in a lower rate, we just ask that you let us know too!

Many lenders reach out to us and let us know that they've done a refinance on your property - many but not all! This becomes are problem down the road when we send your homeowners insurance bill to the previous lender and they don't pay the bill!

If you're refinancing, ask your lender for the following info and then give us a call or email and we will confirm your file is updated: the bank or lender's name, their mailing address for your particular policy, the closing date, whether you'll have escrow on your account and the loan number. Having this information correct helps keep your file and payments current!

Good luck with your refinance - here's to quick and easy closings!
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