May 2020
Deadline Calendar
May 22, 2020 - Bylaws & Policies proposals due to Bylaws Committee. Bylaws Committee info page .
June 11, 2020 - Committee, Task Group and Board Officer Reports - Kris Schweizer,
Back to Work Protocol
As piano technicians begin making plans to restart their businesses, the Teacher Relations Committee recommends that an extra effort be made by all technicians to inform clients that PTG has established a protocol for its members to follow when entering a home or venue to tune pianos during the pandemic and that the link to COVID 19 and Piano Care can be found at Find more information for technicians at
Chapter Meetings and Education
Chapter Challenge
Looking for an interesting way to kick off your chapter meetings? You can find the complete list of Chapter Challenges developed by John Parham, RPT in the Chapter Resources Area.  Download the PDF .

PTG Zoom Account Available for Chapter Meetings
Interested in setting up a chapter meeting online? PTG can do that for you. Contact Jim Fariss at  or Barbara Cassaday at  to set one up. Visit the  Zoom Help Center  to learn about using Zoom features, system requirements and more.

Chapter Leader Community   – Share what your chapter is doing to stay connected and find ideas for managing and building chapters, Visit online .

PTG Academy Online  - video and audio recordings you can use for chapter technicals. See the latest addition, the PTG Tuning Theory Assessments . Assess your use of the basic concepts of piano tuning.

Leading Efficient Meetings
Are your business meetings out of control, lengthy, confusing? Parliamentary procedure is a useful tool for conducting meetings, assuring fairness, and completing business in an orderly manner. Contact Barbara Cassaday at if you are interested in participating in an online session on parliamentary procedure and Roberts Rules of Order.
Education Hub Coming Soon
In the quest to fulfill the PTG’s educational mission, the Education Committee has been working to create an Education Hub webpage for the PTG. Our vision is for this page to be a centralized location for piano technician education through the PTG. To that end, we have combed through the Guild’s many educational resources, including Journal articles, Academy videos, and other resources created by PTG members or available through the PTG store. We’ve organized these resources by topic in order to present them in way that is most useful to members looking to learn specific skills. From the Education Hub webpage, members will be able to find resources on topics ranging from Tuning, Regulation, and Repairs, to Piano History, and Business Practices, among others. Though the webpage will continue to grow and evolve as we add more materials and develop curriculum resources related to the topics, we plan to make it available to members very soon.
Wanted: Journal Materials
Have knowledge or expertise you've always wanted to share? Now is a good time to turn that idea into an article for  The Piano Technicians Journal.  The  PTJ  staff is looking for material for future editions and is interested in recruiting new authors and content. Please send a note to John Granholm at  with your ideas. For more information go to the  Author Resources page . View the   May 2020 issue online .
Know Someone Not Receiving PTG E-newsletters?
More than ever, PTG is using electronic communications to communicate with members. If you hear someone say they haven’t been receiving PTG news via email, please encourage them to send a note to . They may have unsubscribed in the past or have issues with blocked emails. We can send a resubscription link or help solve transmission issues.
Interested in Being Part of a Mentorship Program?
The Education Committee is currently working on developing a mentorship program and would like to hear from those of you interested in being mentors. Many of us have had mentors and know the important role they played in our lives. The piano business has changed over the past few decades. There simply are not as many opportunities as there once were to apprentice in a piano shop or work for a dealer. And don’t forget, the mentee is not the only one that benefits from this kind of arrangement. Very often, it’s the teacher who stands to benefit the most.  Read more about the program and use the sign-up page to show your interest in participating as a mentor .
RVP Contact Information
Region 1 - Northeast - Christopher LaBarre, RVP Online Community  
Region 2 - Southeast - George W. R. "Bill" Davis, RVP Online Community  
Region 3 - South Central - Doug Garman, RVP Online Community  
Region 4 - Central East - Michael Gutowski, RVP Online Community  
Region 5 - Central West - Jim Coleman, Jr, RVP Online Community  
Region 6 - Western - David Stoneman, RVP Online Community  
Region 7 - Pacific Northwest - David Stocker, RVP Online Community  
Executive Committee
Paul Adams, RPT, President ,  
Marc Poulin, RPT, Vice President ,  
Jim Fariss, RPT, Secretary-Treasurer ,  
Executive Director, Barbara Cassaday ,