Somerset Lake Newsletter May 2020
 Somerset Lake Community

May 14th - 6:30pm - Lake Committee Meeting via zoom
May 21st - 7:00pm - Board Meeting - zoom conferencing
May 25th - Memorial Day

Thank You Dave Kronenberg
Dave Kronenberg volunteered his time on the Board for two years, and we want to thank him for his dedication. Dave has decided not to run again; h e will be missed. A heartfelt THANK YOU to Dave for all his work and all he has done for Somerset Lake.
Please Vote!
Somerset Lake Board Election

  If you haven't done so already, please send in your Board Member Election Ballot you received in the mail. Your vote is extremely important. We must achieve a quorum (25%) of the members in order to hold a valid election. As of today, we have 52 ballots and need 108. There are several ways to submit your vote.

You may return your ballot to:  
Somerset Lake Service Corporation
PO Box 7368
Wilmington, DE 19803-7368

You may also scan the ballot or attach photo of the signed ballot and email to

You can fax your ballot to 302-475-7664

If you wish, you can also drop off your ballot at the clubhouse on the wall mounted mailbox to the right of the front door. 

If you can't locate your ballot, no problem, please click here for a new one.

All ballots need to be submitted by May 10th.

As always, your participation is appreciated!

Website Refresh
We are currently updating our website to make it easier to find what you need and have more information about our beautiful Somerset Lake Community. You can still use the current website, and we will let you know when the website update is completed.
Welcome Committee
Spring has arrived at Somerset Lake with radiant colors and joyful songbirds. We are all grateful to be able to share our beautiful natural surroundings from our windows, decks and courteous distancing in the midst of the Corona challenge.

As we look to the future, it is exciting to note that five homes are awaiting new residents! We look forward to welcoming neighbors on Broad Run, Buttonwood, North Shore, Hamilton and Southampton Parish. Although their arrivals may be delayed by current circumstances, we look forward to welcoming them when they are settled.


Image by Kim Edborg
Events Committee
We need you!

We have some really great ideas for the Community and need an Events Committee to put them into action when the time is right. If you are interested in Luminaries for 2020, A Community Tree Lighting Event, Holiday Lights Competition, or to help with or initiate any other event during the year, please volunteer. If you are only interested in one event that's great too! We need you!

If you are interested in helping, please email the clubhouse at .
Lake Committee
Somerset Lake Usage Guidelines

Spring is here, and with it the usage of the lake is naturally increasing, so this a good time to remind everyone on some of the lake usage guidelines.

Residents and Guests Only

Somerset Lake is for the exclusive use of residents and their guests. A resident must accompany their guests at all times. If you observe individuals using the lake who you suspect are not residents, please contact the Southern Chester County Regional Police Department non-emergency number at 610-2682907. If you can provide them license plate numbers, that is a big help.


No gas-powered motors are allowed on Somerset Lake. All boats used on Somerset Lake require registration at the clubhouse. They will take the required information, provide a sticker to mount on the boat and provide a copy of the PA Boating Regulations.

If you have stored a boat in a boathouse or on a rack on the lakeshore and it doesn’t have a current Somerset Lake sticker, please contact the clubhouse and they will provide you with a registration sticker.

If a resident requests to store a boat on the lakefront in either a boathouse or on a rack, the clubhouse will provide a contact who will meet you on the lakefront and assign a storage location and provide a boathouse key if required. There is a yearly fee for storing a boat on the lakefront, $30 for storing in a boathouse and $15 for storage on a rack. Please lock your boat as Somerset Lake is not responsible for stolen or damaged items. Currently there are no available lakefront storage location and there is a short waiting list. Boats may only be temporarily stored on the ground along the lake during the day while in use. No overnight storage on the ground by the boathouses.


All residents and guests fishing on Somerset Lake must follow all PA fishing rules and regulations including having a visible fishing license.

No Swimming

A reminder that swimming is not allowed in Somerset Lake at any time. 

Architectural Committee
Walking around the neighborhood, it is evident that quarantine may have slowed but certainly hasn’t stopped home projects…new roofs, exterior painting, landscaping. If any of these activities have given you the renovation itch, check out the contents of the sample closet.
Because the closet has been temporarily relocated to the massage room on the Fitness level,you’ll need to make an appointment with club managers to look over the options. Please refer to the displays of updated sample boards and binders outlining approved exterior paints/stains, trim paints, shutter styles/colors, roofing materials, etc. approved for each home series within the community BEFORE beginning a project. BEFORE you sign a contract to have any exterior work done, you first need to get Architectural Committee approval . Any new color requests or changes must also be approved by the Architectural Committee. This approval process may take up to a month. Please complete the Architectural Request Form found under the Document Links tab on the Somerset Lakes website ( ) if you will be performing exterior work such as painting, staining, roofing, tree removal, window replacement, or hard scaping. This form can be downloaded and submitted electronically. Other specific guidelines (solar panel installation, approved roofing materials, shed installation, etc.) are also available under the Document Links tab.

If you have any questions or topics for the committee to address, please contact Cheri Hadley of Brandywine Valley Properties at (302) 293-8093 or .As always, this volunteer Committee, in cooperation with Brandywine Valley Properties, Somerset Lake’s management company, will continue to review applications submitted by the Community for exterior home projects as well as handle requests for exceptions to the Community’s existing architectural policies.
Traffic Safety Committee

In the recent survey of the community, traffic and high speeds were the biggest concern expressed. As a result, the Board would like to create a Traffic Committee to work to implement solutions to our traffic concerns, and to serve as a liaison to the Township and to Penndot. If you are interested, please contact the Clubhouse at , or call Brandywine Valley Properties at 302-475-7660.

Playground Committee

The new playground color palette has been finalized!  The gray/silver structure will be accented with shades of sky blue, lagoon blue and buttercup. This was a strong favorite and we hope the kids will love it too!
Unfortunately, in light of the current covid-19 situation, the Playground Committee has, in consultation with the Board, decided to delay the build to Fall 2020.  The safety of our fellow neighbors is our priority. We will continue to monitor the situation and reschedule the build at the earliest opportunity. 
While the specific build date is TBD, we are still seeking volunteers! Please register in the link below. It will take place on a Saturday morning and we can accept volunteers age 13 and older.  No special skills are required. The assembly involves following step-by-step directions with guidance and oversight from experienced installation supervisors. There will be support tasks available as well for those that want to help but don't feel comfortable being "hands on". We will have food and music provided to make the day as fun as possible for our volunteers. Join us!

Stay safe everyone!
Dog Park Etiquette
We are so lucky to have a dog park in our neighborhood and we need everyone to help keep it safe.

We have had a new issue lately, and that is many dog holes in the dog park. We know dogs like to dig, but please, try to stop your dog from digging a hole, or at the very least, please fill in the hole if your dog makes one.

The clubhouse fills holes here and there but now it is occuring all the time. Dogs and people can really injure themselves if they run and a leg goes in the hole. Especially the little guys. We really appreciate everyone cleaning up after their dogs in the Dog Park. The community has been great!

Please, watch your dog at the dog park and eliminate the dog hole problems so every dog and their person can safely use the dog park. We couldn't help but include pictures of a few of the neighborhood dogs.
Thanks to those who submitted their dog photos. From top to bottom: Carly submitted by Maggie Lage. Diesel submitted by Deb Lattanzio. Mouse submitted by Alan a Andrade.
Parking at the Clubhouse

Just a reminder we do not have overnight parking in the clubhouse parking lots nor can you use them for long term parking for your cars, trucks, or boats. If you have any questions, or if it is an emergency situation, please don't hesitate to contact the clubhouse.
Community Corner
We have many artists in the community and many willing to share their art with residents! As this chalk art is temporary, you often get to look at new creations everyday on walks. Thank you Kim Edborg for the top photo. A special thanks to the artists who are sharing their art with the community and creating a bit more joy for everyone. The other two artists are unknown. Please keep creating!
On-going Community Events (Classes and Clubs) have been canceled until further notice.
Call for Photos!
Please send to the clubhouse any community photos you would like considered for the next newsletter with your name. Please send them to
Somerset Lake Clubhouse | Phone (610) 274-0846 | Fax (610) 274-2114 |