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Nutrition & Food Insecurity
The late Raymond Rosenberger established four local awards with cash support to recognize faithful and diligent service of individuals. Tim Stauffer, the pastor of Mission Church, was nominated in 2020 by the St. Joe Foundation for his food rescue work and other charitable ministries serving the poor.
Grantee Spotlight:
2020 Raymond Rosenberger Minette Baum Award for Service to Alleviate Suffering to Pastor Tim Stauffer
Tim Stauffer knows what it’s like to go to bed hungry.

 “My dad was a pastor, and I grew up poor,” he says. “I went to bed without eating supper many times.”

The hunger ceased when a neighbor learned that he had no food. She bought the family a bag full of groceries.

He never forgot that day, and the gratefulness he felt has followed Stauffer throughout life. He wanted others to feel that kind of neighborly love. So, he became the giver, striving to feed people physically and spiritually.

Now Stauffer is the pastor of Mission Church, as well as chairman of the board for Heart of the City Mission Foundation...
St. Joe In the News
Foundation Community Impact :
St. Joe Foundation COVID-19 Response
Highlighted By Input Fort Wayne
The St. Joe Foundation is proud to have quickly and courageously responded to the COVID-19 pandemic in multiple ways to advance their mission. Local online newspaper Input Fort Wayne took notice and published two stories about the St. Joe Foundation's involvement in the community.
Northeast Indiana researchers reveal urgent needs
during the pandemic
As nonprofits keep serving during COVID-19, Northeast Indiana’s foundations are helping
them survive
Responding to Community Needs during COVID-19
(Back) Fr. Mark Gurtner, Bishop Kevin Rhoades, Fr. Jacob Runyon, (Front) Sean McBride, Nate Proulx Graphic Designer and Videographer DFWSB, and Mark Burkholder Multimedia Coordinator for the St. Joseph Community Health Foundation (other volunteer Bob Nicola is not pictured), helped stream Catholic Masses that reached several thousand people weekly, each in the safety of their homes, from March 22 through May 24.
Foundation Collaboration:
Connecting the Community with Technology
During this time of social distancing, the St. Joe Foundation sought to keep the community connected to essential services through technology. The Foundation awarded multiple COVID-19 Emergency Response Grants to local non-profits to procure hardware and software, allowing their services to continue remotely. The Foundation created an online resource page with updated hours and services for quality, free and low-cost healthcare services in Allen County. St. Joe staff also trained, assisted, and hosted meetings and webinars through video conferencing with, and for, many community partners.

St. Joe Foundation's Multimedia Coordinator Mark Burkholder has supported the Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne South Bend (DFWSB) in filming the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception's livestream Masses during the "shelter in place" beginning in mid-March through the end of May. Between 1,500 and 6,000 participants viewed these Catholic services.

The St. Joe Foundation has cooperated with DFWSB in the past, mutually benefiting through sharing video equipment and staff expertise. Nate Proulx of the Diocese has assisted Mark in filming the Foundation's Prenatal & Infant Care (PIC) Luncheons. The recordings of these luncheons assure the messages and materials presented can be available to all of the PIC professionals who are unable to attend the luncheons and to the general public.
Multimedia Coordinator Mark Burkholder lent his skills to assist Bishop Kevin Rhoades and the Diocese in providing spiritual hope and virtual participation by livestreaming Catholic Masses during Indiana's "shelter in place".
Access to Quality Affordable Healthcare
Positive Resource Connection Executive Director Jeff Markley shared his vision of growth to the St. Joe Foundation Board and Grants Committee Members Tony Henry, Dr. Dave Johnson, Dr. Joe Muhler, Alice Kopfer and Executive Director Meg Distler as they toured building renovations in 2019.
Grantee Spotlight:
Supporting Positive Resource Connection
“One of the things that PRC has done really well, they have always respected the dignity of the individuals over the years who are suffering with HIV/AIDS,” said Meg Distler. “Not only do they help [their clients] access resources, but they help them achieve hope in their lives.”
  A ministry sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.
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