As I explored a small stream with my children recently, watching the water running under an old farm dam, I found myself explaining to them how the water always finds its way. And we will, too, through these challenging times.

Among our blessings: clean and abundant water in the Brodhead watershed.

Among BWA’s blessings: members, supporters and friends like you!

On Giving Tuesday Now, May 5, we were able to grow our Perennial Club and meet our goal: to encourage five new or current members to join the club. Perennial Club members contribute to BWA with automatic monthly donations – an easier way to defend water quality in the Poconos, with no checks to write annually and a more efficient use of budgeting.

Thank you for taking action and protecting water for yourselves, your families, and millions more downstream!

If you’re interested in joining the Perennial Club, click here for information.