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May 8, 2020
Message from Mazkirut
Community Events
Nathan's Notebook
Tzedek Happenings
Facing Coronavirus as a Movement
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Message from Mazkirut
Hello Tavor community,

We hope the month of May is bringing you springtime rejuvenation. Despite the Texas heat, Florida humidity and Chicago 'spring’, mazkirut has been working diligently through our constant zoom meetings.

We are continuing to monitor the covid-19 crisis and are wishing you all health and resilience.

We're calling on the creativity and flexibility that we've learned from our time at Tavor as we're busy envisioning all the possibilities for this summer. It has been so wonderful to be together in new ways over these last few months. 

So far, we have really enjoyed our many virtual activities, including Chug Indoors while Outdoors, kvutzah reunions, community musicale, and alumni schmooze sessions (which you can reach more about below). We look forward to continuing these virtual activities and more leading into the summer. 

Sending love and good vibes, 

Mazkirut 2020 (Summer Leadership Team)
Sarah Pincus, Rosh Machane (Head of Camp)
Hannah Chonkan-Urow, Techni (Techinical Director)
Jackson Bicart & Frieda Greenthal, Tzevet Tarbut (Coordinators of Education and Programming)
Community Events
"Chug Outdoors While Indoors"
By Abby Goldman-Nagel
Looking for some outdoor fun during quarantine? Come join Chug Outdoors While Indoors!

We might start on Zoom, but then we move outdoors to the backyard! So far, we have learned about Earth Day through backyard bingo, made nature potions while learning about native midwestern plants, and even built our own boats while soaking up water knowledge!

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be playing and exploring the remaining elements--fire, air, and sun! Get your costumes and energy blazers on and join us next time, Wednesday, May 20 at 2 pm CST/3 pm EST!

If you are looking to relive the fun, check out some of the activities here!
ZMAN ZOOM: Cooking with Tavor
Let's get cooking!

Join us for a new weekly Zman Zoom where we will present joyful cooking shows on Facebook Live!
Every Thursday, starting May 15th at 12 pm CST / 1 pm EST ... we'll have a new recipe to share.
Join us this week as our own Shani Samuel, Mitbach friend, Workshop 67, and sandwich c onnoisseur will teach us how to make a sunbutter and jelly sandwich!!

If you have a recipe you'd like to prepare; and tape for the segment email  
Musicale: That's A Wrap!
On April 10th, nearly 150 people joined us through Zoom and Facebook Live to hear some incredible songs, amazing jokes, and so much more.

A huge thanks to Jane Mintz, 2019 Amelimot Mashatz, for her expert turn as MC!

If you missed it, just click the video link.
Can We Talk?
Nearly 300 people from across the decades were able to come together with their kvutsah (age group) for the Camp Tavor Alumni Schmooze.

It was so wonderful to share laughter and tears. Reliving favorite moments at machaneh (camp).
The 2000's sharing a virtual hand hold!
We are hoping to do more Zoom Schmooze in the future, if you're interested in hosting please feel free to reach out and let us know at
The Zoom Schmooze for the 1970's and the 2010's are set for next weekend! May 15 and May 17th -- You can still RSVP by clicking here: CAMP TAVOR ZOOM SCHMOOZE .
You will be emailed the zoom room information Thursday, May 14th.
**Please note the 2010 Zoom Schmooze is for those who are no longer campers. You're last year at camp had to be 2019.
Save the Date
Nathan's Notebook
Finding Nature Where You Can
"Camp is the right circumstance for me to embrace being an outdoor kid. I know for many other campers; it doesn’t even register the amount of time that we spend outside at camp. I think that also is one reason why I feel so much happier at camp: I’m more connected to nature, and to the world. I’m not one to stop and appreciate the sunset at home, but time and time again when the sun drops onto the chof (lake, sort of), I’m mesmerized by the magic and beauty of it all."

Tzedek Happenings
by Naomi Goldman-Nagel, Bonimot Tzedek Coordinator
The Chicago Ken has started a super fun project called THE SHMEREL!! (You've maybe heard of the shmerel from our summers at Camp Tavor!)

The shmerel is a fun little poem that we pass around each summer to as many people as possible!!!! The Chicago Ken looked for creative ways to stay connected throughout quarantine, and we decided that as much as we love zoom calls, the shmerel could be a really cool opportunity for something quirky and out of the ordinary at our doorsteps and in our fingertips!

We've launched a shmerel chain, and hope to see the shmerel go far and wide to our Tavor community. 
You can be a part of it too -- click here for the Shmerel info sheet! 

If you don't feel comfortable with us sharing your address please reach out to and let us know.
It was a big week for some of the Bonimot Tzedek who attended "Pursuing Justice Online 2020".

A two-day conference hosted by Bend the Arc.

We learned that the shema is a haiku!!!!! Woah!!! #ZmanZoom
There will be a Bonimot Tzedek Peula about the how the capitalist system impacts our ability to respond adequately to coronavirus.

Monday, May 18, 2020 at 4pm CST / 5pm EST
 RSVP here!  #ZmanZoom
We are still seeking submissions for the QuaranZINE.

We're asking you to answer the following prompts through art, poetry, memes, comics, collage, whatever speaks to you...

What is COVID-19 teaching you about justice and equity in our society? How are the social issues that you feel most connected to being affected by this crisis?

How are you building community during social distancing? How do we adapt Jewish practice to meet this moment? 

What are you grateful for?

Save and scan your work as a PDF and email to -- Include y our name, age, where you’re geographically scanning from, and indicate if you’d prefer your submission to be anonymous. 
Facing coronavirus as a movement

The Mazkira Klalit (Director) of Habonim Dror North American, Leah Schwartz, is inviting the Camp Tavor community to an HDNA panel discussion on how alumni and friends have been facing the coronavirus crisis in Israel.
Monday, May 11th
2 PM EST / 1 PM CST / 9 PM Israel
HDNA Workshoppers and alumni are leading efforts to provide mutual aid and youth movement education in an isolating time. They will report on how it’s all going, and address the question: How do we build a just Israeli society while meeting its needs during a time of crisis?
The Panelists:
Hannah Faber - Camp Miriam, Workshop 63
Maya Lamm - Camp Tavor, Workshop 58
Shula Smith - Camp Galil, Workshop 60
Barak Sella - HDNA central shaliach 2017-2019
Thank You Donors
Camp Congratulations
Stay safe... be well!