Ian has been the Young Chef Representative for the CF Winnipeg branch for the last two years and has been an integral part of our association before that.
Ian is a graduate of the Culinary Arts program at Red River College where he became interested in competition. Ian has participated in the Young Chefs competition provincially, securing a place at the Chef’s Hat national competition in 2019 in Niagara Falls.
Ian has been employed throughout the pandemic, working under executive chef Jesse Freisen to adjust and retool as they realigned operations to survive. This has been a difficult time but Ian has stood his ground and maintained through the constant change that this is part of the business today.
Ian and the young chefs were in the midst of organizing fundraising and social events for Winnipeg’s Young Chefs when the pandemic took hold a year ago. The year before, the young chefs had a successful fundraiser at the Merchant Kitchen. This fundraising provided opportunities for young chefs to attend the national conference.
Ian is proud of his French Canadian roots, as well as his Ashkenazi Jewish upbringing. Ian started his professional career in food service at 15 at Ira’s Deli and has worked through the ranks for a decade, becoming the co-chef de cuisine at The Merchant Kitchen, and now a sous chef at Mottola Grocery in True North Square. 

Ian believes in sustainable sourcing, harnessing local resources, and educating people about the products they buy. Ian is a firm believer in hard work, dedication and more than anything else punctuality. Outside of work Ian’s interests include growing and harvesting vegetables and herbs from his garden, watching real football and French rap.