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May 2021
Exclusive File Scanning Offer Ends Soon!
How much are you paying per square footage for your office space?

What's the average square footage of a workspace in your office?

What's the average square space used for filing cabinets?

You should know this. You could be wasting thousands of dollars from not properly utilizing your office spaces. Excessive amounts of cabinets for paper files could mean you are wasting an area for an employee that is producing for your company. It could also mean it is taking up space, costing you higher rent and taxes, vs. operating out of a smaller, efficiently used space.

We aren't suggesting that every single paper file in your office should go away. However, we suggest that you meet with us to discuss which files could be digitized and stored in the cloud to help you with space, security, access, and waste elimination.

For almost 10 years, Copier Fax Business Technologies has been offering the service of scanning your paper files and digitizing them so they are safely stored in the cloud, easily searchable and accessible, all while giving the entire office the ability to view, edit and share files any time, anywhere.

Any files can be digitized - including architectural drawings, photos, booklets, etc. from any age.

And remember, you can always reprint a digitized file.

A little over a month remains for our exclusive offer of a complimentary "Banker's Box" scan for any new or current DocuWare Customers looking to utilize our scanning services.

More information can be found below. Get in the digital world! Get tomorrow's office today!
NYS Continues to Reopen - CFBT Continues to Help!
It seems that every week we continue to get more and more good news about the reopening of NYS.

One of our biggest tasks in 2020 was working with businesses - especially in the medical community - to stay open and stay safe.

Businesses have an obligation of keeping both their employees and customers/patients safe, especially as we reopen.

You can review our Stay Well Product Line on our website, and request a complimentary demo on any of the products we offer that may help you navigate this transition "back to normal".

CLICK HERE to learn more!
The Benefits of a QBR (Quarterly Business Review)
As mentioned above, there are things about your business that you should simply "know."

How you are utilizing space is just one of many things.

Your rep at Copier Fax Business Technologies will be contacting you for a QBR, or a "Quarterly Business Review."

Why are we encouraging this?

Because your success leads to our success. Are you using your machines properly? Are you printing too much or not enough per your terms? Any big company changes that need to be addressed? Any changes to your products, software or other such offerings that you should be aware of?
A QBR might last 5 minutes or 50 minutes. But the end goal is the same, which is to encourage a conversation that analyzes and reviews the best practices for your office technology.
How are your HPs?
Copier Fax Business Technologies is a proud provider of both products and services for Hewlett Packer, which is one of the largest office technology providers in the world.

Whether you purchased your HP from us, or a retail location, we can still help you with supplies, repairs, and upgrades.
Five Hewlett Packard Fun Facts:

  • The first true Hewlett Packard personal computer, HP-85 was introduced into the market only in 1980.

  • 50 years ago, Hewlett Packard was the only company to offer on-site recreational facilities.

  • HP is one of the few companies in the world that prints parts of their printers with a 3D printer.  Almost half of the custom plastic parts for HP Incorporated’s new Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer are printed by the printer itself!

  • Walt Disney Studios was an early customer, using HP oscillators to make the ground-breaking film, Fantasia.

  • The first mass-market laser printer was brought to market in 1980 by HP.

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