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Executive Director Report
Keep Mississippi Beautiful continues to reach new levels of success.  We just received notice that Mississippi was recognized with two Keep America Beautiful National Awards for 2020. Keep Ridgeland Beautiful won the Affiliate Innovation Award for their unbelievable “Wildflower Field project”.  Every year this project continues to amaze me.  Keep Mississippi Beautiful won the State Partnership Award for our partnership with Mississippi Ag and Forestry Museum for the “Mississippi CAN Harvest” exhibit.  Keep Mississippi Beautiful had 37 local affiliates to be presented in the President’s Circle for the 2020 Awards. Keep Mississippi Beautiful was also one of the state affiliates that recieved the Diamond Level Award.   No wonder we are still the envy in the Keep America Beautiful network.  

Keep Mississippi Beautiful was thrilled having our Governor and First Lady kick off our State Great American Cleanup as we partnered with Keep Jackson Beautiful and combined our Annual Awards at the same time. Keep Mississippi Beautiful’s story was continually told as the award winners were presented their awards.  Congratulations to all Keep Mississippi Beautiful Award winners.  

Neeley and I will miss Cooper Carrico as he graduates from Simpson Academy and will be entering Ole Miss in the fall.  I have had the opportunity to mentor Cooper for the last few years.  Many will remember Cooper during his sophomore year for his GAC state kickoff proposal for the “The Great McNair Springs Cleanup” in Magee. Cooper represented Mississippi on the Keep America Beautiful’s Youth Advisory Council and he has helped us in our KMB office and continues to volunteer across the state.  Best wishes Cooper!

50 amazing Keep Mississippi Beautiful Affiliates continue their efforts during the Great American Cleanup  and I want to challenge each of them to share their mission and their vision – together we will all make a difference in Mississippi.  
2021 Great American Cleanup State Kickoff and Awards Presentation
Thank you to everyone that participated in this year's Great American Cleanup State Kickoff and Awards Presentation on April 8!

This year we had an exciting Great American Cleanup State Kickoff Event with Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves and First Lady of Mississippi Elee Reeves kicking off the Great American Cleanup season, in partnership with Keep Jackson Beautiful on the steps of our Mississippi State Capitol.

During the cleanup event, 103 volunteers dispersed to various sites across our capital city and planted 8 trees and 200 flower bulbs, weed eating and picking up over 3,700 pounds of litter. This event resulted in over $10,700 in benefits from volunteer hours and contributions.

We appreciate our sponsors who made this event possible:
Mississippi Beverage Association

For photos from the event, visit our Facebook page.

2020-2021 Award Winners
Keep Mississippi Beautiful honors individuals and organizations throughout Mississippi who are making a difference in their communities and this year we couldn’t think of a better way than to have our First Lady present these awards on the steps of our State Capital.

Congratulations to our 2020 and 2021 Keep Mississippi Beautiful Award Winners!

Pictured here are our 2020 and 2021 Louise Godwin Award Recipients, KMB Board Members Cindy Duvall and Joel Yelverton.
Mayor Robyn Tannehill: Oxford Getting Serious About Fighting Litter
Littering is a nasty side effect of our convenience-oriented disposable culture. Why in the world would people throw their garbage on the sidewalk and out of their car windows? We could make a list of the reasons – entitlement, laziness, carelessness. And, of course, we agree that we should change this behavior through education; however, education alone won’t clean up our roadways.

Littering is everyone’s problem, and it comes at a cost. Litter has an effect on business and tourism. The burden of litter cleanup usually falls to local governments or community groups. In Oxford, we are getting serious about our litter problem. We have talked about it for years. We have had good intentions that have produced minimal results. We are putting our money where our mouth is. The truth is you see litter campaigns across the nation this time of year that include a community cleanup day or two and that’s about it. We have been guilty of the same. We are determined to do better.
We started by hiring a full-time Litter Coordinator who picks up litter five days a week. He also oversees volunteer groups and fine workers who must do community service. We hope to be able to commit additional resources to employ others to tackle litter in the near future.

The city of Oxford is excited to introduce a new litter initiative – “Don’t Throw Down on Our Town!” We need the help of our residents to be successful and there are several ways to get involved. Monthly Community Cleanup Days are underway. On March 6th we had a large group of volunteers who picked up 276 bags of trash!

Article credited from the Daily Journal.
Joint Solid Waste Management and
Recycling Conference
The Mississippi “Magnolia” Chapter of SWANA and the Mississippi Recycling Coalition are happy to announce and invite you to attend the 2021 Joint Solid Waste Management and Recycling Conference May 25-27, 2021 at the IP Casino Resort Spa in Biloxi, MS. 

While COVID-19 prevented our opportunity to join together in 2020, we’re excited to be working together again on an event to help our organizations learn more about each other and working towards common goals. 
The agenda will offer both plenary and breakout sessions on important waste management and recycling topics as well as provide multiple networking opportunities to make new connections and opportunities to develop new solutions. Continuing education credits will be available.

Join or renew your membership with MRC, and then click the link below to get the discounted conference registration 

Future Dates:

May 25-27 MRC/SWANA Conference
August 26-27 Mississippi/Alabama Conference, Birmingham, AL
November 15-17 Keep America Beautiful Conference, Washington D.C.
To add an event to our "Future Dates" email neeley@keepmsbeautiful.com