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The Importance of Research Implementation
VTrans' Research Section's goal has always been to effectively leverage and implement the results of our research. Much work goes into these efforts, and we do not want our final products to languish as digital reports. Ideally, the results of our research projects should help us to drive change, advance Agency specifications, better use materials, and save money. If, however, our findings indicate that a new process is not an improvement, we could maintain the status quo–with an understanding that no change may be the best option. We work with staff across the Agency, in Regional Planning Commissions and other partner organizations to guide our projects and use the results. In addition to championing the projects that VTrans directly funds, we are eager to help adjust research developed elsewhere to meet Vermont needs.

We are thrilled to have this newsletter and the VTrans Research and Innovation Symposium as outlets to highlight and share the latest news about our research projects. We look forward to continuing to focus on implementing best practices and lessons learned with this community.
2021 VTrans Research and Innovation Symposium

The 2021 VTrans Research and Innovation Symposium will be held virtually this year. We expect to launch the Symposium materials over two days: September 8-9, 2021. On the first day, we expect to highlight all posters and feature a keynote speaker as part of the State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) Stakeholders Meeting. The second day will include non-overlapping presentations of all projects and Q&A sessions. As always, all Symposium materials (posters, fact sheets, etc.) will be available before, during and after the two "live" days.
We're constantly updating our Research Web Pages - don't miss out!

We have been working to update our Research Web pages, including generating project specific pages for all external research projects started in 2017-2021. You can keep up with the latest information and updates by visiting: https://vtrans.vermont.gov/planning/research
Each quarter we highlight research projects and innovations happening throughout Vermont and New England.
Investigating Methods to Enhance Intelligent Compaction Performance
Taking intelligent compaction to the next level to improve highway/roadway durability. The final report is available.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Bridges and Structures
Embracing the future of bridge design and delivery for construction.

Nationwide Monarch Butterfly Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances for Energy and Transportation
Navigating the potential impacts of the monarch butterfly becoming a federally recognized endangered species.

Transportation Resilience Planning with the Vermont Travel Model
Calculating the network criticality index for selected Vermont watersheds to improve infrastructure resiliency.

Fiber Optic Sensing Technology for Structural Health Monitoring of Bridges
Using optical fibers to monitor structural health of bridges and structures can streamline maintenance and repairs.

Sign Hunter: Classification and Geo-Localization of US Traffic Signs
Building the largest available dataset for Vermont road signs using roadway video.

Dr. Emily Parkany, PE, Research Manager
Vermont Agency of Transportation | 802.272.6862 | emily.parkany@vermont.gov http://vtrans.vermont.gov/planning/research