May 2021 Newsletter

You're Gonna Need Milk For That
As a marketing and communications specialist, I have my own opinions about fluid milk marketing. Does my opinion mean much to those working in the industry? Probably not, but I'm going to share my support of MilkPep's new fluid milk promotion today, whether liked or not. It's that exciting!!

MilkPep launched their new campaign this week: You're Gonna Need Milk For That - and they are finally getting milk promotion right. For years, we've watched fluid milk promotion fall flat. From “Milk. Love What’s Real.” to "Milk It" to "Milk Life", dairy marketers have tossed milk to consumers as a good, wholesome product for families to enjoy but never as an essential key for living a strong, athletic lifestyle. True athletes know the importance of sound nutrition. They track fats, proteins, carbohydrates religiously to ensure their bodies get the nutrition needed in order to perform.

I recently experienced this while at a hitting lesson for my daughter Kate. I overheard my daughter's coach, Meghan Gregg, say that she drinks 3 glasses of milk every day. She encouraged my daughter to do so too if she wants to build strong, lean muscles.

Who is Meghan Gregg? Well, she was the starting shortstop for the University of Tennessee Softball Team from 2015-2018. During her career, she earned many awards such as SEC All-freshmen team, first-team All-SEC her sophomore, junior, and senior year, SEC Player of the Year during her Junior campaign, Top 3 finalist for NFCA Player of the Year, 3-time All-Region player, and two-time All-American player. She also currently holds the school record for RBIs and career home runs!! TO ACCOMPLISH THIS AS A COLLEGE ATHLETE AND TO STAY HEALTHY NOW - SHE DRINKS MILK!!! What a great story to tell my daughter and to promote milk!!

That's just one story of one successful athlete that drinks milk for nutrition. Imagine if we tap into all sports and competitions across the U.S. What a great opportunity to share the health benefits of drinking milk and to highlight positive role models for our kids to admire. A much better option than a social media influencer or video game expert!!

I am looking forward to this campaign as it rolls out this year, especially during the Olympics. I hope you will share the messages and advertisements online. It will be inspiring and favorable for the fluid milk market!

P.S. softball girls: if you want to be like Meghan, #You'regonnaneedmilkforthat.
Farrah Newberry
Executive Director 
Georgia Milk Producers, Inc. 
Office: 706-310-0020 
Cell: 706-207-0168