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What's Going on? MAY 2021
The world as we know it, especially in Pennsylvania, is starting to come alive again. Evidence was seen at our first in-person fundraiser on Saturday, May 15th. It was a beautiful day. Pictures are below! Harmony raised about $700 and we met some great people. We had our shirts available for purchase and that was a big hit! Check out our on-line store, open only until June 10th! You'll find great gifts for Graduations, Father's Day and yourself! Check out the links!

We are re-organizing our fundraising planning committee to reignite our goals. We have co-chairs ready to shake things up! Once the committee gets some plans together we will reach out for volunteers. Stay tuned!

Our Vision is to have our Sanctuary, Rescue, and Retreat, up and running by 2024-2025. The way to fulfill our vision is with fundraising, donations, crowd funding, and grants. If you would like to help please contact us at

Have seen our newest blog about pet messes - check out the story and blog by our friend Terrence Jenkins.

Our first cat project is still underway with the project we are currently working on mentioned below and on our website. For only $50 you can help sponsor a shelter, (materials to purchase) that our volunteers build and place in local cat communities. Donations on PayPal!

Do you order on Amazon at all? Please use Harmony Retreat and Animal Rescue us as your non-profit - no additional cost to you! Just go to Just enter Harmony Retreat and Animal Rescue as your preferred charity! We get quarterly donations from Amazon - AMAZING!

Your donations go mostly towards building our sanctuary, our vision. Only a very small portion of donations go to administration and overhead costs. We help other rescues too - if you have a favorite local rescue or sanctuary in need that we can help out, email us at

Visit our website and check it out! Share the link for others to sign up for our newsletter! Help us reach our Vision.

With gratitude and appreciation for your support,
Judy Dyke
YARDSALE May 15th 2021
Did Somebody Make a Mess?
Here’s an All-Natural Way to Remove Pet Odors
Pet odors in the home can come from a variety of sources. Accidents are a part of life, especially for pets that are very young or those that are advanced in years, as well as those dealing with specific health conditions. Pets also are known to mark their territory if they are showing ownership of the home or are perhaps dealing with anxiety or excitement.
Additionally, read more click here...
Terrence Jenkins
Terence Jenkins is the President of Sovereign Cleaning Services, LLC, a veteran-owned cleaning company, providing commercial, residential and janitorial cleaning services, as well as numerous specialty cleaning services including a customized sanitizing program.

Help our Community Cats

Read more on this blog post. See the flyer below for more information on Sponsoring a Shelter!
Here are just a few of the colors and styles - Sizes from Small to 2XL! ALL proceeds benefit #Harmony Retreat and Animal Rescue!

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