May 2021 | Issue No. 21
Honoring Mothers of Every Kind
This month we celebrate all the mothers--with or without children--who sacrifice, protect, inspire, and give themselves whole-heartedly to those they love. We recognize that motherhood looks different for everyone; but this Mother's Day, we all have something (and someone) to celebrate. Consider what it means "to mother:" to care for, teach, give life to, create, and nurture. These attributes are found within friends, coworkers, sisters, teachers, neighbors, and most importantly, yourself. So, in addition to recognizing the moms and mother figures in your life, celebrate the mother within you.
Alumni Perspectives
Here at House of Hope, our mission of treating substance use disorders, rebuilding lives, strengthening families, and empowering women gives us the amazing opportunity to support, learn from and be inspired by the many courageous women and their recovery stories. Our alumnae's testimonials and stories of hope illustrate the importance of the work House of Hope does. Stories can inspire, motivate and foster healing. We're looking to highlight those stories! If you are an alumnae who would like to share your recovery journey through House of Hope's website, social media, and marketing materials, please contact Margaret Yeates at
Thank you!
Made With Love - Donors Support Hope
House of Hope is very fortunate to have amazing donors from across the country. Kyla K., one of our donors from New Jersey, has sewn and donated over 200 masks to House of Hope during the COVID pandemic. Kyla says this about donating:
"The trials that House of House has faced over the past year has caused me to create and donate 150 face masks so far, with another 100 shipped this week. By far, my greatest enjoyment in all of this is mailing the envelope and receiving a return note detailing what my creations have meant to not only the organization but to those in need. Through the hours that I have spent volunteering, I have come to realize that I am truly making a difference to not only the organization, which may have limited funds, but to those who receive my personal gifts. My mission continues on....."
Many, many thanks to Kyla!
COVID-19 Updates
As a congregate healthcare facility, House of Hope is happy to announce that we are on the path to having our staff fully vaccinated in the fight against COVID-19. House of Hope is dedicated to the safety of our employees and clients. We endeavor to provide all preventative safety measures and establish strict sanitation protocols in accordance to the Utah Department of Health.
Donation Opportunities
Thank you to all who have expressed interest in donating to House of Hope! During this time, we are still unable to accept any in-kind donation drop offs (excluding face masks). There are still ways to give to House of Hope during the pandemic. We're constantly updating our Amazon wish list to reflect our most pressing needs and we're always accepting donations through our website portal. Click the buttons below to learn more!
Catch-Up with House of Hope on Social Media!
House of Hope Utah is on Facebook and Instagram! You can follow us by searching for @HouseofHopeUT in the search bar on either platform. When you follow us you'll be the first to know about all things House of Hope!
Job Openings at House of Hope
House of Hope is still hiring during COVID-19! We are looking for passionate people to join us in our mission to help women in recovery rebuild their lives and strengthen their families! House of Hope offers a continuum of care for substance use disorders and behavioral health treatment for women in Utah. Positions range from entry-level to director-level in varied departments including direct client care and administrative services.