Volume 32 | May 2021
May 2021 Spiritual Message
Suzanne Hunt, Clairvoyant, Healer, Spiritual Teacher
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Activate your creative energy
Hello spiritual friends!

We generally think about creating something new as action, stepping forward . . . doing. A good part of the creative expression is about taking action. We all know nothing would change in the physical world without the taking the action steps forward on a project or goal.

To my mind, activating our creative energy is actually a wholistic process. To be most successful, we engage both our masculine and feminine energies to manifest what we most desire in life.

New ideas and inspiration begin with our feminine energy. I like to think about our feminine energy as an empty cup. We must open up time, or make space for a fresh idea to come in and fill it. If our cup is constantly full, we may feel scattered, overwhelmed or too busy to engage our creative energy. We may not give full thought to innovative ideas because our attention and focus is busy. In this case, we have unconsciously closed the door to creativity because the cup is already full.

Clearing the mind is the first step to nurture our creativity. Some ideas to open this precious space and invite the feminine: Meditating, practicing yoga, getting out into nature, dancing, walking or doing something creative like painting, cooking, gardening or woodworking.

Daydreaming is a wonderful way to empty our cup. How many times has a great idea come to you while thinking about absolutely nothing? Growing up they told us this was a waste of time. Forget those old messages and let your daydreams flow!

Our masculine energy actually makes our dreams happen in the physical world. Creative projects move forward most easily when we use our natural talents of attention and intention. We use our attention to focus on what we desire and amplify it by visualizing ourselves already experiencing the outcome. How much fun is that? And setting an intention helps drive us forward as we take the steps towards our goal.

The feminine comes into play again with the empathic barometer. Emotions are our feminine energy and our feelings help guide us to sense what is right or wrong. This intuitive barometer helps drive us along the journey, as we check in with ourselves - is this direction still right for me?

Feelings are key to help us achieve goals that bring joy, purpose and fulfillment. When we feel good about something we are creating, we know we are on track!

Notice your own interplay of feminine and masculine energies as you go about your creative projects today. Acknowledge all the beautiful aspects of who you are and appreciate both the feminine and masculine aspects of yourself.

Blessings to each of you on your journey,

Upcoming Events

Workshop: Energy Techniques to Calm the Body
Workshop: More Freedom
Free Aura Healing Clinic (Center for Inspired Action)

(see info below)
Workshop: Energy Techniques to Calm the Body
Over Zoom!
Learn fun and effective tools to help you feel more centered, grounded and in your highest mental clarity and intuitive wisdom. Bring your spirit and body into balance. Release energy from your space that doesn’t support.
This powerful workshop will focus on:
  • Intentionally stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to relax the body
  • Avoid and release free floating anxiety
  • Avoid and release your own or other people’s worry or pain
Open to everyone - no prerequisites!
Choose from a daytime or evening timeslot.

Tuesday evening, June 8th  
6:30 - 8:30pm MT                           
Friday lunch hour, June 11th
11:00 - 1:00 pm MT
Workshop: Creating More Freedom - Over ZOOM
For Healing Meditation Students who have completed Module 1

Would you like a fun afternoon dusting off your Healing Meditation tools? How about a little energy clearing to open up more freedom in your life? We will revisit our class tools for setting intentions for a room or space, creating energy for a goal and generating more mental and intuitive clarity.  

THIS Saturday afternoon
June 5 - 1:00 - 3:00 MT
Cost $20.00
Prerequisite: Module 1 (or similar meditation style)
Every Wednesday 6-7pm CT
Aura Healing Clinic
Sponsored by Center for Inspired Action

Every Wednesday! at 6 to 7 pm Central Time
Price: Free · Duration: 1 hour
Open to anyone! 

Feeling a bit unsettled? Need some energy clearing and grounding? Pop in for a FREE aura healing session from the students at the Center for Inspired Action. Each session takes 10-15 minutes.

Our students will focus on your individual energy system, otherwise known as your aura and your chakras, and clear blocks that keep your energy flowing at your own, individual vibration. It is a fun way to introduce yourself to energetic healing!

Next Wednesday and every Wednesday evening: 
6 to 7 pm Central time
Pop into the Zoom link below.

Questions? info@centerforinspiredaction.org
Join the FREE Healing Clinic this Wednesday!
I am available to schedule clairvoyant reading and healing sessions. Click on the scheduling link below.

Read more information about services at www.EnergeticHealingArts.com
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