May Updates
Here Come the Campers!

Camp season is upon us. As parents rush to fit last summer's worth of camp into this summer, we are here to help you set up the registration options they could ask about. Here are a few tips that may help along the way (though we haven't yet figured out that "please don't hand me that frog you found" setting).
What's New
  • The Income by Zip Code and Sales by Zip Code financial reports are now available to everyone
  • There is a new financial report to see a summary of Program Income by Payment Type
  • The Seats at a Glance activity report shows counts of cart items and items between cart and payment
  • The Program Sale report runs by invoice date instead of transaction date
  • Unused columns were removed from the MX gateway reports for a cleaner view

  • Processing of non-decline non-approvals in the MX gateway has friendlier messages
  • The message indicating the name seen on credit card statements can be customized
  • The gateway connection has been rewritten to meet new standards

  • Program level additional member adjustments for standard programs exclude cancelled registrations, registrations outside the given day range of the adjustment, registrations for excluded activities, and donation activity registrations (apply only for sibling registrations in activities in that program)
  • Custom forms can no longer be added more than once to an activity by accident
  • Waitlist seats can no longer be capped - recommend using waitlist dates instead

Advanced Activities
  • Program level additional member adjustments for advanced programs can now include entire session pricing options without using the per-date option
  • Advanced activities can charge an additional fee for public side registrations via adjustment
  • Dates excluded on pricing options are excluded in checkout if selected
  • Maintenance notes can be added to advanced activities for use in maintenance report

  • The public side order of membership types is consistent with the management side
  • Promo codes apply to full value when opting out of paying just deposit for memberships

  • The 'select all' links when editing registration dates have been replaced with a 'select all' checkbox
  • Disclaimers can only be emailed for signature when not already signed (they match up to the account they're being emailed for only)

  • Credit card storage is no longer available for those using the split fee credit card fee payment method
  • The public side staff page was reformatted to load better on mobile devices when there are photos
  • Clicking into a public facility's availability chart or calendar loads data for that facility
  • A variety of text and graphical updates (ex. larger public checkout account credit button, change of General email subscription name) have been performed - for more information see the System Updates link on your management home page

Future items for 2021 are in Misc > Upcoming Changes (Pending status) where you can vote on them.

Our Live Summer Webinar of Updates will be on June 28th. The invite/link will be in the Seasonal Development Newsletter on June 15th.
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