Jill's Vision for May 2021:

I always consider May to hold a theme of manifestation--
arms wide open, flowers blooming, finally-arriving-after-a-period-of-hard-work kind of manifestation.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, take a moment right now and acknowledge some self-destructive habit or thought process that you no longer do...

some situation you no longer give energy to,

a habit you no longer employ,

power you no longer give away,

thoughts you no longer give life to,

energy you no longer waste.

Sometimes we forget.

We forget the things we no longer do, that used to take so much from us and from our precious twenty-four hours.

This is no small feat.

Take a moment and view the landscape from here, right now.
What do you see?
Look back for a moment. Compare it to this one.

Personal development stems from little choices, one step at a time.

Congratulate yourself on your success.
Celebrate the small steps you've taken that add up to big ones.

Now consciously stand here, in this new, ever fertile, what-do-I want-to-create-from-here space. Then, proceed.

Enjoy the blooms of May.

All good things...
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In Honor of Mental Awareness Month, A Personal Story
What we're reading this month and why you should too...

The Attributes
by Rich Diviney

A solid, self-development book on developing the attributes you need to succeed.

My favorite part is the section on courage:
"Courage is not an absence of fear but rather an ability to function despite being afraid...to take that step toward the forest and not surrender to that internal voice telling you to hesitate."

Click HERE to listen to my discussion with Rich Diviney on the April 15th
Trust Your Intuition podcast.
Essential oils you need to know about...


Lavender is a must in the first-aid kits of oil remedies.
It calms the nerves and releases tension.
It's good for bug bites and heals cuts and scrapes.
Great for bedtime for kids and adults--put a few drops on the souls of the feet, the wrists, and I like the forehead and temples to soothe the mind after the day.
Also used for PMS, cramps, burns and headaches.
Plus, the fragrance is sweet and smells great when used in a diffuser.
Pick up some lavender at your local health store today to celebrate Spring!
Seasonal Recipe

Baked Feta Pasta à la TikTok
If you haven't already made the baked feta pasta that's the rage on TikTok, give it a try. This is a favorite and SO easy for a quick weeknight meal!

2 pints cherry or grape tomatoes
2 garlic cloves, minced
~½ cup extra virgin olive oil
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp pepper
8 oz. block feta cheese*
8 oz. dried pasta (cavatappi, ziti, bowties)
¼ cup chopped fresh basil
reserved pasta water

  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Place block of feta in middle of baking dish.
  • Place tomatoes and garlic around feta.
  • Drizzle all with eevo, salt and pepper, toss tomatoes and flip feta to coat.
  • Bake for about 30 minutes until the tomatoes start to burst.
  • While that is baking, cook pasta in salted water according to directions on box until al dente, reserving some of the pasta water when done.
  • Remove feta/tomatoes from oven and mix to combine. Stir in pasta, adding pasta water as necessary until creamy.
  • Sprinkle with fresh basil and ENJOY!

*Tip: Greek feta cheese made from sheep's milk (rather than cow's milk) will make a creamier sauce.
A few Homeopathic remedies you could be using...

 If choosing to get any of the 3 covid vaccines, here are a few remedies for helping with some reactions:

Ledum, 1st remedy, regardless, for the puncture of the jab, for the injury, redness and/or pain to the site.

Depending on any reaction that could set in afterwards, you can choose one or more of the following:

Arnica for whole body feeling bruised, sore, beaten up. Also helps a great deal with warding off clotting…
Silica for wanting it to be out of you, wishing you hadn’t taken it, if glands are swollen…
Thuja for history of previous vaccine reactions…
Carbolic Acid for an anaphylactic type response, swelling of the face or another part of the body…

If interested in any particular vaccine detox, we can schedule at least an hour appointment and go through your history and come up with a plan to work those out of the body.
For more information or to schedule a FREE 15-minute consult as to why homeopathy might be a great healing tool for you or your family during this time, please contact me HERE. 

Cheryl Wood, CCH, RSHom(NA), C.HP
Feel-Good Products from
an Integrative Physician

With each new season comes a time of RENEWAL.

This spring, I would like to offer you a unique flower-essence rosewater blend made just for you. Just send your name and DOB and the bottle will be intuitively prepared to support your essence.

This can be used to raise the vibe of your space, body, and mind. Spray on your body after showering or bathing. Mist over your pillow/bed before going to sleep. Mist over your face as a toner twice a day after cleansing. Or for space-clearing, spray in each corner and center of the room.

Your personalized blend comes in a 2-oz blue glass bottle with FREE shipping and directions on how to use it.

Click HERE to order this rosewater spray for yourself or a loved one.

Dr. Arlene Dijamco
(678) 629-3988
The Many Benefits of
Milk Thistle
from Dr. Ann Doggett

 Have you considered incorporating the herb milk thistle into your regimen? Milk thistle is best known for its ability to aid in liver detoxification. Studies have shown improvements in liver function in people with liver diseases who have taken milk thistle.
The antioxidant quality of milk thistle may also have some anti-cancer effects. It has been shown to potentially make chemotherapy work more effectively against certain cancers and, in some circumstances, even destroy cancer cells!
Milk thistle can also lower your blood sugar levels. One of the compounds in milk thistle may work similarly to some diabetic medications by helping improve insulin sensitivity and decreasing blood sugar.
It can actually assist in weight loss, as well. We use Milk Thistle Forte in combination with Metabol Complex and Berberine Active at two tablets each, twice per day for six weeks to assist weight reduction associated with carbohydrate cravings.
*With herbs, it’s crucial that you’re getting them from a reputable source to ensure optimal results and safety. We recommend Milk Thistle Forte as the product is quality controlled and audited for safety and effectiveness. 

For additional guidance, schedule an appointment with us at:
15 Braintree Hill Office Park
Braintree, MA

Feel Better with a Good Workout
by Michelle Sylvester

Even on days that you're in a hurry, start the day with 60 seconds of jumping jacks to get the blood flowing and the heart rate pumping along with 30 seconds of planks.

This activity works the shoulders, core, legs and butt and helps with muscle memory on the days you're not doing a full workout.

Stay fit, stay positive!

For more lifestyle and fitness tips, check out my Instagram @Michelleslifestylee
Dress to Express
through Color

Navy Blue

Psychology of Navy Blue:
Navy Blue evokes feelings of power and authority.
It is a color of strength, reliability, bravery and stability.
Navy Blue represents trust, traditions, and respect.
Navy Blue also represents comfort and confidence.
Put some Navy Blue, with purpose and intention, in your fashion style this month and note how you feel.

Need help styling your wardrobe this month to include colors that help you express your best self? Call me or message me on Instagram to schedule a zoom consultation so I can help you achieve your 2021 fashion goals and organize your closet in the process!
Cheryl Doherty
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Seek Stillness

Are you in need of relaxation?
Do you desire more balance in your life?
Or are you simply craving some ME time?

Treat yourself to an Energy Healing Session!

This session includes a heated crystal mat, Reiki, guided meditation, essential oils and a mini card reading where you will gain clarity and insight.

Your mind, body and spirt will thank you for this gift of healing.
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Intuitive Guidance
by Chrisi Hagar

Are you looking for answers to better understand situations you are dealing with in your life?

Do you want new approaches and resolutions for challenges, or guidance on what steps to take to bring you peace and perspective?

Chrisi Hagar offers spiritual readings that will provide you with guidance, give you insights that will broaden your perspective and help you see what is true. During your session you will be empowered to see all the possibilities and make choices to live your life to your fullest potential.

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Monthly horoscope
for May 2021: Gemini
(Courtesy of Astrology.com)

With the sun in Taurus and a spiritual sector, you’re in a quieter phase as the month begins. It’s time to dive deep into your dreams and creative ideas and guidance. You have an excellent opportunity to rid yourself of emotional baggage, find closure on draining issues, and tie up any loose ends. What you want is a clean slate so that you’ll be ready to roll when the sun moves into your sign on May 20.
The new moon in Taurus on the eleventh can be helpful for connecting with a life coach or teacher and upping your inner game. This is the time to move the goalposts and expand your options. Sometimes you need a helping hand, and the right person could deliver for you big time.
The focus gradually shifts to your sign as chatty Mercury, your ruling planet, moves in on May 3, followed by sultry Venus five days later. Your willingness to learn, mix with all kinds of people, and explore new options will be emphasized. This is a time when you can make new connections and your list of contacts can expand dramatically.
In addition, jovial Jupiter moves into a prominent zone on the 13th and remains here until July 28, making this a fabulous time to seize golden opportunities.
You’ll be truly in your element when the sun moves into your sign for a 4-week stay on May 20. You’ll be back in the driver’s seat and ready to take control of your destiny.However, there could be some setbacks regarding travel, a course of study, or perhaps the publication of a book as prudent Saturn turns retrograde on the 23rd and remains so until October 10.
Finally, there is more news with a supermoon and lunar eclipse rolled into one in the sign of Sagittarius on May 26. Passions could intensify concerning a relationship at this time.

Planting the Seeds
Affirmation Cards

Planting the Seeds Conversation Starter Tools
Planting the Seeds
Positive Energy Cards

Planting the Seeds were created by licensed mental health therapist Jill Sylvester and are the winner of a gold Mom's Choice Award. Each card is designed to strengthen a child's cognitive outlook and develop and enhance their self-esteem. Children are most successful with confidence, self-worth and skills to apply in appropriate social interactions when they have a strong foundation in social emotional skills. This resource targets all these areas!

P.S. Planting the Seeds cards and NEW accompanying resources make GREAT social and emotional tools for teachers during morning and afternoon meetings as well as for parents at home. (NECESSARY NOW MORE THAN EVER!)
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*Stay tuned for "PIECES," the second book in the Devon: Dream Agent Young Adult series.

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Three things we're grateful for this month:
1. Manifestation
2. Sprouts in the garden
3. Lilac Season
What are YOU grateful for?