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Park Millage Bond Approved By Voters
The $6+ million bond was approved … with 64% of the vote (or close to a 2 to 1 victory). 

The next phase of the parks′ improvement project will include two parallel tasks. First, the bond sale – which should occur in early July with the expectation that interest rates will remain favorable. (The May 24th Board meeting will include the bond resolution that will start this process.)

On a related note, the Department of Treasury approved the Township’s Qualifying Statement – which means that the Township is authorized to issue municipal bonds through January of 2022.

The second task will be to complete the design and bid packages for the various park projects – including the initial phase of Schmidt Heritage Park. (That said, the Township is concerned that construction costs for infrastructure and development projects will increase↑ sharply because of the “flood” of monies being released by the federal government.)
Harbor Transit and Streets Millage Renewed
In an even more impressive win – the Harbor Transit and Street Millage renewal was approved by 68.2% of the voters.

This was not unexpected. However, the margin of victory is higher↑ than the initial voter approval in 2011.
Township to Re-Open
Governor Whitmer announced on Monday that Michigan achieved a COVID-19 vaccination milestone of 55%. , As a result, pursuant to the “MI Vacc to Normal” plan, the Governor noted that in-person work can resume on Monday, May 24th. Further, the Township Administrative building lobby and Fire/Rescue offices will open to the public on the same day.
Buchannan Street Road End
To provide an option to the elected officials, Township engineers developed a cost estimate for bringing sand and opening the Buchanan Street road end. The cost estimate of $45,000± is based upon 2,000 cubic yards of sand being placed over the edge – but remaining at least one foot above the ordinary high-water mark.

The danger or “Con” is that the sand will not be stable and will be heavily eroded over the coming months – due to the steep grade that will exist. 

The benefit or “Pro” is that this will allow limited public access at this road end.

The Board has requested that the Township attorney review the Buchanan Street road end agreement at the May 24th work session – which is scheduled to begin at 6:00 p.m. This will be a remote meeting vis-à-vis the Zoom platform. Information on the work session will be provided on the Township’s website by Friday, May 21st.
Road Work Schedule
The re-surfacing of Lakeshore Avenue from Fillmore Street to Buchanan Street is scheduled to begin the week of May 17th.

Subdivision re-surfacing within the Township is scheduled to begin the week of August 16th.

The project to “grind and pave” Mercury Drive from the City limits to Comstock Street will be bid by MDOT on May 7th. The timeline for beginning this construction project has not been scheduled.
"Clean" Financial Audit
Township Auditor Vredeveld presented the 2020 financial audit to the elected officials on Monday.

The auditor provided an “unqualified opinion” for a clean audit – which is the highest opinion that can be offered – with no significant deficiencies or material weaknesses. The Township′s financial position remains healthy.

If you would like a copy of the 2020 Township financial audit, please contact Manager Cargo at bcargo@ght.org.
Township Questions?
If you have specific questions about Township operations, please send an email to bcargo@ght.org .
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