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May 2022 E-News
When Love Means Letting Go
"Life moves forward, the old leaves die and wither away and the new growth moves forward into the light."
—Bryant McGill

When my soul-friend died in February, I picked up Henri Nouwen’s Letter of Consolation, which was written to his own father after his mother died. In it, Nouwen speaks of letting go as a lifetime practice. He makes a startling assertion that taking pictures, even of festive occasions, is an act of letting go. I had seen picture-taking as a way of keeping memories, but now I see it as a spiritual practice. However we mark an occasion, we are at some level acknowledging that it will not happen again.

Although we usually think of “loving our neighbor” as an act of inclusion and connection, Nouwen reminded me that letting go is also an act of love. It makes space for new relationships, new ideas, and new possibilities. Parents know that. Parents pour themselves into the challenging tangle of family and child-rearing and then they must let their children go to become who they are in the world. Parents may also grieve hopes we didn’t know we had (like becoming grandparents). Again, it’s a practice of letting go out of love.

How to do that will be the focus of my upcoming online retreat this Saturday from 12-3pm Eastern Time. While we can’t clear out a lifetime of unfinished business, we will offer some practical ways to make space for what comes next.

Marjory Bankson
Reflection Question

When have you had to let go, making room for something new?

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Online Retreat
"When Love Means Letting Go"

Led by Marjory Zoet Bankson
May 21st, 12-3 pm Eastern Time

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PT for the Soul
"Taming the Inner Critic"

Led by Doug Wysockey-Johnson
May 31st, 7:30-8:30 pm Eastern Time

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Online Book Club
"Women Becoming"

Discussing A Country Year by Sue Hubbell
Led by Becca Perry-Hill
June 1st, 12-1pm Eastern Time

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Mystics for Everyday Living
"Julian of Norwich"

Led by Betsy Perry and Dan Quinlan
June 8th, 7:30-9pm ET

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