I recently had the pleasure to attend the Evansville Bar Association’s (EBA) Law Day Celebration and Annual Meeting. After a 2-year hiatus, it was a wonderful opportunity to gather together with members of the EBA and see so many friends and colleagues in person, rather than from the shoulders up via a computer screen. The evening’s events honored several members who have made significant impacts to the profession and the community, as well as recognizing several attorneys who have been members of the EBA for over 50 years, including retired Indiana Chief Justice Randy Shepard. As a bit of an outsider to the local Evansville legal community, being from the Indianapolis area, it was a great reminder of the importance of local bar associations like the EBA. The (justifiable) pride in their community, the celebration of career accomplishments, and the development of programs to help their fellow citizens was inspiring. Having the opportunity to see all of this in person was a great reminder that as good as technology is and the convenience of remote meetings that has become the norm these past few years, sometimes there is no substitute for being able to enjoy the company of your colleagues and friends in person. As Justice Shepard might say…Alleluia!