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Wild Orchid Bakery - Afresh
Doing Something Afresh is Getting a Fresh Start
Shelly-Anne Storer has experienced this with Wild Orchid Bakery LLC
Before we tell you the story, let’s introduce our main character. Shelly-Anne is a native of Trinidad, with an island population just over one million people; she grew up in a melting pot of cultures where she developed her love for baking. Baking started when she was young, learning from her grandmother, and continued through high school – it was always something close to her heart. After finishing high school, she studied computer graphics and earned a business degree - all while staying true to her roots by continuing baking throughout these years as well! Shelly’s close family and relatives live in Texas, but she moved to Nashua, NH in 2014 with assistance from her godfather.
In 2019, Shelly combined her love for cooking, baking, art and business to start Wild Orchid Bakery. The name is a reflection of how she always wanted to unite the two homes she’s lived in- Trinidad and New Hampshire. What they both have in common are the beautiful terrains, mountains and wildflowers that everyone can appreciate together!
Shelly identified a location, signed the lease and was excited to get started. That's when things got complicated- no water, then water with no hot water (this is where it gets weird!), then busted pipes and nothing from her landlord! Shelly had enough after 3 months in these conditions and shut down Wild Orchid Bakery, but that's not all folks....
Shelly is a fighter. Dedicated, determined and persevering, Shelly went on to look for space again. This time she was vigilant when it came to the landlord- She wanted someone people want to work with. She also wanted an individual who could be contacted quickly if something needed attention. Someone you can tell your friends about. A landlord that’s good for business - just like how Shelly's own business has helped boost the businesses of other local merchants!
In late 2021, Shelly found a perfect location for Wild Orchid Bakery at 836 Elm Street in Manchester, NH. Now the bakery has an all-inclusive menu to create delicious pastries, vegan and gluten-free desserts, custom cakes and cupcakes for any occasion. It's a place where you can celebrate yourself or your family!
Shelly says, "This is a new venture for me and I hope you join me along for the ride as I create baked-from-scratch recipes and unique island-style pastries. Every order will have a dash of passion, teaspoon of spice, and cupful's of art." That love for art led Wild Orchid Bakery to become the go-to place for memorable cakes that are special in their own way!
Shelly wants to share that she prepares food inspired by Trinidad and she does so in a wide-ranging menu. One of the most iconic Trinidadian dishes is Doubles, a street food which has become representative of the country’s cuisine. It’s an indispensable breakfast or late-night snack for everyone who visits Trinidad and Tobago! When it's must try it!
Wild Orchid Bakery is a sweet, new way to celebrate life with baked-from-scratch recipes and unique island pastries. Wild Orchid's cakes are an excellent reflection of the moment - special for every occasion. Check out her gallery of cake photos on her website.
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