“The fundamental ground of your nature is inherently already and always free, inherently already and always complete.” ~ Adyashanti, Beyond Opposites
May 2022 News & Offerings
True Nonduality
Over the years, Adyashanti and Mukti have offered a myriad of teachings on the paradoxical subject of nondual awareness: the unified view that exists outside the dualistic world of opposites, integrating the absolute, all-inclusive reality with our relative, human expression.

In this months newsletter, we feature articles providing unique perspectives from each teacher, along with recommended products, complimentary downloads, and video teachings related to this months theme: True Nonduality.
We are also excited to feature A Revolution of Being 2020 ~ Revisited, a self-guided two-month online retreat with Adyashanti. Registration will open in June—details below!
“Each of us is unique in our journey of awakening and in how we express Spirit. Our individual temperaments and varied life experiences make us one of a kind.” ~ Mukti
To move beyond all pairs of opposites within oneself is the heart and soul of spirituality. . . . Awareness itself, consciousness itself, lies beyond and before the opposites.” ~ Adyashanti
A Revolution of Being ~ 2020 Revisited
True Transformation Within
A Revolution of Being ~ 2020 Revisited: True Transformation Within
Two-Month Self-Guided Retreat Coming in June!

We are excited to offer A Revolution of Being 2020 ~ Revisited starting in June! Whether or not you participated in this two-month retreat with Adyashanti before, this self-guided retreat is a chance to:

  • Watch video sessions of Adyashanti transmitting his timeless teachings.
  • Gain insights and more deeply embody them in your everyday life.
  • Engage in exercises and meditations that will ground your spiritual practice.
  • Share with other participants how retreat impacts you through Impact Reports.

“For true transformation to occur within oneself, and within humanity as a whole, there must be an inner revolution. Such a revolution is not static; it’s alive, ongoing, and continuous. It requires an emptying out of the old structures of consciousness and the birth of a living and fluid intelligence.” ~ Adyashanti

More information coming soon via email.
Upcoming Free Video Broadcasts
Adya Prerecorded Broadcasts 

Seeing All Is Divine
  • Wed, May 4 ~ 6:00 pm PT
  • Thu, May 5 ~ Noon PT (Replay)

Go to Adya’s Broadcast page or YouTube to watch this prerecorded broadcast. A replay will be available for 24 hours on YouTube.
Mukti LIVE Broadcast! 

  • Wed, May 18 ~ 6:00 pm PT

Go to Mukti’s Broadcast Page or YouTube to watch this live broadcast. A replay will be available for 24 hours on YouTube.
Sunday Community Practice
Sunday Community Practice is an ongoing program that focuses on spiritual practice and how it can be lived in daily life. If you would like to practice meditation on a consistent basis, along with others who are dedicated to making enlightened living a priority in their lives, please join us on Sunday mornings.

Try out a single session or join as a monthly subscriber. Each practice is two hours and includes a guided meditation and a talk. Mukti will be leading these twice-a-month practices while Adyashanti is on sabbatical.

Scholarships are available for monthly subscriptions.

  • May 1 ~ 9:00-11:00 am PT
  • May 22 ~ 9:00-11:00 am PT
In-Person Programs: When we feel ready to add an in-person program to the calendar, it will be announced via email in our monthly newsletter and published on the calendar page of our website.
Enjoy Adyashanti Video and Audio Subscriptions!
Adyashanti Membership on YouTube allows us to make available a selection of full-length video teachings not previously accessible other than by purchasing them in our online store.

  • Two Full-Length Videos posted each month from Adyashanti’s archived collection of online broadcasts, retreat talks, and coursesavailable to watch for as long as you are a member.

  • Q&A Dialogues in which Adyashanti answers questions from audience members or broadcast viewers.

  • Videos of Audio Recordings that contain talks enhanced with beautiful visual imagery.

  • $4.99/month. Cancel any time.
The Stream on Adyashanti.org is an easy way for you to select and listen to full-length streaming audio recordings of single talks or broadcasts by Adya for a full month, so that you can delve deeper into teachings of your choice.

  • Stream Eight Audio Recordings each month from Adya’s media area. (Access as often as you like in the same month.)

  • 50% Discount to Purchase the Download of any of your current monthly audio selections.

  • Selections expire each month but you can reselect them on following months if desired.

  • $15.00/month. Cancel any time.
Complimentary Audio Downloads
The Origin of Opposites

Adyashanti points to the “divine ground” and explores becoming immersed into this undifferentiated ground of being where a whole new potentiality arises. 
Dissolving Duality

Mukti explores how we can free up the mind’s propensity to land on a limited point of view and allow for a more open, authentic, and undivided expression to emerge.
$18.00 $15.00
Featured Book

Sacred Inquiry ~ Questions That Can Transform Your Life
by Adyashanti

Your big life questions simultaneously belong to you and to the totality of existence functioning through and as you. The essence of your consciousness turns out to be the essence of all consciousness.
Featured Downloads

From Muktis most recent Online Broadcast

From Muktis June 30, 2021 Online Broadcast

From Muktis March 2016 Vajrapani Retreat

From Adyas May 2, 2020 Online Broadcast

From Adyas July 6, 2018 Vancouver Meeting

Everyday Oneness ~ Classic*
From Adyas December 2007 Asilomar Retreat 
50% Off CDs and DVDs

We are offering an ongoing sale of our entire selection of DVDs and CDs at 50% off. The CD and DVD formats of these products have been discontinued. While stock remains, consider getting them for yourself or others as gifts! 
Visit Mukti’s and Adyashanti’s Teachings pages to access their complimentary introductory teachings, new and selected teachings, videos, audio recordings, and writings. 

New Teachings:

Selected Subject of the Month:

Adya’s Library: True Nonduality
Mukti’s Library: True Nonduality
Join Us Monday, May 2 ~ Meditation for Peace
Self-Guided Meditation
Monday, May 2, 2022
9:009:30 am Pacific Time

Let’s shine the light of our awareness on peace, each in our own place and also together in a 30-minute self-guided meditation. Let the power of our shared intention reach out across the globe with our minds and hearts held in peace.
To facilitate your self-guided meditation, we have created a 30-minute video with a starting and ending bell. Just start it when you are ready!
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Adyashanti on Sabbatical: Adya is on Sabbatical through 2022. During this time, Mukti will be acting as head teacher for Open Gate Sangha.
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Adyashanti, author of The Direct Way, Sacred Inquiry, The Most Important Thing, and The Way of Liberation is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings. His teachings are an open invitation to stop, inquire, and recognize what is true and liberating at the core of all existence. 

New to Adyashanti? Here’s a complimentary download of his 53-page book: The Way of Liberation: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
Mukti, whose name is translated as “liberation,” is a teacher at Open Gate Sangha, in the lineage of Adyashanti. Her talks point audiences back to their natural state of wholeness or undivided consciousness. For teaching excerpts, audio downloads and CDs, qi gong videos, and a calendar of Mukti’s programs, visit her website.

If you are new to Mukti, we invite you to watch an inspiring full talk from her September 29, 2021 broadcast: Weaving Consciousness (1:23:25)