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Dear friends and colleagues:

Our actions can make a huge difference in creating safe physical and virtual workplaces. It's one thing to talk about values, and it's vital to take action by enforcing policies and practices that increase physical and psychological safety for all colleagues.

With the significant rise in hate speech and hate crimes, the Buffalo Massacre being the latest, my heart goes out to the families and loved ones of the victims. It is essential to clarify that we will not tolerate hate and lean into ways to advance employee wellness and well-being.

In this issue:

  • May 24th "Mental Health In the Workplace" Fireside Chat registration

  • Mental Health Awareness Month Feature

  • Asian American and South Pacific Islander Heritage Month - Advancing Leaders Through Collaboration

  • "Entering the Inspiration Zone" podcast with guest Donna Latson Gittens.  Get Inspired

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Virtual Fireside Chat

Free Event

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Free "Mental Health in the Workplace Fireside" Fireside Chat

Michael Curry, CEO of The League of Community Health Centers, will join Juliette Mayers to discuss how companies can foster a culture that supports mental health, especially for members of historically underrepresented groups — including LGBTQ+, Black, Asian and Latinx people.


  • Provoke discussion about mental health and its intersection with DEI

  • Raise awareness about workplace issues and impact

  • Discuss strategies to address the stigma and help employees

Who should attend?

  • Employee Resource Groups

  • People managers and influencers

  • Employees with an interest in the topic or allies supporting others

  • Human Resource professionals

All are welcome

Register Now

Mental Health Awareness Month

Featured Article


The Covid -19 pandemic and remote work have wreaked havoc on employees' physical and mental wellbeing. Tragic events such as the murder of George Floyd, the rise in violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs), and the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, have compounding effects on the mental health of people of color. Now more than ever, employers need to address the stigma behind mental health, acknowledge the link to diversity, equity, & inclusion, and provide resources for all employees. 

According to a Harvard Bussiness Review (HBR) article, mental health challenges are now the norm and are one reason why many employees are leaving their jobs. In a study conducted by Mind Share Partners, 54% of all respondents said that mental health is a DEI issue, increasing by 41% from 2019. Click below to read more about mental health in the workplace.

Source: Harvard Business Review Oct. 4, 2021 

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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 

May 2022


May is Asian American and Pacific Heritage Month! AAPI Heritage month started in the late 1970s. It recognizes the historical and cultural contributions of Asian and Pacific Islanders in the United States. The month of May was chosen for AAPI Heritage month as it commemorated the immigration of the first Japanese people to the United States of America on May 7, 1843.

According to the Federal Asian Pacific American Council (APAC), this year's theme is "Advancing Leaders through Collaboration."  The APAC goal is to encourage local and national governments to prioritize collaboration, development, diversity, transparency, and inclusion through leadership training for AAPI people.  Read more about Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month by visiting 


Sources: & FAPAC

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Entering the Inspiration Zone with Juliette Mayers
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Episode 4 "Building a Personal Brand" featured founder and CEO of MORE Advertising, Donna Latson Gittens. We discussed how branding has been helpful for her in her career. She also shares her journey on how she became a highly successful entrepreneur. Tune in to this episode and hear more tips and actionable things that you can do to advance your business and your career.

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